Thursday, January 28, 2016

Defining THE WILL OF GOD in Lay-man terms

Happy New Year my people

I wont allow this month crawl by without wishing you all a  H A P P Y N E W Y E A R

This month has been the longest I have experienced in ages, and it is still ongoing. It is still January. 

I will give you all the gist regarding all that has happened to me in this one month. It's crazy how one month can have so much highs and lows and highs and lows... phew!! story for another time. 

Okay so I have a lay man's explanation for what it means to find the will of God regarding a situation, and that's what I want to write about today. 


For everyone of us there is a story also known as a plan, that God has written/drawn out for us and for our life's journey. Right from before we were born.  This story goes according to what He wants (not according to what we wish). The plots, scenes and actions in this story have been written according to what He wants, and He has outlined  how and when these things will play out during your life time. All for His purpose 

Thus when we request something from Him, it is always in our best interest to ask Him first if what you are requesting is part of the story He has written for you. That is what is referred to as '...finding out the will of God concerning a matter' 

If what you seek is part of His will for you, then you receive your request effortlessly if it is in line with the season for you to receive it, and what you have requested for will come with peace, joy and rest of mind. 

However if it is not His will for you to have what you are requesting, if it is not in your story, dearest you will ask from everlasting to everlasting and it won't come to you. Especially if you are a beloved of God. You will pray and fast and try hard, and you will just be wasting energy and time because He won't allow that thing happen for you.  Hallelujah!! You see you need to trust what he said here, whether you trust in pain and tears and sorrow, you just need to trust His word when He says:

'For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end'.  Jeremiah 29:11

I'd love to just end the discussion here.  But I must say this though, there are times we persist and sulk and throw tantrums and insist and will rather die than let go of what we are asking for. Stubborn!! Most times you can keep asking and you still won't get it, but then again on some rare, very rare occassion you will get what you want, but trust me, it would not bring you the satisfaction you thought it would, it would steal your joy instead of bring you joy, as a matter of fact it will bring about bumps and gallops on your life's story and would make you go through a longer and tougher path through your life's journey.  

Don't let anyone deceive you, it is not easy trusting God every time and with every thing...sometimes you will trust in tears, in groanings, but trust him anyways. He holds all the cards. And one thing I know, He is good and even though sometimes it doesn't seem like that, believe anyway that He is good, and He is good to You.

Practice trusting God this year... trust Him to take you where He wants to take you to this year 2016...regardless of if it is where you had planned on going. You will be glad you followed Him 

Kisses and Hugs always

Nutty Jay