Thursday, November 24, 2011

Single Ladies Matter

On the facebook platform I've been termed names ranging from 'Feminist' to 'Man-hater' to 'Lesbian' and some of these people have it in their head that I do not want to get married. Their reasons range from the fact that the notes I publish there and sometimes status updates I post are men bashing and not 'feminine' enough. I have been advised countless times that if I want to get married I should stop talking about things that might annoy men and don't make any controversial comments.

What they say make perfect sense... but not to me. I don't know how many of you out there are still in the in boyfriend no husband...just living your life happily single. Have you heard the kind of  scoping/toasting/razzling going on now? In the good old dayz, before a man approaches you he would say a word of prayer to his God or god and ask that his mission is made successful... that she doesn't turn him down or embarrass him... he approaches her with a confident smile and says his piece but you as the girl gazing into his eyes cannot miss that hint of uncertainty that melts your heart and makes you agree or put him down gently so that he at least leaves with his pride. And if you do agree to go on a first date with him, to God be the glory that is one of his happiest days, he comes to pick you up or meet you there bearing gifts and acting all gentle manly... he walks by your side like you are the most adorable and precious thing that has happened to him since he entered puberty. 

Welcome to 2011... the jet there is no respect. A man talks to you for the very first, not over the phone, because he doesn't have your number yet... but on face book... you both are chatting and he says:
 'I've been noticing you on the group and I like your drive, you really are a proper Delta girl' and you both get talking... and since you cant always be on facebook chatting, you give him your BB pin when he requests so the flow can continue. Then two days into BB chatting he goes:
 'I haven't said anything yet but you seem like the kind of girl I need in my life'.... then he drops the word marriage and love and expects that you jump up and down with glee at that and automatically like him regardless of the fact that you don't know him well, then two days after that he is talking on how he will like to work on some aspect of your character and he will like you to work on him too '... thats if you are going to be my wife'  What??? Nigga what? Is that a way of telling me to sit up? Proposing marriage like you are doing me a favour? What happened to trying your damnest to make her reciprocate what you claim you 'feel' for her??? You haven't even been on a date you are already planning on how to correct some perceived character flaws... now adays when the man calls the girl he expects her to be joyful because after all they've been chatting on BB.... oh the lies of Blackberry and Facebook and the internet.

And how do Nigerian girls respond to this:

'Ah men this guy is serious'

'oh... he is talking marriage from the get go so it means he doesnt want to play with me'

'ah he is taking me serious'

So they 'sit' up and convince themselves that he is just that way... he loves you but he isn't into all these mushy mushy way of expressing it.... He tells them:

 'So if I dont call you for four days you cant check on your baby boy?' and she apologises and promises to do better. You guys go on a date and he allows you pay the bill and you convince yourself its because he likes independent women... and the day you see his hands down the front of another lady's shirt, you shrug it off and say 'its me he wants to marry..its me he comes home to'

So I've come to the conclusion that women have thrown their self worth to the bush for the dogs to eat and they are left feeling like they deserve the crumbs because in their head, no body gets the bread any more... the crumbs is all we get and deserve. So they fight for it and hustle to keep it. Rubbish!

These are things I talk about and cant help commenting on when I see or hear them and they say 'e be like say you no wan marry'

SO please... those that are in successful relationships, married or otherwise.... is this how it was when you got your good man?? Tell us let us know....make we learn

But in the meantime let me say this to the ladies reading this.... you are good the way you are... you matter... your life has value. please don't stoop to the lowest level because you are afraid that is all you deserve. You deserve much more.... don't settle for less than you are worth

Till Next Time

Nutty J.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Good Bye My Lover.... Good Bye My Friend

Its not laziness... its not for lack of something to blog about... its not distraction. My new laptop is going to take all the blame for my not blogging as much as I want to. As beautiful as it is with very authentic keyboard and lovely feel, I just cant seem to connect with it... the idea of switching it on and using it for more than 30mins  is something I don't look forward to. I guess we haven't bonded yet.

So what is this thing I am about to talk about? I'll tell you.... my ex boyfriend, one of my ex boyfriend told me this morning that he proposed to his girlfriend and that she said 'YES'.... for some reasons that has gotten me upset since morning. His email...which was a reply to my email, because we keep steadily in touch... came in today by 9:15am...and since then I haven't stopped cooking. I made a one week full pot of Vegetable soup with beef, kpomo, stock fish and croaker fish....after that I made a two weeks pot of chicken stew, after that I made Jollof Rice...and the house help had to beg me to stop when I told her to go to the market to get me ingredients to fry chin-chin. 

Cooking is not my favourite thing... but its what I do when I'm upset. Either that or cleaning. How can my Angel  be planning on marrying next year. We broke up in 2006... but we have been friends since then, he's one of my best friends, my ace. We talk about everything and gossip everyone, and when he started dating this chick in UK early this year, I thought it was just to get over his last where did all this proposal/marriage thing come from now? 

I'm happy for him, not because he will soon be getting married, hell no, seriously that is one man I don't want marrying anyone...that is anyone except me (or at least till I'm married)...No I'm happy for him because he sounds extremely happy, happier than he has been for a while. And he deserves to be happy because he lives his life making others happy. But I cant shake the feeling that I am losing my friend to a stranger... there's this pain at the bottom of my stomach that sends me to the bathroom every time I think of it. I cant tell anyone this because they would think its ridiculous and laugh me to death... its been five years come on. Thus I'm blogging about it.

Something I reluctantly learned from this, this morning was that I can fully move on now... I realised that I've never ever completely given anyone else 100% of my love and heart and always left an escape door open in every relationship I have been in the last 5 years...because there has always been a tiny weeny part of me which hoped...and wished that despite everything in our past that made us part ways, we may one day get back together. Well there goes my that. 

I need to stop here... re-reading what I'm writing makes me want to go to the bathroom again.

Oh yeah, I got a Honda CRV car on saturday of last week... I'm yet to pimp it. 

I'm still searching for a job while still going for physio. I should maybe think seriously of starting my own business...but what?

If you dont know Joxy  then you are missing alot. She's a great blogger and has been a great friend to me... besides she likes cooking, so much that I've never met anyone except my mum who enjoys the act of cooking like she does. 

I love you all

Nutty J

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Na wa... Na wa

Hello...I'm glad you stopped by and you are here reading this, i'm sure you can help me figure this out. So I sent an email to my company on the 27th of September. And it goes thus:

'Dear Sir,

I'll be leaving Delta State for Lagos first week of October and I plan to resume on Monday the 10th of October...I'm much better now, I'll use a walking aid but only for a few months as continual physiotherapy will correct my movement 100% .

I want to thank you very much for your patience and understanding during this period. I really appreciate it and God bless you.

See you soon

Nutty J.'
I sent it to the Operations manager, the financial controller (because they have been paying me since I left in May and courtsey demands, and my head of department)
The next day (28th September 2011) my HOD responded with:
'Hi Nutty,
Glad to hear you are getting better and would be coming back soon.
While looking forward to having you back, may I say …may the Lord keep you.
All the best!
Kind regards'

I arrived Lagos yesterday and today I went through my emails as usual before bed and found another email from my HOD sent today the 5th of October 2011 and it goes:

'Dear Nutty J,
The decision has been taken by management to terminate your employment with immediate effect.
Attached is a scan copy of the formal letter to that effect. Original/acknowledgement copy will be delivered to you at your present address by courier.
Please acknowledge receipt of this email and provide your current address by return email.
Wishing you the very best in your future endeavor.'

 I just read it 5mins ago ie 10: 50pm... I haven't replied or acknowledged the email... probably cos I dont know how to reply or maybe I'm just pissed off. I could have stayed in Delta State and finished my physiotherapy where it is cheap instead of rushing down here back to Lagos, and making arrangements with a private Physiotherapist, or maybe I'm just too chicken to acknowledge receipt of the email tonight.

Anyways I wont think about it tonight... I'll think about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.

Nutty J

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Art of Complaining

[kuh m-pleyn]
  1.      To express dissatisfaction, pain, uneasiness, censure, resentment, or grief; find fault
  2.      To tell of one’s pains, ailments etc
That’s the dictionary meaning of COMPLAIN

Other words for ‘COMPLAIN’ include but are not limited to:

Bemoan, bewail, crap, find fault, fuss, grumble, lament, nag, moan, and whine, whimper etc.

Some people have got a Master’s degree and currently are studying for a PhD in Complaining.  It’s so sad that they are not even aware of this habit in themselves.
There are two ways in which people get into the terrible habit of complaining over everything, relevant or irrelevant:

-        Hereditary:  I’m sure you all can understand that a child would take after his mother and/or father. If you were unlucky to have parents who complain about everything ranging from the price of bread, to the amount of tax being paid, to the choice of soap or the rudeness of their colleague then there is an 80% chance that you will also be a whiner.

-        Victim Mentality:  This is a state of mind where you believe that everything and everyone is out to get you. You moan about people not treating you right, you moan about your friends not calling you like you call them, you complain about your boss over working you, you complain about being sick and no one is there for you, you complain about not having a boyfriend/girlfriend, you complain about having a boyfriend/girlfriend who doesn’t understand you, you complain about your family, you complain about your hair dresser, you complain about the pastor’s sermon… you complain about your ex boyfriend, in your opinion they all want something from you in exchange for nothing. Even your mobile phone’s ringtone is sad ‘whatever my lot thou hath taught me to say it is well it is well with my soul’…

What you are is a very SAD person and you may not know this, but you are spreading your negativity to those around you…that is why people avoid you. They use you because they know you need a reason to complain later, so why not? They can’t stand being around you for long because all you do is talk about your trials and woes real or imagined. They won’t invite you to social meetings because all you do is sit there and find something wrong with the people there. You lose your real friends one after the other because when they say:

Hello dear…how are you?’ you reply with
I’m okay…this life no easy at all, can you imagine what happened yesterday blab a bla

People begin to find visiting you or calling you exhausting…it’s like trying to walk through a train wreck….very annoying and exhausting. So it’s easier to just avoid you, because guess what??? You are not the only one with issues. Because your friend has chosen not to voice hes’/hers’ out doesn’t mean she doesn’t wet her pillows with tears at night. But how would you know when all she does is listen to you rant and rave every time.
How do you get out of this bad habit? It’s simple…

-         GET OVER YOURSELF!!! The world does not revolve around you. No body, not your parents, not your friends, not your enemy, no one owes you anything. Life is per head. Because you do good doesn’t mean those around you are under any obligation to do you good in return. Stop expecting people to be good/kind to you because you look good or work hard or do well. Stop expecting anything from anyone… you are in control of only yourself and your actions.

-        GET A LIFE!!! Another reason you complain so much is because probably outside your work and your house you have nothing else going for you so you do not understand how or why others seem so content and happy without you or your presence in their life. Get busy…join a club, volunteer at a foundation, go fishing, go partying. Get your own life and stop studying other people’s short comings and concentrate on your own life.

-        GET A VOICE: If you feel you are being given the short end of the stick…speak up. There is no point ranting and raving to your friends and family for something someone else has done to you. What are they going to do about it for you? If you are sick and you feel you don’t deserve it, tell it to GOD. If your boss is over using you and short paying you…speak up and tell your boss. If your family treats you like crap…speak up and tell them. If a particular friend mistreats you, tell those friends. It’s simple
I’m sure you are not aware of this, but there are some people who have REAL PROBLEMS. How you decide to define ‘real problem’ would actually be based on how broad or narrow minded you are, but please repeat after me ‘SOME PEOPLE HAVE REAL PROBLEMS’… say it aloud…say it one more time. Good.  Now you know. There are people in places dying of starvation, people who are in prison without trial for something they were accused wrongly of, people who are dying of AIDS, Women dying of Breast Cancer. You have good health…you have shelter, you have food, you have friends and family (you are pushing away), you are not in prison…why don’t you count your blessings and stop boring people with things they can’t change for you.


Before you start complaining, pause and ask yourself:
a)      Is this worth complaining about or I’m I just looking for sympathy/pity? (that’s pathetic)
b)      Will whining to him/her solve the problem….will she/he give me an answer I don’t already know
c)      Am I medically stupid? Must I talk about myself all the time?

Answer these questions honestly each time you feel like whining and you’ll be on your way to becoming a person others want to associate with. You can thank me later….

Quote:  Any idiot can complain, it takes someone with brains to do something about it.

Nutty J

Monday, September 5, 2011

This is Inspiring

This just goes to show that you may have no say in the cards life deal you...but you damn well have a say in how you decide to play those cards. She has one leg... but she beat the others hands down in the dance!!!

Nothing is impossible.

Nutty J.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

When The Dog Barks...When the bee Stings...

I miss going to work
I miss Partying
I miss being in the middle of things
I miss using my legs without support
I miss blogging
I miss my ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex boyfriend
I hate going to physiotherapy
I hate still using crutches
I hate not being able to eat what I want for fear that my lack of activity would make me add weight
I hate what Nigeria is turning into....
I hate my boyfriend's insecurities and how he robs me of my peace...
...I dont know if I've done the right thing by ex-ing him.

Holy Spirit...
Intelligent conversations...
Grey's Anatomy...
Being of help...
Being useful...
Jollof Rice...
Chocolate Cake...
New Cloths/Shopping...
Office Work...

.....when I'm feeling sad....I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bahd!!!!!

Nutty J

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've Been Gone For Too Long...

...and it feels like forever. I'll summarize this as quick as possible. I traveled to India on the 19th of May for the Operation I had to undergo, the first week of my stay in the hospital was dedicated to numerous blood tests and I ended up undergoing three surgeries two of which were unplanned for. It just so happened that the ulcer I had been treating in Nigeria for over Six (6) months wasn't Ulcer at all but I had to undergo a surgery to clear my bile ducts (June 2nd)....and then two days later (June 4th on my Birthday) I went back to the theater to remove my gall bladder...and then six days later (June 10th) I had one hip replaced and another repaired.

Its been a painful Journey and I thank God for His Mercies upon my life. This is the worst experience I've had so far that was caused by Sickle Cell Anemia. Granted its not easy living with Sickle Cell Anemia on a daily basis, but its okay when you know the tricks of surviving it...but I never in my life thought it would ever throw me the blow of Avascular Necrosis, the disorder that came up last year that made me embark on this trip. Nevertheless I thank God for granting me the grace to be alive and for providing my parents with the financial resources to see this through. I'm back in Nigeria, Delta State...don't know when I'll go back to work (hopefully August) dont know if I still have the Job, because I had my doctor write to my office twice to explain to them about the delay since I had to undergo two extra unforeseen surgeries, they didnt reply him. I'm trying not to care too much about that...but rather concentrate on when I'll stop using the crutches, hopefully that would be end of this month.

Before I round up...a word of advise for anyone reading this with similar genes... Avascular Necrosis is becoming rampant amongst Sicklers, especially in Africa... you can do your best to avoid this by Drinking water like a fish...don't stay in one place for too long, have regular daily exercise and try as much as possible not to get Crisis of the bone... and then keep praying and keep happy.

Thanks to all those who checked you can see I'm back, and I'm still standing.

I'll do blog rounds then come back and do a proper blog... so sorry for the long silence peeps. I hope there aren't any typos on this post...I'm watching Ghost (the one with Whoppi Goldberg) as I type...for about the hundredth time.

Kisses and Hugs

Nutty J

Friday, April 29, 2011

What Can I do?? #HelpYaGurlDecide

My alarm went off by 5am and I snoozed it for one hour...I woke by 6am and shifted it further to 6.30am...finally getting my arse out of bed and dragging my self to the bathroom I finally realized what this feeling of laziness was all about. I was feeling empty.

I have a job and I'm thankful for it....but the nagging feeling of 'and then???' had been tugging at my heart/mind for months now. You wake up...join the traffic....get to work...actually work...stop in between to FB/Tweet/Blog...back to work...lunch...5:30pm...traffic and back home by Every day...and on fridays we go:

''Yaaay!! Thank God its friday''

Saturday we are probably too tired from the week to go anywhere, or maybe I'm just tired of going to the same places and repeating the same rituals...and on sunday we probably visit a friend or entertain guests... or switch off mobile and watch Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor scream 'You dont serve a dead God, you serve a living God...He is the same yesterday, He is the same today, what he did yesterday, he can do today, he can do tomorrow.....lift your hands and shout halleluya" or TD Jakes on inspiration FM

Every Week....every month...every year...2008...2009..2010...2011...and counting. Its cool you know, prancing around doing stuffs your peer group wish they were doing (ie working and earning a living) but the feeling of 'and then?' and then what? has not been answered in my own life oooo. And its making me cranky...

What else? And then what? I dont know if you understand what I'm saying... is life supposed to be a circle where we repeat the same mundane things day in and day out? I dont think so...I want to believe some of you are doing something that makes you feel accomplished and fulfilled that yes, you have added value (not only monetary value)...or have impacted some thing great at least in one persons life everyday.

So if you can help me out by giving me suggestions on how I can reach out and do something meaninful for myself and others that makes me look forward to waking up by 4am in the morning and setting out on my way....let me know. I've applied to some NGOs and I dont know if they are making yanga for me or if they just dont like the fact that I'm young. I mean i'm tired of talking about the boyfriends, the girlfriends, the sad things, the happy things, the gossip, the petty things, or reporting about the drama in Nigeria, or tweeting about your neighbour....its becoming empty. I feel like a waste (weist)

Ideas are welcome... I dont wanna die with the sad fact that I didnt do anything that any one can point to and say becos of Nutty J, so so and so happened in Nigeria, so so and so good thing came to Delta State...or 'dont you know her, go to google and look her up' (*grins*). Neither do I want to use marriage and children to fill that Vacuum. At first I thought I could fill the gap with having female friends but, that didnt werk. The feeling is still there.

A friend I shared this fear/longing with said ' a going through a phase, hopefully it would pass soon' but I dont think so. I know what I'm saying.

#help me with ideas and I will glady use my saturdays, sundays, nights, sick off, vacation and early hours to make Nigeria a better place (step by step)...

y'all dont make me slash my wrist oooo, I need ideas #NotJoking

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hey...look here...i'm still here

Men it feels like I've been away for ages... so many things to say but I dont feel comfortable blogging when I havent done blog rounds in ages... Its like I'm growing old, because I have the words in my head but my hands just refused to put it down.

Anyways my consolation is that I'm not the only one abandoning their blog these days...I mean where is 2cute4u and all her motivational posts.... Nice Anon with posts guaranteed to make you genuinely say 'LWKMD"... or Truth Don Die... one would think that with the amount of people on that blog we will be getting regular updates...SMH. As for leggy lemme not even go can make anyone do strange things...and many more. I would have added Vanity to the list but she's one person with real she's here, tomorrow she's not (SMH)...even though I see she has updated last week.

Anyways since I'm part of the serious people up in here...I promise to be back with something worth reading as soon as I do my blog rounds to catch up on all I've missed.

Meanwhile did any of you go to the "Fela in Lagos' show??? If you didnt go, then you missed alot...I was there on Thursday last week and saw a Facebook friend there (story for another time) in if a Nigerian had played the role of Fela, trust me it wouldnt have been that energetic...the beats, the dance, 'Fela' shirtless sometimes, the be here oooo. E make sense die. Then not to talk of the female dancers...makes me wonder why I cannot rotate my waist like that (#lazymuch). Anyways if you didnt watch it live, its not too late...I'm sure Ibo guys would soon release CD.

AY Show is coming up on the 1st of May Expo centre...dont be a your tickets at any TFC centre around your area. 5k only... By God's grace I will be there. Sometimes I think someone has placed a curse on me that makes it impossible to resist these shows....hmmmm.

I'll keep you posted.

#Take a minute to pray for the innocent people up North.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not Thankful Joor

'I’m sorry I cannot grant you the Visa because I am not convinced as to why the Operation cannot be carried out in the parent country. From what I can see this ailment hasn’t interrupted/altered your life in any way and I think you should exhaust all options available in Nigeria first. I cannot guaranty that you will not be a nuisance in the United States

That was April the 7th 2011, I left the embassy a bit deflated…I got to my hotel where my mum was waiting and narrated the whole thing to her…

it is well’ she replied ‘let’s thank God first then we will talk about what to do next

The look on my face could freeze an Eskimo…I didn’t feel like thanking God, I felt God should have warned me not to proceed with the whole thing…as I got on my knees with her and said the required Amen when due, I couldn’t stop my mind as it roamed to various places

- $4,000 surgeons fee (excluding the hospital fee of $19,374 we were yet to pay)

- Visa Application fee

-Doctors reports i had to obtain by subjecting myself to various tests

- Humble pie I had to eat to get 3days off for the interview at the embassy in ABJ

- Flight fare to and fro

- Hotel fee of NGN50,000 for two nights

I didn’t feel like thanking God right now…He could have showed me a sign that would make me save my money…

My dad called and was like:

‘…Hope you are not feeling bad ooo’ he said ‘don’t mind these embassy people just be calm

Daddy you know I’m always calm na…it’s not bothering me’ I lied

‘Okay…good good good…lemme speak to your mum

I handed the phone over…he said something and she replied with:

No no no…she is fine you know she has very strong spirits

And that’s the problem…why do they always feel my spirit is very strong. I come out strong don’t mean I don’t cry myself to sleep most nights…even if it’s tearless cries. I say I’m fine but then maybe I’m just a damn good liar…

I check my BB and see a face book msg alerting me that a friend was kicked out of a particular group we all belonged to. Normally it’s a time to send PMs and gossip and find trouble and question the Admins of the group…but I wasn’t up to it that day…I couldn’t find the grace. But then its FB we stand up for each other whether u are having a bad day or not…and that was what I did…put up a smile and enter into internet fight mode.

The next day before I checked out of the hotel my prayer was simple:

Dear Lord, I know I have to say thank you for everything, but I cannot find the grace to say thank you because I don’t feel thankful, and I know that is going against your word but I feel like devourers have eaten my money which shouldn’t happen because I pay my tithe…please give me the grace to get over this feeling'

That was Friday the 8th of April 2011

Today is Tuesday the 12th of April and I’m good again…

The young man who wrote the book of Psalm 23: 2: ‘He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.’

Was the same man who wrote Psalm 22: 1 ‘’ My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring?

O my God, I cry in the day time, but thou hearest not; and in the night season, and am not silent’’

Moral Lesson: Being a child of God doesn’t mean the storm would not come…He didnt promise us that there would be no storms of life...or that we wouldn’t have 'feel bad' times. What he said is 'lo I am with you always' this makes me know, that no matter what may come my way, I will overcome, I will not sink...and somehow my lost money will come back to me

Hope everyone reading this is fine and keeping well?

Don’t forget to say Thank you Lord....even if you are not fine

I’ll keep you all posted.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Eating The Humble Pie

Mr. Hairy: …wait excuse me’ he said cutting me short ‘how many years have you been working’
Me: ‘Three years’ I replied wondering what the heck he was on about….
Mr. Hairy: ‘No wonder you don’t know how to talk, you use words anyhow, first of all you say you want me to sign your casual leave form? Who are you to say that…I’ve worked for 20 years…I’ve been the admin manager in a reputable telecoms company for 5yrs…if not for the fact that this office isn't properly structured I would have queried you for insubordination’’
Me:…I don’t understand…what should I have said na…it’s you that would sign it.
Mr. Hairy: come and force me to sign…listen pick your words carefully, I’m saying this for your own good. You should be requesting for approval. Which I wouldn’t give without you telling me why it’s so important for you to leave work for three days whereas….
Me: ‘I have to attend to some family issues like the note says’’ I chipped in calling him ‘aproko’ in my mind…he wants to poke nose into my affairs abi?
Mr. Hairy: ‘Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking…take your letter and bring it back when you know how to present yourself properly….things would be done orderly in this office
I got up angrily, dare him, I’ve been in this office since 2008, who is this uncircumcised philistine that won’t let God’s people go…after all I hardly am absent from work except genuinely sick. Who be this one when just resume work as supervisor last two months to yarn nonsense… someone we were still showing how the work is done around here? Lazy ass dude
Nutty I’m taking your yogurt ooo, hope you don’t mind’’ a colleague called out.
In fact I have a mind to go directly to the operations manager with this…my ulcer pain don dey rise for the matter. Who is this bloody dude that wants to turn our Oyibo office to Yoruba office when everything is ‘eh Sir, eh Ma’…jooh ooooo…what is bringing nonsense to the barracks?
Well that was Friday last week
Saturday came, every channel I turned to I heard about humility…flipping the channel became my new challenge during the weekend. I Decided to listen to radio and I hear Mike Okonkwo and his ‘There is power in the word of God’ talking about submitting to authority or something like that… lia lia..on monday I'm going over his head...I'd like to even tell them of all his incompetence and oppressive behaviour.
Sunday came I decided I would go to church…no need staying at home today listening to inspiration FM to hear T.D Jakes and Joel Osteen preach along that line too, prevention is better than cure…thankfully today was thanksgiving so there wont be long preaching in church…
Pastor : ‘No 3….Humility. The lord gives grace to the humble and resists the proud’.
I groaned, wara hell? What is everyone saying…I just needed someone to agree with me that the guy is a jerk…what have I done wrong? Sign something for me he wants me to grovel first? I should tell him the reason why I want to go? Saying ‘family issue’ isn't enough? I went home still vexing. Okay i wont go over his head...i will just tell him to shove it and I will take the three days off and tell them not to pay me for those days...what is his problem?
But after a while I thought about it….what will it profit me to remain on my high horse and then have God resist me? Yes he is a jerk…but he is my boss and on principle I should accommodate his excesses. Well I’ll be humble…Tuesday is still far…
INEC: The elections have been postponed till next Saturday…go to work on Monday oooo.
Damn!! I’ll have to swallow my pride sooner than I thought.

So with my tails tucked between my legs after lunch…seriously fighting the urge not to throw up, I said:
Mr. Hairy I’ve brought this again, to seek approval from you’’
Him: What did you say?
Me: I’ve brought this to seek approval from you ( trying hard not to grit my teeth)
Him: I asked you some questions on Friday, what have you come up with? He asked arrogantly
Me: I have no pending jobs that cannot be handled by my colleague in my absence or that cannot wait for me. The 2003-2004 backlogs, whilst being important isn't urgent. I’ve devised a means of getting them done on my return and they won’t be a problem.
Him: Now you are deciding what is urgent or not right? what is so urgent that you need to travel for?
Me: Mr. Hairy…it’s to attend to some family matter…I need to sort some things out
Him: 'Then leave it…when I’m ready I’ll take a look at it…' he said frowning
Me; Excuse me say…its Wednesday na…I have only tomorrow (Tuesday) left
Him: Will you force me to sign? I say leave it…
Me; Okay Sir…thank you Sir…
I felt like puking… humble pie has got my stomach turning since morning…I am still trying hard not to vomit…
….but then heaven is my goal. Maybe na so God want use take teach me humility.
I still feel sick in the stomach sha…

Moral Lesson:

Your boss is your boss even if you know he is a royal pain in the arse. There isnt much you can do about it...especially in Nigeria.