Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oral Sex = End of Relationship

'Jay I'm serious... I cannot bring myself to give or receive oral sex from anyone, its evil and I will not be a part of it'
It started as a joke, or rather I saw it as a joke... we had gone to service my car and three of us were in the car on our way back home when the conversation started thus:

'I wan open my own church now...' he said. I laughed out loud and made a dismissive sound like he was kidding and he goes:

'I saw a friend of mine yesterday, female... smoking in a public place. She told me she pastors a church'

'so?' I replied 'is that why you want to open yours?'

'Yes na.. how can a pastor be smoking? that means all of us can have a church then'

'What is wrong in smoking? show me for bible where dem talk say na sin' I replied half jokingly

'Jay what are you saying... if its not a sin why do people hide and do it'

'Well I don't know about other people, but you know me long enough to know that when I had some habits i never hid them'

'Why you no do am for your papa front' He asked. To this I gave a very loud this time the conversation had got me laughing so loud that I was almost in tears. I replied him and said:

''Oh come on... its just the same way I cannot give my husband oral sex in the presence of my father, and because I cant do that in his presence, does it ,mean my doing it behind closed doors is a sin too'?

That was how it started...the topic of how Oral sex is a sin... this coming from a man that I would have staked my life for in a bet that on this particular topic, he would be one to propose the motion that there is nothing wrong with oral sex. Instead I couldn't believe all the things that came from his mouth about oral sex. Mehnnn I fear my head.

'Are you saying that when you marry now, your wife is not allowed to have oral sex with you? based on what? are you for real' I was dead serious at this point.

'I am telling you... I wont even allow my girlfriend give me a blow job, in fact any girl who asks me for Oral sex, I would ex immediately, such a girl has been around the block for too long, I no fit marry that kine person... the evil spirit that follows homosexuality and lesbianism is the same evil spirit that follows oral sex. God forbid bad thing. Jay let me ask you one question... do you think Faith Oyedepo gives her husband a blow job? so why do you new generation ladies want to indulge in the sin of sodom and gomorrah?' ....Jay I'm serious... I cannot bring myself to give or receive oral sex from anyone, its evil and I will not be a part of it'

'I don't think there is anything wrong with oral sex, its part of foreplay...besides you both are legally married and your body is hers' and hers' is yours, so long as no one gets hurt in the process, I dont see it as wrong' boyfriend who had been laughing at the conversation all this while responded with that.

I didn't wait for the other guy to talk.. I quickly told him 'we have heard ooo'...cos me I don't want my boyfriend to start over analysing if truly oral sex is sin or not, I no dey for surprise inside marriage. Evil communication corrupts good manners/reasoning.

It did get me thinking though (you see why evil communication aint good)... what if my friend is right. Is it possible that giving or receiving oral sex is a sin after all and am I just not being open to the possibility that it might be...because I just don't want it to be a sin? Who wants to have intercourse all the time when there is another way, an enjoyable way for that matter to make him or her cum?

Do you think oral sex is a perversion that could lead to hell?

Nutty Jay.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Work and other news

So I had an interview with a Chinese Phamaceutical company last week Wednesday. The role was for HR Manager. That's a step up in career path for me. And the pay is similar to what I earn in my company that has still refused to re-open till now. 

After the interview when the manager i'm to replace asked if I wanted the job, hinting that I have to start by the end of this month... I humbly declined because  somewhere during the course of the interview she had mentioned that Saturday was also a work day...that was the deal breaker for me.

Two weeks ago working on Saturday wouldn't have been a problem, but that was before Unilag contacted me last week offering me admission for my masters program!!! Yaaaaaaay!! I'm going to have my Saturdays busy with schoolwork for the next 18 months that I ain't gonna be working on those days for anybody...thank you very much.  So thank God for me my people. 

So for now I'm still working at home for half pay (what a drag) ...meanwhile did I mention my boyfriend owns a primary school? No? He bought it over from his father two years ago...and has been asking me for sometime now to run it for him as the School Adminstrator and build it academically to standard. It sounds like a good idea being paid and getting a percentage from the profits like he offered, having my own time, pursuing the education alongside and making a difference in that school. But I don't know mehnnn... I feel like doing this might be somehow ooo...him being in charge of my paycheck and knowing my whereabouts most times... I don't know if that's a good idea ooo. What do you guys think? Besides now that I'm trying to focus completely on HR, won't doing this be taking me back to Administration? 

Meanwhile for all the food lovers here...let me show you a blog my friend Joxy showed me some days ago.  It's so cool... It's focused on Delta State's mouth watering dishes... Follow this link 

That's all for now folks. I need your feedback on the work thingy... 

Nutty Jay. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012


My thoughts keep me awake
Tossing and turning all night long as the quietness of night accuse me
I groan loudly with a soundless voice, filled with a hunger I can't satisfy
As worrying seem to be the only meal I eat these days

And when the lines fall pleasantly for me
They get erased by the guilt I feel
I don't know what to do
I don't know if I should do anything

I've always tried to do the right things
But now like Paul, I  do not understand what I do. 
For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.
Who would help me....

Monday, November 5, 2012

Postinor2 and I

Aunty: '...but what does the federal government hope to achieve by banning one of the cheap and easy to get contraceptives?' She thought out loud... raising my head from my IPad where coincidentally I was already reading Linda Ikeji's blog post on the ban of postinor and silently laughing at the comments about tu-face, I responded thus:

Me: huh? Aunty it's Okada they banned oooo. Which rumor are you starting again

Aunty: taaa...haven't you heard that they have banned postinor2?

Me: how many things are they banning na? It's Okada I know they in the space of 2mins you've said they ban all of a sudden they ban Postinor2. Which is which?

Aunty: the contraceptive is Postinor2

Me: *insert dumb look* really? Why did they ban it? Is it painful?

Aunty: are you mad?  She was probably wondering what my problem was this afternoon, she had an exasperated look on her face

Me: wait I'm just asking na... Why are they banning it? Is the injection painful or what is their reason?

Aunty: which injection na? It's a tablet...postinor2 is a tablet... Two tablets

Me: for real? You don't say!!! Contraceptive now comes in tablets?  Wow!! I'm impressed. So what's the problem with this drug? Did it just come out? Is that why they are just discovering it has a problem?

   I asked innocently waiting for answers to my question... My aunt got up from her chair, looked at me like I was a character in cowboys & aliens and said:

'My dear make use of google...spending all your time on Facebook is doing nothing for your intelligence. Google 'Postinor2' so you have something intelligent to say when others are talking about it...mscheeeew'.

With that smart retort she went back to her giving her laptop her full attention...

Postinor ke! Postinor2 ni!  Federal government...small girls like us don't know such things ooo. LMAO

Nutty J