Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Hours in a Day...

All I want to be is successful...I want to have an all round success. Life, Work, Ministry, Career, Health, Relationship etc. But I have noticed that one or two aspects suffer to allow the other aspects of one's life thrive.

Now I don't know how successful people manage to do it. You see a person with good health and sound mind, doing fantastic in his job, going successfully  higher spiritually, whose family is in tact and thriving with a sound career path and he still has time to attend his charity functions.

How do they manage it???

Really right now I feel like I'm swamped...its a good kind of swamped so don't get me wrong. But its a bit chaotic right now, and I'm not feeling like I'm on top of my game at all

Maybe...just maybe if the days were 27 hours in each day, I might have at least enough time to exhale.

How do you guys do it?

Nutty Jay

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


'Jay...what does the policy say' is the usual response I get from my boss when I go and mediate on behalf of a colleague on any matter. He refers me back to the policy. The company's policy. This was formulated to avoid any form of 'na we we na...do for me'. It guides our decisions in the company so that every one operates in an expected manner and makes sure all dealings are fair. You agreed to work for the company, so you must work according to the laid down rules and regulations of the company and be rewarded according to what the policy says about that particular reward you are gunning for. No 'I'm a friend of the boss'  arguments.

Now, whilst it is rare to cram the Company's policy, there are people who know where to find and get everything they want from it. Those people cannot be cheated in the company, because they come prepared and say '...Madam, according to the policy, I'm entitled to so so and so...' in such scenarios, I plead their case favorably to the MD and if for instance another colleague is there grunting and murmuring and trying to give reasons why that other person shouldn't have it (bad belle people) I hold on firmly and say 'This is what the company promises in so so and so event, if you don't do it Sir, then this document is invalid'. And it is done. Case closed

So also it is with life. If you have agreed to serve God with all you have and made him the Lord of your life...you have to live by the Kingdom's policy. The Kingdom has a manual that guides our interactions and day to day life here on earth. On every issue.  So if you are a child of the Kingdom, and you still don't know what you should be doing or not doing in that kingdom, then you are missing a lot, being cheated out of a lot by the devil and you will continue to make mistakes like a non-citizen of the Kingdom of God.

Enough is enough...its time to take back all the Devil has stolen from us... Its not okay for you to be a christian and still be cheated and led astray by the Devil. Consult your manual so you can boldly enter the throne of grace and make petitions...claim all the promises and most importantly know how to walk tall and uprightly like a Child of God. For instance what does the bible say about mouth ulcers? You check and you see that the word says 'By His stripes, Ye have been healed'. You hold on to that and say it and give thanks. Case closed. Are people tormenting you in your place of work or in your family? Check your manual, 'No weapon formed against me shall prosper'... oh so it is there, pray it. Case closed. Or are you struggling with fornication? You prayerfully consult your manual and you see 'Do you not know that your body is the temple of The Spirit of Holiness who dwells within you, whom you have received from God, and you are not your own?' You see that and you say that to the devil and you shake off the feeling...feel free to sing in addition: 'satan comot for road ooo..I carry holy ghost, I no get break ooo, I go jam you, you go die'  Case closed.

If you do not know what the bible says about the situations of life...then its not too late, prayerfully study your bible, your manual...its is the Kingdom's Policy. You are a child of the kingdom.  The devil leaves you alone when you say 'It is written...'

Read your bible...you can never go wrong with that.

Nutty Jay

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nutty Jay and Tongue Taming

My exercise of taming my tongue began on Thursday the 14th of February 2013...yeah, on valentine's day to be precise (How una celebrate una own). The process began on Monday last wee though .From then till now I can proudly say I haven't spoken up to 100 sentences...or maybe 150 sentences.

This is no lean feat as this can be very frustrating...a naturally opinionated person who has to hold her tongue at work, at home and in church is the hardest thing to do, okay second hardest thing to do...cos I still believe getting a camel to pass through the eyes of a needle is the hardest thing of all time. Right now typing away in the office this morning, I have greeted three (3) people with grunts and with the nod of the head. No words. And I know a whole lot of people yesterday wondered in church why I smiled sheepishly throughout their conversations with me, or why the chatterbox Nutty was nodding profusely like an Agama Lizard...only on rare occasions did I volunteer a word here and there. I feel totally sorry for everyone who has called me over the phone and all I did was grunt in response. Well some might notice the change that I have gone from the talking type to the listening type. yaaaay!! I haff changed

At this junction I must reveal that this change was brought upon me, not by choice but by force. I'll explain... I noticed I had mouth sores and upon further clinical investigation it was revealed that it is MOUTH ULCERS. I rebuked and bind(ed) the diagnosis until I was told not to worry that in 3-5 days, it would heal. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that as one part  (eg gum) heal, another part (eg. tongue) of the mouth gets affected. Talking, eating and drinking is the most painful experience right now. The doctor told me Lack of vitamins must have caused it, since that is the popular cause...and since then I have been diluting vitamin c and licking it raw on the tongues and taking antibiotics and Vit B2 etc...so much so that my blood count by Thursday had gone from 31% to 28%....this is expected since I have been taking antibiotics (which break blood) without eating properly... fear no let me check again because my period started two (2) ago now and I know the PCV must have dropped again..

But something troubles me though... I did a research on 'Mouth Sores in Sickle Cell Anemia' and I stumbled upon a medical journal that say Hydroxyurea a cancer drug used for the treatment of sickle cell anemia causes mouth sores. Prolonged mouth sores. Not only did I see that, I saw some other disturbing side effects. Its a drug I have been on since May 2012, after the terrible life threatening crises I had then. I also read some other people's blog yesterday and they complained about the same issue

To cut a long story short, because this post is beginning to get boring... this is informing the general public, that Nutty Jay has gone quiet for the meantime... no talking, no eating solids and no kissing...almost 7days now and counting.

My people pray for me ooo...this is a month of waiting on the Lord in my church and I was just crying yesterday when I thought about how I couldn't pray with my mouth. And I'm hungry... I miss food. I'm sad...this is too harsh a way to learn how to bridle my tongue

Nutty Jay

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It is true what they say about seeing your life flashing before your eyes thought Kola as he languidly pirouetted through the air. To the eyes of the startled onlookers the somersault had taken less than a minute, but to Kola himself, it had happened in slow motion. He saw Tomike his wife as she dressed up for her work as a company secretary that morning, looking as glamorous as always with her impeccable make-up and her mane of shoulder length imported hair. He saw the way her tailored suit accentuated her slim shapely figure, and just as he landed, an image of Iya Kudi had rudely shoved its way in. His breath left his body with a gasp as his large frame hit the road, his features wreathed into a large smile even as dust swirled around him like wraiths.
‘Ha! O ti ya were’ a concerned onlooker remarked,  as she could find no occasion for mirth in the bizarre scenario that was being played out before her eyes.
Kola scrambled to his feet, dusted off his designer suit as best he could, and began to dash towards his car but he had only taken a couple of strides when he rose up into the air then proceeded to somersault again. This time in his mind’s eye, he was the mighty Sunday Mba celebrating the winning goal strike in the recently concluded African Cup of Nations, and he threw himself into the exuberance of the moment, turning an extra cartwheel for his enthralled audience well, just because he could. This time, he landed on a tray of oranges set out by a roadside seller, and the air was rent with her shrieking curses and wails as oranges rolled everywhere and she scrabbled furiously to gather them all up. The dust slowly settled to reveal Kola spreadeagled on his back as he gazed beatifically around him, like it was a usual occurrence for a well-dressed man to be sprawled at the side of a busy road.
‘Ki nse were le leyi o, magun lo mu’ said another onlooker, and those words galvanised the watching audience which had now swelled considerably.
As soon as he recovered his breath, Kola sat up and was about to rise to his feet when with an unspoken accord, six or seven men broke from the crowd and raced towards him, pinning him down to the ground. He could not understand why they were preventing him from fulfilling his destiny, he had only one more somersault to do before exiting the glorious stage called life, and he was determined to see things through. The smile on his face that had seemed etched in stone disappeared as he began to struggle maniacally with the men and before long, more of the crowd came to assist them in keeping him down.
His mind went back to Iya Kudi. She was the desire of his heart, the architect of his current misfortune. He had first noticed her as she walked past his office with the huge basin of rice on her head, and his eyes had followed the rhythmic movement of her backside under her wrapper long after she after had disappeared from view. He had kept a lookout for her, and the next time he had seen her, he had sent his messenger to call her so he could buy some rice. He was interested in her wares, but it was not the ofada rice and aya mase stew wrapped in leaves that had caught his fancy, tasty though it was. There was a raw earthiness about her that appealed to him, and despite the cheap perfume that she had on, her natural muskiness hit him in the back of his head, robbing him of all coherent thought. The bold, knowing way she had stared into his eyes had left him in no doubt that she knew the effect she had on him, and before long their relationship was in full bloom.
She had whispered to him after one of their trysts that even though Baba Kudi had a quiet demeanour he could be quite unpredictable, but he had assured her that there was no way their dalliance could be discovered, and they had carried on, for four languorous months. Physically, Iya Kudi was everything his wife was not. She had no idea what scales were, and she carried every one of her fat cells with pride, showing off her ample cleavage and rounded shoulders in tight, low cut, short sleeved ankara tops. She always tied wrappers, never wore skirts, and the thought of the delights that lay under her ample petticoats made Kola redouble his frantic efforts to escape his captors.
Baba Kudi stood a way off, staring dispassionately at the prone figure of Kola. He bore him no ill-will, and gazed at him with the curiosity of a lizard deciding whether or not to eat one more fly. He had known of his wife’s affair almost immediately after it started, but had been content to let it continue until his gods told him she was planning to run away with Kola. Even though he was a tailor by profession, he came from a long line of herbalists, and was fully versed in the ways of his fathers. There were always pieces of fabric lying around the house, and it had been very easy to put the red thread across Iya Kudi’s path.
He was jolted out of his reverie at the sight of Iya Kudi throwing herself on the floor beside Kola and holding out a bottle of dark yellow liquid towards him. He remembered how he had carefully filled the bottle with its frothing contents, and the detailed note he had left beside it.
Kola’s eyes bulged in disbelief as Iya Kudi remonstrated with him. He understood that the antidote lay within the bottle, but the thought of drinking it made him gag, literally. He shook his head violently from side to side as he insisted that he would rather die than drink the warm liquid she held so tightly. There was a slight commotion as a car drew up and Tomike stepped out. She dropped to her knees beside Kola as Iya Kudi babbled at her through her tears. Her eyes steeled with resolve as she reached for the bottle, and uttered a terse instruction. Kola felt his head being raised off the floor, even as a firm finger and thumb clamped his nostrils shut. He gasped for breath, and in a smooth motion, Tomike emptied the bottle down his throat, ignoring the way he spluttered and choked.  The bottle emptied, she tossed it aside, handing a wad of cash to the men who held him as she got into her car and drove away.
The men let Kola go as they realised the antidote had been successfully administered. Iya Kudi backed away before turning on her heels and sprinting off into the distance at a speed that belied her girth. Kola got up, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he tried to get rid of the acrid taste of the liquid, and then entered his car. His life as he knew it was in ruins, and yet as he remembered Iya Kudi, he smiled again and then started the engine.

Culled from: Joxy's Blog

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Resolution...Moving Forward

res·o·lu·tion  (rz-lshn)
1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination.
2. A resolving to do something.
3. A course of action determined or decided on.

There's this song that comes to my head, its by Hezekiah Walker and it's titled 'Moving Forward'. so many people are stuck in the past...or should I say, that the mistakes of their past haunts them and bites them in the arse. Some times it makes you feel unworthy of the good things life is throwing your way and so you throw them out right back at life...at other times you look back and cringe and say 'I can't believe I was so stupid'. It gets worse when you have one or two people around you whose actions towards you emphasize that they think you are not good enough, that you've messed up in time past and you will mess up again...no good thing can come out of you.

My dear...MOVE AHEAD. See if you don't believe any other thing you need to believe what the bible says '...Old things are passed away and behold all things are made new'  Do not allow anyone including the devil rob you of who you are meant to be. Your past is over in Christ...all things are made new!!  Move forward...no one will move you forward unless you agree to move yourself. Break those friendships that drag you back, they are unhealthy...those friends feel comfortable waving your mistakes over your head because that is how they feel better about their own-selves. You need to separate yourself from those negative people/things that take you back.You owe it to yourself to fulfill destiny, and men and women of great destiny are not those who are timid, ashamed or afraid to come boldly to God, because of one thing or the other. 

So when I thought about my resolutions this year and what they would be, I couldn't think about anything else but Moving Forward in Christ and in life. It doesn't matter who has to go in the process. It doesn't matter the discomfort I have to feel in the process. I have to settle it once and for all that my life is in God's hands, not in man's opinion, thus I should be living it to please God and fulfill the purpose for which He has created me. 

Let me remind you...'...he that the son sets free, is free indeed'  If God has set you free, begin to walk in that freedom. If you remain stuck in your 'coulda, woulda and shouldas' its all on you.  

Think about it...

Nutty Jay