Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Three magical letters... W H Y. 

Do you know how much more easier life will be if we stop and think W H Y we do the things we do?

ExxonMobil have one of its safety slogan as: STOP,THINK,ACT...  (The Power of 3, I think its called) Its a way for you to evaluate the circumstance/happenings around you before you make the decision you want to make. 


How bad can it be/get? An email came in today and practically got me upset and as was my usual fashion I wanted to reply back, argue some points, give a piece of my mind and etc etc... but then it occurred to me like 'why' bother??? It ain't gonna change anything... so why respond?

The errors we make in life are sometimes a product of the fact that we don't think about the reason we do the things we do.  For instance, so many people would have avoided being obese if they pause and reason: 'am I eating this because i'm hungry, or because its 1pm, thus time for lunch'

So we get stuck in unpleasant situations brought about by making decisions to 'go with the flow'...and by the time we realize we are unhappy, it usually 'too late

Its never too late to try and erase those errors you've made, except you are dead... because its one thing not to fully comprehend why you got into a mess in the first place...and its another not to know 'WHY you have chosen to remain in a state of unease'. The common factors usually are not far from: 'What will people say if I suddenly change this?'... 'but its some how naaaah' bla bla bla. 

Sweethearts let your actions be guided by the 'WHYs' of this life. Before you take up that new project, before you act, before you say yes/no, before you decide...Stop, and think 'WHY am I doing this'

But if its too late for that first thought... your thinking now should be: 'Why am I not doing anything about this'. 

It all comes down to W H Y

Learning from your mistakes is educative...but come on, some mistakes should just be avoided, they are nothing but a pain in the behind. 

Nutty Jay