Friday, May 9, 2014

Bokoharam Is Not The Enemy

Let us be truthful and call a spade a spade for once in this country... we have far far bigger enemies than the so called sect names #Bokoharam. 

From what I remember in the latest spam message MTN sent me, Nigeria gained Independence in 1960 and became a republic in 1963, and since then we have not had a moments peace in this country. If it is not one coup after another, it is Biafra and if its not that it is some dark shade wearing dictator, then to corrupt politicians then the fuel subsidy unrest to the APC and PDP's battle of wits everyday in our news papers and bloody battles behind the scenes... and many old power hungry men and more nonsense I don't have the time to recall.

In my opinion, the white man left us alone to our devices way too early, we learnt nothing about Administration, we learnt nothing about Economics, we know nil about Management and least of all we know nothing about social empathy. Oh yes we have all the degrees in the world because our society places emphasis on paper, but having all the degrees in the world doesn't buy us common sense, it doesn't make us human... it doesn't teach us love. It just makes us one big society filled with Educated illiterates .. illiterate that celebrate mediocrity. I'll hold that thought.

It's not news that Patience Jonathan has no command of the English Language. Infact I doubt if the First Lady has had proper education. However that's no news

It's still no news that she has not tried to improve herself (as a person occupying the position of first lady) from the incoherent English she manages to spew from time to time. .. and that's such a shame on both her and the president. But that's old news

The bigger shame though is that Nigerians, residing in this safe-less, insecure, corrupt mess of a country (where children are killed on a daily basis...where 234 girls can be picked from their school and held hostage for three weeks and counting...) would rather crack jokes about the obvious (madam's English) during her speech at the conference she held, than try to focus on the reason she called the meeting in the first place. 

Back to that thought you are holding, I bet if the First Lady of the United States had given a similar speech albeit in perfect American English we will clap loud in adoration, tweet about it, many will say 'oh what a fine lady'. Because that is what we celebrate. Michelle's speech will be deftly delivered and half of her message lost during the process because guess what??? half of the citizens of Nigeria won't even understand what she said. But we won't those kine things dey totori us. 

Madam has delivered her speech in a way she understands, yes she could have done better than that, but she didnt... what she did do however is  talk in the language that every Nigerian understands, including the market women, the fish sellers, the palm wine tappers, the farmer, the PhD holder, the graduate of English, the lawyer, the engineer, even the 9 year old child can understand, but what do we do? We laugh about it, we call her names, we make T-shirts that read 'there is god oooo'. And I wonder, how does this jest and merry making at Madame's expense  #bringbackourgirls. If you make a joke about it the first and second day I can understand it because it was funny....but seriously till now? And we say we are intelligent? BAH!!!

Nigerians in Nigeria are we normal at all?  A country where we can't empathize? A people who are so intelligent that they look only towards making mockery of other people's inadequacies whereas their country ranks amongst the top unsafe countries? There is an issue on ground and till now we are still laughing at Patience?

Boko Haram is not the enemy, the black man is the enemy of himself...we are our own poison in this nation. 

What a joke of a people.... really, there is God

Nutty Jay


  1. ok. serious face on. you are right to say Dame spoke in a language every Nigerian should understand. I understand, the fish seller (who I shdnt think I am superior to) understands, we all understand. So what did we understand? I personally understood that she (mis) used her office as first lady to call a press conference summoning the parents of the children and the teachers (for why, i dunno) and became incoherent after realizing that they didn't come (all this captured on air AND three weeks after the fact) and broke down in tears. All I came out with from the 'show' was anything but a definitive message of any kind - three weeks after and not an impromptu speech. Chai! Abeg make people laugh jare as she no get agenda, her husband no get agenda. We don manage taya with this BH issue, with no light issue, no infrastructure issue, no work issue. Them hold power, them de chop money, dem no fit perform any of their duties come TV de shed (arguably) crocodile tears. serious face off!

  2. I so agree with you. Too many educated illiterates in this country. You know, I feel the same way about the whole Patience drama. Why are we making T shirts and memes about her grammar when there is a serious issue on ground? I know her English can be better but at that time I believe she was just emotional. How would you feel if your husband's government is riddled with chaos? I mean we have had bad times but can u compare it with this time? Children being kidnapped? If you want to be fair, you will look at Mr President as a human being first. His wife too. The mockery is bothering on sadistic. And yes, suspected criminals are still burnt on our streets. We have too many issues. Tribalism and religion (intolerance) There is God ooo and May He have mercy on us all.

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    1. Haha haha haha. ... you too funny. Chei! Na the tears tire you or the posts everywhere about the tears and Grammer

  4. Change is nature, the part that we can influence, it starts we we decide.....


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