Friday, March 19, 2010

This and That


Is how I feel right now…aka sluggish, tired weary, lackluster etc etc o jare, I can’t find the other synonyms to use off hat.I need bad azz sugar high right now but can’t find chocolates anywhere(very unlike me) and who told me now to stop drinking or rather promise myself to try and avoid alcohol? Typical case of shooting one’s self in the foot, because really alcohol after 5pm really used to work in my interest…at least to ease up after all the days activity (*sighs*).Right now I’m in the office just feeling blank…imma need love urgently but that’s another risk on its own because the love that follows us sometimes sha…de pain belle.

But see me oh, I actually wanted to just holla at Lovepaprika, Kay9, 2cute4u, neefemi and the silent readers because you all been making me feel welcome up in here and I appreciate…but now it’s beginning to sound like a post I can complete and say ‘yeah I actually posted something worthwhile today’ (Yippe!! )…see why I love you? You guys inspire me for ehm..good things.

Meanwhile I can no longer understand what is going on in the streets of Lagos..commuting nowadays is becoming another painful thing to face or is it just me? I don’t own a car yet, but getting to and fro work has never been an issue because I have peeps willing to give me a ride here and there (*bats eyes*)…yes na, I’m good company or haven’t you noticed. Anyways sometimes that small imp in me sometimes misses my own company and would rather use the public transport in an attempt to be alone (yes oh..alone with strangers around u is still being alone) than ride with a friend….well nowadays it no longer seems wise sha…because of traffic, the bus drivers have now decided to leave their normal lane and drive off lane, at the corner…making the normal two lanes into three…now the thing with this ‘illegal’ lane is that it is bumpy as hell..yes na its not a ‘road’ so it isn’t tarred…now see how the driver would be speeding like mad enjoying the ride with the bus practically leaving the ground, just like in the movies… everyone would be shouting

‘’ye!! Slow down ooo’…

’’oga take am easy’’

‘’you are mad!! Are you high or something? Stop this car, you done lost the mind Gawd gave you!!’’ (see English speaking)

the bus driver would usually laugh it off and keep going saying some nonsense like ‘’Abegi una too de fear’’… at those times I’ll just be singing ‘’Jesus take the wheel’’ I cannot understand the madness anymore….how I miss my aje butter life…where dad would call and be like ‘’…where are you so I can send the driver to come pick u’’ or ‘’whenever u know you are leaving school for home, make sure you tell us so we can come get you’’ as in soft life…no stress…I was made for the easy life o jare, as in for real…all this adulthood+go find out how life is+go make your own way in life+you are independent now etc is not what I bargained for oh, it would be crazy to expect my parents to still be doing that all the way from warri for me in Lagos but eh…nothing wrong in wishing one rich man would come and take over from where they stopped na…I’m just saying in case there is one rich dude there reading…lol. Besides Neyo if you are out there please note how Independent I am enough to acknowledge that I’m made for easy life, which entails being spent on by a man…after all Adam was made to take care of Eve as Eve helps him out with his never ending daily issues (read your bible) In fact it was the day she decided to go to the farm so she can have her own (independent woman)dat wahala started...(you really must read that bible)

Anyways its Friday and imma going out there to have a good time this weekend…have a good weekend ahead. Do your thing...


PS: 3 post in one week? Ha...there really must be magic in blogsville



  1. awww thanks for the are a funny read always...and have a fun weekend, i intend to do the same...yes there is magic here :)

  2. So nice to find out my comments are so valued :)
    I miss d hustle n bustle of Lag; PH can b sooooooo dull at times. So u r expecting Neyo's call? Lol... Well, all the best in that venture - i'll pray for u!

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  4. I could be d rich dude u'v bn looking 4.Infact I already have a song 4 u on my blog..... lol

    1st time here.nice to knw u re already enjoying d best of wt blogville has to offer.


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