Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In a dark place

So what happens when you find your self in a dark place
When the one you love, your supposed Ace
Refuses to go slow on his fast pace just pause a bit and look into your face

What do you do when you are in a dark place
How do you cope with the reality that maybe this love was indeed a farce
Do you just throw in the towel and stop the race
...and just shrug it off as just another phase

What do you do when you are in a dark place...
How can I explain the way I feel in a simple phrase
I am lost and feel like I cant find my place
I could cry, but hasn't crying always left in my mouth, a bitter taste?

How often I scream in this dark place
For you to just hear me and come and take me to that place
That place where everything is right, with you by my side, standing in place
How often I cry waiting for you in this dark place

Very soon I will be fine
Very soon I'll call for you no more
Because each passing day validates the reasons why I ran from you:

You will never light a lamp to find me in the dark
You will never pay attention to me calling for you
You will never make me smile without pain

You will never stop hurting me

Soon I'll be fine again
This pain is just going to make me grow
Because now I know, that:







What do you do when you are in a dark place