Friday, January 2, 2015

2015...What NOT to do


Everyone is writing out their new year resolution and 'to do' list and all the motivation that comes in the new year.  Me???? I am mentally writing out my 'not to do list'

We have been taught to count our blessings and name them. Trust me that is one of the best things to gives you a lot to be thankful for. But now let's try a little exercise: Count your pains and name them one by one. Write it out and make it plain. Enough of sweeping everything under the carpet.'s good to forgive and forget....However if you don't sit down to access what went wrong to cause you such pain in the first place,  you'll make the same mistakes again and again and the circle of pain will continue endlessly.

I never had the intention of having a 'not-to-do' list...until yesterday when a friend I thought I knew, someone I trusted more than anything taught me a lesson I should have learnt 8 years ago if I had taken time to sit and access the situation and put measures in place.

Fool me once...shame on you. I make the same mistake twice shame on me.

So what am I not doing this year?

1. I am not trusting anyone just because my heart says so. People lie

2. I am not ignoring any hunch I have ever ever again. My hunches are right

3. I'm not going the extra mile for anyone who hasn't and isn't continously going the extra mile for me.

4. I am not going to put a halt in my plans in the pursuit of happiness just because others have a contrary opinion. If it pleases God and it pleases me then I'm doing it

5. I am not going to judge others for being overly careful before making decisions. ...they have learnt this lesson I'm just learning

6. I ain't spending my money on anything that won't bring returns.  I work hard for this money

7. I'm not compromising on my spiritual standards. God is love and He's the only true friend.

8. I'm not compromising on healthy living for anyone, anything and not even for money. God did not bring me this far for me to throw away my health

9. I will not take a backseat this year... I'm so going to wield a lot of influence in every area of my life. When decisions that Wil affect me or others are being made, my voice will be amongst those that will be heard and taken seriously.

10. I'll not be content. This one is subject to your interpretation and anyone you come up with, you are right

11. I will not spice chicken or cook with any ingredient I don't know...just because my aunt recommends it....that ish can mess your kitchen cred big time

12. I will not make out time for anything or anyone that's not making me better or making me money. Forget about making me happy....happiness is overrated. Its what we use in confusing ourselves. That it makes you happy doesnt mean it makes you better. I'm destined for greatness.    

So dear all, as I wish you Happy New Year and pray for More ink to your pens, do tell...what will you NOT DO this year.

Nutty Jay