Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've Been Gone For Too Long...

...and it feels like forever. I'll summarize this as quick as possible. I traveled to India on the 19th of May for the Operation I had to undergo, the first week of my stay in the hospital was dedicated to numerous blood tests and I ended up undergoing three surgeries two of which were unplanned for. It just so happened that the ulcer I had been treating in Nigeria for over Six (6) months wasn't Ulcer at all but I had to undergo a surgery to clear my bile ducts (June 2nd)....and then two days later (June 4th on my Birthday) I went back to the theater to remove my gall bladder...and then six days later (June 10th) I had one hip replaced and another repaired.

Its been a painful Journey and I thank God for His Mercies upon my life. This is the worst experience I've had so far that was caused by Sickle Cell Anemia. Granted its not easy living with Sickle Cell Anemia on a daily basis, but its okay when you know the tricks of surviving it...but I never in my life thought it would ever throw me the blow of Avascular Necrosis, the disorder that came up last year that made me embark on this trip. Nevertheless I thank God for granting me the grace to be alive and for providing my parents with the financial resources to see this through. I'm back in Nigeria, Delta State...don't know when I'll go back to work (hopefully August) dont know if I still have the Job, because I had my doctor write to my office twice to explain to them about the delay since I had to undergo two extra unforeseen surgeries, they didnt reply him. I'm trying not to care too much about that...but rather concentrate on when I'll stop using the crutches, hopefully that would be end of this month.

Before I round up...a word of advise for anyone reading this with similar genes... Avascular Necrosis is becoming rampant amongst Sicklers, especially in Africa... you can do your best to avoid this by Drinking water like a fish...don't stay in one place for too long, have regular daily exercise and try as much as possible not to get Crisis of the bone... and then keep praying and keep happy.

Thanks to all those who checked you can see I'm back, and I'm still standing.

I'll do blog rounds then come back and do a proper blog... so sorry for the long silence peeps. I hope there aren't any typos on this post...I'm watching Ghost (the one with Whoppi Goldberg) as I type...for about the hundredth time.

Kisses and Hugs

Nutty J