Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have been given an award by a friend, a sister and someone I know I can run to in an instant without fear or shame when I don put myself for wahala or when the world troubleth me. Her sense of humour in her blogs and her passion in real life for Justice and fairness makes coming online addictive. You can reach her @ 0800-Mena-ukodo-is-ready. If your mobile isnt nearby, just click on the link. Mena thank you for the award

According to the rules, i should say 7 things about myself;

(So I swear on Nutty J's Blog Bible to tell the truth...the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Here we go:

1. I love the art of flirting. Not everyone knows how to flirt and just leave it at that. But I do and I cant help it even when I try.

2. I hate physical contact. Its a reason why I dont like sharing my bed with anyone. Dont ask me how I manage to share bed with a partner/lover/boyfriend (when I used to)...cos I dont know.

3. I'm weak when it comes to friendship. I find it difficult to say NO, to my best/true friends. Its one reason I have few true buddies. They are the ones that love me enuff not to take advantage of that weakness

4. As outspoken and fearless as I am...I could be incredibly shy. I find it difficult to look directly in a persons eye. No matter how hard I try, maintaining eye contact is something I find hard to do especially with someone new. And especially after sex with someone old/new

5. Most of my friends, outside my main crew, are almost always 10-22 years older than me. I sometimes find that they better understand me than people my own age group.

6. I've had sex more times than I can remember BUT I have never had an ORGASM. Even though I give my partner(s) countless orgasms. Life is just not fair...

7. I owe my life and every good thing and people that come my way to God Almighty. I owe my purpose driven, truth seeking and passionate way of life to my father. I owe my good nature and kind spirit (polishing halo) to my mother.

Also, am expected to give the award to 15 other bloggers

1} Neefemi: because she is awesome, versatile and stylish and one of the first people who welcomed me to Blogsville. Her passion for music is some thing to admire.
2}Vanity XX: because her topics are exotic, erotic and versatile. She is just a craze girl

3} Kay 9: There's just something about this guy that makes me stalk his page. Check it for urself

4}2cute4u: Chacha...I mean you can ask chacha anything and you get a stylish and versatile answer for free. Think am exaggerating? Just click it then

5} Sisi Yemmi : Her thoughts are very interesting and her style is unique. Besides she's a warri babe like me and finished from my high school (Fieldcrest)...shhh...she doesnt know that..hehehe

6} Lily Johnson: Because I enjoy her style

7} Carey: There is something true and stylish and Versatile with the way Carey writes. He could carry you home anytime with his blog post. If you dont believe me, he is a click away

8} Climbtonowhere: If You looking for stlye...then check out the life of this saleswoman in NYC
9} Mwajim Al: Right here...right now I am gonna say her blog is awesome. Its always a breath of fresh air
10} Taynament: I give her this award because her topics are exotic, truthful, versatile, served with attitude!

11} Azazel: I dont know about stylish...but the award is also about versatility and you dey try for that area.

12}Mena : You are definetly on the brink. I give you this award cos there is never a dull moment on your page. People you gats to know this chick

13} Sickle Cell Warrior : Because this is one blog that reaches out to all and sundry. Her attempt to educate the world about sickle cell is amazing and she kicks arse too. This Award is for you girl.

14}: Musing of a Caramel Latte addict: A very cerebral, capable blogger! This is a blog everyone should be a part of. Temi rocks

15}Simple Chic; Her blog is stylish

Now the rules are simple.

1}Thank the blogger that gave you the award.

2}Then list 7 things about yourself.

3}Give out the same awards to 15 other bloggers.

4}Then contact them.

Its not as easy as you think...phew!!!

Am off to contact them.

PS: The Big and Minature throphies are my idea and not part of the rule/regulations. But we do deserve them...hence you can take them home. Kisses



    HEEEY, MY PERSONAL PERSON, YOU THREE MUSSSSH!!! TAINKS A BUNSH! I meant every word I said about you in my blog (and have even added jarra

    I am dedicating my award to my future partner for he surely shall have premature greying from tolerating my craziness.

    I dedicate my award to my future partner's tongue for reasons best to known to both of us..nuff said!


    Thanks my dear, na you inspire me with that wordpress blog that you promptly deleted and I have not regretted it!!

    Most of the 7 things about you will be more interesting to your toasters oh. Shy?? You are very outspoken online and you have a deep husky voice, its really hard to imagine you shy sha. :). Never forget that your friendship means a lotttt! I admire what you did with your friend that felt so depressed, na dat kine friend you be, PURE SUBSTANCE!


    p.s: will sheck out a few of your *ahem* recommendations, being that afrobabe seems to have gotten off her back and abandoned her

    p.p.s: you got 'active' male followers? I hail theee!!


  2. SECOOOND!!!

    Oya where is that blog titled 'passion' heen? where did it disappear to? I hope its blogspot mistake?

    Oya, Nutty, Before I open my eyes..1....2....

    let it appear back oh!


  3. Thank ya! "I like her style" is a nice compliment. You are the second person to give me this award and i feel great.
    The trophy is just cuutee!

  4. Nice post! love reading all about you!


  5. Happy new year! Nice one! I can be shy too, so I feel ya. The physical contact bit is funny. And hopefully you get that orgasm real soon, LOL.

  6. @ Mena: will not keel me with laugh...thanks babes. I appreciate all you've you dey make me know somethings about me...the passion blog I no know watin I press when e disappear and I dont even have back up...

    Lily: Your blog does rock...

    J'adore Fashion: are welcome here

    Original Mgbeke: Yes oooooo....hopefully I get the orgasm ooo. Thanks for stopping by

  7. It is really honest!

    It is sad you have never had an orgasm. I refuse to live without!


  8. Thanks TISHA...hopefully soon i'll be like

  9. Thank you so much love..
    I feel so honored..
    Thanks for the homework too.. Lol...

  10. Hello my Nutty Professor,

    First, I remember the first time you dropped by my blog. I was like, who is this person coming up in my house, challenging me, like she knows me? LOL!

    But as the world turns, anytime someone takes the time to read my stuff, I am pleased. And then, when they actually say they enjoy it, I am filled with delight. So Thank You.

    Now, since I only (mostly) visit a small number of blog sites, you've put something on my mind.

  11. i never had an orgasm before my current boyfriend. but then he is the second person i am sleeping with. I guess it takes an experienced guy to work it right

  12. Hey Nutty J! Thanks for my award. So nice of you to think of me. Sorry we've been out of touch! I love your blog and think you're awesome!

    I'm worried that you've never had an orgasm. You need to have one. Life just isn't worth living without them. LOL! It's kinda true.

    If I had to list my 7 things about me it'd be...

    1. I have the most amazing friends. I often don't know what I'd do without my friends and feel totally lucky that I have the people in my life that I have.
    2. I love physical contact. I'm not into crazy amounts of PDA, but I do love it.
    3. My favorite thing in the world is to laugh, hear laughter, or make someone laugh. I just don't know what could be better which is why I love being a comedian.
    4. I love drinking. I find it weird when people don't like to drink. I just don't get it.
    5. The best way to describe me is "what you see is what you get." I'm low on bullshit, high on honesty.
    6. I'm an extrovert with a capital E! I'd always rather be with people than by myself. I'm just super social and enjoy being around others. That being said, when I spend to much alone time, it's not good for me so I try not to do that too much.
    7. I'm a positive person. I've been through so many different things and the reason I haven't totally fallen apart is my positive nature. I'm lucky I have that. It's saved me many times!

    Thanks for the award! Keep blogging and being YOU!

  13. I used to have that sharing bed problem but I got over it

  14. Thank you so much mi darling, i really appreciate. Love you xxxx

  15. NuttyJay!!! Thank you so much hun. Just seeing this... Thanks love.xoxo

  16. OMG! U neva had an orgasm? Truly,life ain't fair.Me like ur blog doh!

  17. @all: thanks for the comments...I appreciate

  18. hey nutty :)
    Sorry i took so long in replying this; i'v been trying to do this for days now, long story.
    U knw, nobody on blogsville's ever tagged me on anythng before; guess it has somthng to do with my frequent M.I.A spells... Thanks, hon.

    And happy new year ;D

  19. *waiting for ya blog! Its been long na!*

  20. Dont mind me jor...soon very soon


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