Monday, January 16, 2012

Its after Midnight....

...and I'd just finished watching 'Kim Possible' which came up after 'Sonny With A Chance' on Disney Channel. I just cant seem to avoid having a dose of Disney channel everyday and even my friends perceive it as weird that I watch that channel, I cant seem to get enough of it. I reached for my phone as it vibrates, the red light indicating I just received a Black Berry Message:

'So how did your day go naw...I'm missing you ooo'
'My day was great...and yours?' I replied
The phone vibrates again before his response comes in and I switch chat box to respond to who was asking:

'eh...not really just chilling watching TV'
'Thank God the strike has starts tomorrow'
'Good for you... at least you have rested well' I responded

....a group alert came in and I clicked to check what was going on there...some of the member's of the group reside in America so its normal for them to be up joking and laughing over some not so funny things...I dropped a 'LOL' comment and went back to the first person I was chatting with since he had responded a while ago and continued chatting... flipped the channel to TBN...hoping I might get Joel Osteen (no luck) went to MTV Base and nothing interesting there too... went to the kitchen... opened the powdered peak milk tin, got a spoonful of powdered milk, threw it in my mouth and allowed it dissolve (oh the joys of peak milk) and walked back to the sitting room. It was some minutes past 1am

My phone rings at this exact moment and I ignore it, what is bringing mid night call play (mscheeew)... flip the channels some more, get bored...switched of TV... went into my room, checked 'Recent Updates' on BB and dropped a comment for two people which reads 'Una no dey sleep? Witches' ...that's when I thought of browsing, logged onto Yahoo to check out what new job alerts I had received. One caught my fancy...applied for it. Came to Blogger...checked to see if Taynament  had responded to why a Redeemer is a deal breaker....she hadn't.... then checked out Kay's Corner and found him ranting.... by now it was well past 1pm.

When  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said that '"The heights by great men reached and kept, were not obtained by sudden flight. But they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night'  I think he meant something different from these my nightly rituals. Sometimes I read a novel all through the night and fall asleep by 4am and wake up by 7am, and its not as if I'm waking at that time because I need to go somewhere...I just cant seem to sleep. The sleeplessness wasn't a big deal when I was working, then I fall asleep by 11pm...start tossing and turning by 3am and I'm up by 4am to get ready for work. But now I feel the insomnia is getting worse.

How do you guys sleep? And sleep without a sleeping pill or a glass (or two) of wine. Tell me... I want to sleep ooo, this habit of sleeping in the morning and waking in the morning everyday has gat to stop!!! 

Good Morning

Nutty Jay


  1. wow! pele. if it is any consolation, i did not get to sleep till 3am, have a nasty headache but glad to be back to life nontheless

  2. I sometimes get that sleeplessness too,but these days it seem to have 'freed' me small.Anyways,i hear a glass of milk and honey help.

  3. I pray i never have to deal with insomnia because sleep is the only escape i have sometimes. I look forward to when i can lie on my bed and go to sleep everyday. Absolute best time of the day!!!

    Unfortunately, when i'm really stressed, i can't sleep. I just lie there, so i never try to force myself to sleep. I just stay up doing stuff until i feel like sleeping and there are days when i don't feel like sleeping until 8am, but that's never when i need to be up, it's usually after exams when i should be catching up on sleep. Craziness, i tell u.

  4. Doll; Sorry oooo...thank God you are better now.

    A-9ja: I'm glad sleeplessness has freed you. Honey? eeeew!!! I dont like it ooo...cant ever get the picture of bee out of my mind when I taste it...but milk (yaaaay!!!) good excuse to drink milk anyhow now

    Madame Sting: I can imagine the craziness you But its a good thing you dont have to deal with Insomnia...good thing

  5. Hmm... I attended a sleeping workshop for my insomnia. They didn't say anything new. I found that helps to establish a night time routine though. I shower, switch off all electronic devices and the light. Warm milk/cocoa helps. When there's something bothering you, you can take a pen and paper and think it through on paper, thinking of ways you can make it better tomorrow (you can pray too). Sometimes that helps to calm my mind.
    All the best with overcoming insomnia. There is a reason sleep deprivation was one of the torture methods in concentration camps. It's awful not getting rest.

  6. I don't know what you look like, but from your posts, i think you're a beautiful lady..
    Rather off point, but I thought you should know :)

  7. Etoile: Thank you, I'm going to try out your suggestions too

    Bliss Diva: ... that's not off point at all.. In fact you should tell me more of how beautiful I am :)

    Thank you for saying that

  8. Dear

    During the strike I could hardly sleep so I watched all the dvds (some were series like Merlin season 1-4) till morning, slept and woke up.

    Then work resumed and like say na me cus strike I found myself working hard to cover that time lost, naturally working 8am to about 9pm took its toll and when I got home I will still wash the clothes I wore to work and bath and fall into bed (no dinner)but if I worry about something sleep eludes me

    I think your best bet is too tire yourself out mentally, by reading everything possible, and then do some light exercises, take a cup of milky milo, turn off the light and lie down


  9. My mom remedy is "warm chocolate drink". for me, i hit the bed and i'm gone. It's a blessing

  10. Toinlicious... you are blessed. God did you well

  11. This is SOOOO late and I am SOOOO sorry I hadn't responded. I don't have any concrete reasons besides teh stories I have heard and as a catholic, it's just not my preferred mode of worship and I think that would cause major friction between my husband and I.


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