Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Be Still

Today's post is gonna be a bit different from my usual posts…but work with me and you’ll see what it is I’m trying to get at.

I was at home last Saturday night, just got home after a long day of playing hard, since I'd promised myself to have fun all weekend starting Friday. So I was chilling at home that night and it wasn’t long before my mind wandered as it usually does to some stuffs I'd done, accomplished, some I was working on and bla bla bla…and for a brief moment I felt depressed…and almost by reflex I thought ‘’…oh God!! What is happening? You said this…you promised that…didn’t your word say…etc’’

Well this is what I’m gonna talk about. There are times we get like this and feel all frustrated about the things that are happening or not happening around us and we feel like just shaking God and say ‘why! Why!! Why oooooo’ it is at this time we should pause and remember that God is still God. Do you remember the prayer you prayed that day saying ‘’…Lord if it’s your will, then do this and that or make this and that work, but if it’s not your will then I don’t want it.’’ I believe we can all remember a time we prayed that prayer…and please don’t tell me you have never said this prayer in your adult life. Well God heard your prayer that day and has proceeded to answer it…shey you said ‘If it is your will?’ it is now left for you to be still and know that God is still God.

The problem occurs when we have an expectation of how we hope this prayer should be answered. We get worked up and bewildered when things start going ‘wrong’. This is because prior to that time we have probably been having it good and soft in that Job…in that relationship…in that business. We rationalize i.e. tell ourselves rational-lies and be like ‘…yeah okay, so he misbehaves and hurts my feelings sometimes and leaves me emotionally drained most times but isn’t that how men are? At least he comes home to me’’ or you tell yourself ‘’yeah I know I should be doing something more fulfilling than this job I’m currently on, but the pay is good and it doesn’t matter that my boss makes me do things that are against my moral standing….’’ All this was good enough until you prayed that all of a sudden you can’t understand why that ‘good’ man is getting restless, why he seems uncomfortable with you, why he is becoming more abusive emotionally, why he is now distant….or maybe it’s your job, you can’t understand why your colleagues in the office are now picking on you and why your boss now seem to have a short fuse when it comes to you…etc. This is the point where you need to remember your prayer that day and be still. Truth of the matter is for there to be a replacement or for a better thing to come in, there has to be a shaking…those trying times you sometimes don’t understand is the ‘shaking’ that has to occur in order to remove all these ‘good’ things from your life…in the process you are going to feel uncertainty, fear, pain, anger, confusion (did I miss anyone out?) and most times God allows it so you can mature in the process so as to be ready to handle the replacement(s)…so you can appreciate it when he replaces this ‘good’ man or job with the best Man or Job for you. Don’t fight it…feel free to question it, but don’t fight it, allow God do what he does best. Yes the man makes you happy, but God wants to give you something better…something that puts ‘happy’(good) to shame, that thing is called ‘JOY”(best)

When you have Joy, then you know that Joy comes with peace, the kinda peace that passeth even your understanding. So for a while your happiness may be taken away…but only for a while because there need to be room for joy to come in.

But it is your choice, if you can’t bear to let go of that ‘good’ because you think your heart can’t take it, no wahala, ask God again not to take your ‘good’ away…that you like it like that…fast about it sef, after all the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much..He will permit you to go ahead because he also has a ‘PERMISSIVE WILL”
But if you fall under the category of those who cannot let ‘good enough’ be good enough thus are willing to go through the period of ‘shaking’ while keeping a good attitude about it…then hold on my people, for soon that your ‘good’ will be replaced with the best. This is the “PERFECT WILL’ of God.

Just be still and know that God is still God.

Till next time.



  1. Nice sermon. You should consider going into the clergy, you know.

  2. Hmmm God just positioned you to remind me..

  3. very well said and inspirational...i needed it too


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