Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Office Haters

I just dont understand...I am so angry that I could actually break a bottle on someone, anyone's head....okay let me explain

My boss just called me to say that some one in the office told her yesterday that I'm online 24/7 doing un-official work like facebooking, chatting etc...and that I'm lounging on the job. See me see wahala, me I dont know when all this hating will stop. How do people just forget about their own lifes and make conscious dedicated effort to bad mouth and try to ruin others. First last year it was agreed amongst the staff that I was rude...I dont have regards for senior members of staff bla bla bla. And I was like, 'excuse me ma'am, officially rude or un-officially rude?' she just gave me one bad eye like that and I decided to shut up...but for real I'm officially not rude...I do my job, but un-officially i can understand that my not wanting to join in the cliques or make small talk and not reply to small talks could come across as being rude.

Lemme explain...my mind has a mind of its own I swear....I cant control it. So if i'm not working, it takes out time to ehmm...roam. Its either busy thinking about life issues and trying to solve them, or thinking of what next to read or write about...so most time my mind is occupied, and absent-minded...so when people at those times, try talking to me, especially matter when no concern me my mind would shut out the drone of their voices and continue with its own roaming.


Collegue: So what was she doing signing off those cheques, she doesnt think again or she has forgotten she needs approval?

(the only part i heard was 'so she doesnt think? approval, cheque')

Me: I didnt know you would ask me this....I would have asked her about her thinking faculties


Collegue: who's that guy? what company does he represent...I havent seen him here before...hey answer me na

Me: I'm sorry what did u say? (honestly i didnt hear)

Collegue: I said who's that guy? what company does he represent

Me: Was that what u asked?

Collegue: Yes

Me: Sorry...what was the question again?

....enh eh, what kinda question is that? she just interupted my flow of thought and now wants me to check out somborri....the major question sef, is how would I know? I was put here to know strange people abi? Or they pay me now to answer question when no concern my work abi?

Anyway that was last year's complaint..She's rude. Now its that i'm always on FaceBook. Like what will I do to stop em hating on me...honestly I dont care what they say but I cant continue to let them say all these stuff, it could get to the wrong ears and trouble may start. And its a lie, for real...I'm only on FB before work starts...I get to my office like 6am sometimes, what will I be doing till 8am....work? and I blog sometimes when I know I should be on my 1 hour break.....like now that I need to vent.

Anyways life has taught me that people would talk, whether you do good or bad, people would always have something negative to say....so to hell with them.

Lemme log off...for now. Before bad people would talk again.


  1. Take it easy ok. Workplace people can be really funny. May be someone is trying to get your attention. Lol @ the examples you gave.

  2. Saw your blog on Blogville gist. Welcome to blogging and hope to read more from you.

    Workplace interactions can be so stressful right? I usually just take it easy.

  3. lol... just ignore them if u can. Aint no harm in being just a little bit teeny tiny nicer, tho :)

  4. NBB: I'm taking it in stride now, aint nothing I can do to stop em....

    Myne: Thank you...its nice being here in blogsville...less complicated than fb

    Kay9: awww...but i'm not good at nice, i'm good at being good...but not nice. okay maybe i'll try...but I doubt it. lol

  5. Nice place you've got here,yeah? Blogsville will make you feel better and, believe it or not, more into yourself!I'd be back..
    please visit http:helpnigeria.blogspot.com
    Thank you so very much

  6. Its funny how one has to deal with tatafos in a structured environment. I just ignore these people....I used to respond, but before I left my former employement, I just took it as water off a Duck's back.

  7. 2cute4u: Thank you...i'm loving it here already. I've visited that site before, and trust me i'll be there all the time.

    Mamuje: Its Gina right?I was all over ur blog yesterday. Yeah, I'm ignoring them but i think that is driving them mad too (*shakes head*)
    But no wahala...i'm taking it all in stride. thank you

  8. welcome to blogsville...as per work people..that is how i am..no friends..no foes...but you could smile with them more often..no harm there


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