Friday, June 25, 2010


Its raining cats and dogs...terribly cold here and I remember it was also a rainy day 25th of June 2009...weird huh? Even the weather mourns Michael Jackson's untimely exit. Cant believe its a year already. Now that is an example of what I call a sensitive guy...always with a 'please'...'yes ma'am' and 'thank you' on his lips. I imagine him singing his wo/men to sleep. or maybe when he has a quarell with his partner, who then gives him the silent treatment, I imagin him getting close to said partner, looking deep into his/her eyes and just saying:

''Another day has gone, I'm still all alone, How could this be, That You're not here with me'

And then s/he would be forced to acknowledge that by saying:

''Dont start Michael I'm here..I'm standing right in front of you'

Then Micheal with love in his eyes draws her close to him and wispers ''I'm sorry baby, i dont want to know who is right or wrong, I just want us to be right''

"but Michael this keeps...''

''...please baby dont say a word,'' Micheal interrupts ''can I sing to you please, its playing in my head and I want you to hear it before I put it on paper''

''I dont know if I....'' gets cut short by Michael's voice

''This time gonna do my best to make it right
Can't go on without you by my side
Hold on
Shelter come and rescue me out of this storm
And out of this cold I need someone
Oh why oh why why why
If you see her
tell her this from me
All I need is
One more chance at love''

'', I forgive me...just hold me Micky, never let me go''

Then laying her down on the couch and giving her room to snuggle close to him, and when he knows she is warm enuff in his embrace he say...

''I'll hold you anytime baby..everytime...In My Anguish And My Pain
Through My Joy And My Sorrow,In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
I'll Never Let You Part For You're Always In My Heart

Na wa oooooooooo, Michael Jacky...imma missing you jare. If only my boyfriend has quarter of the sensitivity you had, I'd be a very happy woman. I miss you

On a more random note, I've been limping for a while now...if you count two weeks as a while. I cant say it started all of a sudden because I've noticed that my pelvic joint tends to freeze for like 2 mins if I stand up after sitting in one position for too long...I've noticed this for the past three years... but now oooo, two/three weeks ago i notice that the freezing has gone from 2 24hrs

Now i'm dragging my feets all over the office, when hopping into a cab...when climbing Okada, fine girl like me...its so pronouced that one bike man said:

''Aunty no worry, I go invite you go my church, one prayer and e go heal one time''

I went to see a physiotherapist at Reddington who said its strain...I no know watin that one mean, this is 2 weeks man...I went to C.R.I and I was given anti-inflammatory pain relievers...which worked, but which finished 3days ago...bringing me back to limping stage again.

My mum been insisting I go do an x-ray...and with the way she was insisting I got suspicious and asked:

''You better tell me what you think...cos its unlike you to be bugging me on phone for x-ray''

''What have you got against doing an x-ray'

''Nothing, but why are you so pro-Xray all of a sudden''


''Mum??'' the alarms had gone off in my head...its not like my mum to go mute

''hmmm...I just want you to go and check because my doctor (mumsi is a nurse) said maybe the joints around ur pelvic area may be wearing off/out''

''Huh? watin be that?'' I said with panic. I was beginning to imagine all sort of things

''See no need for alarm, you just need to know so they can know what to do''

See me see wahala does bone just wear off...sharply I called my doctor in Reddington

''L see what mumsi said ooo, all these warri doctors don de talk over sabi sabi things'' As if saying so lessens the credibility of the doctors


'L??? are you there'' My heart beat was like doing 3 beats in 2 seconds

''I'm here nutty...academically its possible, its called *insert big grammer here* of the Femur''

Well I had these conversation two days ago...havent done X-Ray yet because Aunt Flow is visiting and I can imagine the doctors face if I get on his table and pull down my knickers... so I'm waiting for Aunty flow to go home and then I'll go see whats up with my hips...

But which kin bones+wearing+off talk be that? fear de catch me ooo...God have mercy.

Have a lovely Weekend


P.S: And I have a date in hell do you wear high heels limping. This world is just a wicked place.

Devil just dress far from me oooooo. because i'm not finding all this rubbish funny at all. It wont be in your best interest if you wanna be starting something...

P.P.S: Will the damn rain just stop now...???


  1. awwww pele, hopefully its nothing serious. Amen to your prayer, have fun on ur date and RIP MJ

  2. hope its nothing and u get better because those hips are meant for grinding *cough*

  3. aww feel better,high heels and limping= big no no. can't believe it's been a year already

  4. Sorry for the limping oh..
    You'd be fine, nothing do you, lol
    Have fun with the date..

  5. awww I really hope its nothing too serious and that u r cured soonest :( Get better soon :)
    Yeah sad thing MJ... rip to him again!

  6. Hi Nutty
    Maybe you should for the x ray, and erase all the speculation. Also wear low heels, some loafers are super trendy and besides its your health first always!!! Then go for a massage, I think its a combination of the weather and perhaps stress, as in you have been walking more than you usually do, or wearing the wrong shoes for long periods of time. The legs are very sensitive and sometimes what happens on feet level resonates on pelvic level.

    The two minor suggestions I will give you before you go to the lab/doc may sound strange, lol, but at least not as deep as what your mum and doc are saying..

    Perhaps on your own, you should put some warm water in a bowl, and pour some salt in it and just soak your feet. It soothes up to your pelvic area.

    Also try to massage the back of your neck (kinda in between the shoulder blades or top bit of your back.

    You will wonder how what that has got to do with your complaint, tell you what I onlce complained of somejoint ache at work, an isreali guy massaged that bit, while he massaged I was rolling my eyes saying that all this politically correct thingy is allowing this man tap current. But seriously the pain left, i felt brand new!

    All the best my sweet.
    oh and RIP M.J sha but whuch wan come be ''', I forgive me' You forgive you??? :P


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  8. @ ALL: thank you very much...I'll do the X-ray this week...hmm d weekend went in another direction o...I'll blog about it in a bit

    Mena: ah much experience with massaging abeg I wan pack come meet u oooo....

    as for the ''...I forgive me'' na typo oooo...lwkmd. thanks for calling it out i'll edit it... or maybe the song just confuse the girl...:-p

  9. LOL, massage as in massage oh! That kine massage that your aunty or our sister can do for you my naughty naughty friend!!

    All the best with the X-Ray


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