Monday, March 21, 2011

Somethings have been happening…

I’m in a relationship again. As in not just dating like I’ve been doing, NUTTY J is in a steady relationship. I don’t know how to process it, this is one I never planned for, infact this is a guy I’ve been resisting since 2009 but somehow somehow I find my self smiling and saying:

‘’Nice to meet you’’ whenever he says
‘’meet my girlfriend’’

Bobo* is a sweet guy…he is good, he treats me like golden egg, he is generous, he shows me love like I havent gotten in a while. He has charmed my mum and aunt and uncle…my brothers like him. Even my 3 and 5 year old cousins jump on him for an embrace when he comes visiting.

So why I’m I not announcing it from the roof top? I don’t frigging know. Maybe I’m waiting to feel butterflies in my stomach first…maybe I’m doubting if anyone could love anyone so much…weird right? but seriously I feel he has evil intentions for me…like he is saying in his mind:

’eh en, shey you have been playing hard to get…I go soon catch you finish now you will see

…again maybe I’m just scared of falling in love joor. I cant get my heart to work that way.

So sometimes I push him to the wall…waiting for him to say something, get upset…get jealous, get super annoyed. But no he doesn’t ... I mean even I get annoyed with some of the things I do & say, so how come he doesn’t?

Anyways that is something I’m still pondering on.

I miss sex…I miss sex a lot. Abstinence is not easy.

I’m considering buying a rabbit/bunny… I still havent been able to convince myself that its not a sin. If I can convince myself…then I’ll buy one. I heard its guaranteed to give me the orgasm guys havent been able to give me till I stopped sex

My legs/hips have been troubling me much of late. I have been forbidden to take the pain relievers that actually supresses the pain because my continuous use of it has given me ulcer…and ulcer is a terrible terrible thing. So I go about limping these days…Deji* always hold me up when we walk together. Sweet guy. I hope I get my healing from God soon or do the operation soon.

I fear if I do the operation I may no longer be able to do pilates… that troubles me more than undergoing the operation itself

My HOD in the office has been demoted, so automatically all those under her including me have been brought down a notch or two. I cant help laughing at the whole thing. It beats crying sha

I’m beginning to drink a lot these days…sometimes I convince myself its for my stomach sake…other times I just dont care.

I have missed you guys. Sorry for the long absense.

Thanks to the man who gave me the award for lovely blog. Seven things about me like the condition for the award states you can find here

Love you all


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When We Celebrate.....

...we dey pop champagne...we dey pop champagne...we dey pop champagne.

See me oooo...I didnt even remember to remember NUTTY J's BLOG anniversary. That's bad. Na so I for forget if not for Menaukodoisready

For those who dont know...NUTTY J's BLOG which started as 'Diary Of Nutty Jennifer' was birthed in December 2009. The blog owner (my humble self) was so lost and a tad confused as to how exactly to go about blogging in blogspot, having opened an account in word press earlier (which was later deleted) that it took her another two months, of snooping around other blogs in blogsville, laying a comment here and there (to make her presence known) to start blogging. So the first blog post (which was deleted too) was actually in February 2010.

The reason I joined this great family of ours was due to some unrest I was getting on facebook. My friends had a way of inboxing me, after I publish a note, to say ' wa oooo, shey u know you are single, saying things like this or that wont get you a good man oooo' or ''Jay why do you talk like this, dont say things like this in a public forum''

So where exactly can I get a place where freedom of speech thrives? Where I can express my fears, worries, religious beliefs, find trouble, share happy times, without feeling like I just commited a crime. It wasnt long before a still small voice said:

'my daughter open your eyes....what do you see?'
' I see a place... with Brilliant Loving Organised Girls & Guys where self Expression can be Real'
'my daughter that is the....wait where are you going you silly child?!?!?'

I didnt wait for that voice to complete its sentence...I had packed my bags and properties to a land called 'wordpress' it didnt take long for me to come back with head bows and tails tucked in crying:

'oh...thou hath misled me, had I known oooo'
'Dear Child....that is not the land which I had promised thee''
'no....I no do again'
'You are being emotional....once again what do you want'
'A place with Brilliant, Loving, Organised Girls & Guys where self-Expressions can be Real'
'Open your eyes'
' see now...B-L-O-G-G-E-R'

Na so oooo....somehow I stumbled on Ex-school Nerd's blog and Mamuje's blog and that sealed it....and since then my life has never remained the same. The doors were opened unto me and I was accepted into this family and now I have online peace. So in theory 'Nutty J's Blog' blogday is December 2009... but since she was in the incubator till February, we can safely say her practical blogday is "FEB 2010"

We say thank you for your support and opinions this past year...and for not 'blocking' or 'defriending' me when I get controversial on your blogs sometimes. Nutty J's Blog appreciates and loves all her followers and secret admirers.

Una Wado ooooooooooo

Oya tell her Happy blogday in arraers.

To live is to battle with trolls in the vaults of heart and brain. To write; this is to sit in judgment over one's Self. Henrik Ibsen