Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Excuse me what did you just say?

Nutty J calm down…you are going to blow this out of proportion

I wasn’t ready to let my head talk me into backing down on this, my friend was trying my patience and I'd had enough with that last statement:

I say repeat yourself

‘I say slow your role… slow your role, you are no saint…everyone lies now and then, its how life is…so stop questioning me’’

Chei! I’ve suffered oh…but what can I say. From the harmless white lies people tell on FB to the day to day mask they wear in order to give people the impression that they are strong, big and reliable, lies or the act of lying have now been accepted by some as a way of life. they get so caught up in them that they start getting high on their own supply…they start believing the lies to be true.

Now let me start by saying…like George Washington said: I cannot tell a lie. It’s simple like that. Not because I’m goody two shoes or because I’m such a good Christian…but something about the act of not purposely misleading another human even when I know I can, makes me feel good. I’m not talking about tactlessness here; I’m talking about not using my mouth or actions to purposely deceive/mislead another human being.

But that is not my point today…what bothers me is the way we readily believe the lies others tell us. We have paid so much attention to the opinions of others that we now rely on their better judgment.

The fact is that there is only one truth. And that is what you believe. If you choose to believe a lie, then you have found your truth. Good or bad whatever we believe of our self is what would come to pass. Many times we find ourselves stuck in a rut because somehow we have been convinced that that is the best we can be, we become grateful for crumbs because we believe that we cannot do better…we listen to people tear us down with simple logic like ‘’ah lily* why are you arguing…be grateful for this one oooo, remember where you are coming from’’

So you settle for that man/woman who makes you feel unworthy, who you cannot rely on, who doesn’t know how to put you first. The fear of rejection becomes the sadative that shuts out the pain you feel on a daily bases. And all because you do not take out time to know the truth about yourself. The truth which says you can make it on your own. The truth that says you are strong enough to recognize bullshit when you see it and refuse to swallow it.

No man is an island, sure…every body needs somebody…I agree. But what you need…what deserve is a love that takes the time to know you, a love that takes the time to understand…A love that loves you for who you are not for what you represent. Anything less than this is just you agreeing that you cannot do better, because you are not worth it. And that is your truth.

Okay I know I’m supposed to be talking about birthday cakes and presents and where the party ‘s at well its my party I’ll cry if I want to, preach if I want to, scream if I want to….ha ha ha.

So I’m gonna use this medium to thank God, because morning by morning new mercies I see…all that I’ve needed in this life his hands hath provided. Even when I’m not HIS friend He remains my friend…when I don’t deserve His love due to my wayward ways…his mercies keeps me. When the world and my loved one turn their back at me, God keeps me… I’m alive today because God kept me….I have the strength to stare rejection in the face and shrug it off because I know that no matter how much man fail me, I have a Father that would never ever fail me….nor forsake me. All the things that scar me, are the same things that make me unique and If God says I'm good enough...then I am. All I have He gave me…what I am today, he made me so I have no other argument…I have no apologies…it is enough that Jesus died….and that He died for me.

And that is both the fact and the truth.




  1. it certainly is true and a fact. Happy Birthday girl, wishing you all the very best. praying that the Lord meets your need, even before you have or ask for them and grant you all your heart desires...wishing you the very best, God Bless and have a blast

  2. Happy Birthday to you :) Its good that you are standing up to accept the truth no matter how stark it may seem, and its even sweeter when its God's truth, because then you are never lonely!

  3. Happy Birthday girl. Hope u have fun and i wish u all the best in this new year of ur life.

  4. Happy birthday,dear...have fun :-))

  5. A very merry birthday to you. Have a great one!

  6. Happy Belated birthday to you doll... sorry this is coming late. I owe you a virtual hug, Virtual cake, virtual everything. Hugs and More hugs/.....Hope your day was fun xxoxxxoxx


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