Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Woman's Man

So I got this call last night from a friend, but before I continue, I hope I've said here before that my male friends are like 80% and female friends like okay I'm saying it now. It has always been like that....okay so one of my girlfriends called me up to say:

*skip skip to interesting part*

Me: what is new girly

Girly: 'oh girl i'm in love oh...this guy is damn fine, he is from so so and so family and he's well paid in his job and has this and that business and loves me to pieces

Me: ' hmmm...this one u are giggling up and down, u sound like u finally met the man of your dreams

Girly: 'Yes oooo...(*pause*) but i'm just praying for divine displacement, see he has this chick, they been dating for like 3yrs now and he says he's tired but she wont let go...etc etc etc

I started laughing...and I was like na wa sha, when will these whole thing stop, when women go wise? My girl had fallen in love with another woman's man and I was sad for her...I know how it feels to be in love, but is it worth it to be at the top of a ladder that is leaning against the wrong wall? 3yrs Old relationship!!! In my opinion if the guy wants you, why is he still there...all those talk of ''...she doesn't get me like you do'' are all L-I-E-S....I bet that was what Bill Clinton told Monica when he was going thru that his phase...I gues that was what Tiger in the Woods told his numerous people.

Okay lets agree that he is really into you...and dumps his girl (who has done nothing to deserve it by the way) and now starts dating you...what guaranty do you have that this same Nigger aint gonna do to you what he did to her....yes na, after a year or two, he cud get chick out there would be there busy understanding him the way you dont and next thing you are like girl no. 1...popular sayin in warri 'dem no de throway broom when dem take sweep first wife comot from house, becos na that same broom dem go take sweep second wife out'... It reminds me of this guy I dated once, who had a girlfriend by the way (hey..I've repented now na...for real)

I was in my final year and had gone to visit my girlfriend in her hostel since she recently moved from the compound were I was staying, so we got talking and I was telling her of how my love had broken my heart and gone with another chick and as I narrated, her neigbour who happened to be there, who I had never seen in all my life started saying stuff like:

''eh used ur hand to drive ur boyfriend na, you let your man can a girl be calling him often and u just believe when he says they are just friends...u no wise, na u let am go na'

'We had that kind of relationship, its called trust' I said calmly

'Na u sabi...chop trust na, see my HONEY, no woman on earth, when dem born can take him from me, there is nothing they can give him, dat I cant give him double...make una sit down there'

...there and then I decided to find this HONEY and date him, get his mind off her, then dump him and show her 'certificate of proof of dating ur bf'. All that I decided in that moment. crazy abi...but that was how crazy I was in the university. So I discovered HONEY...and as devil would have it, the moment the guy saw me...he begin gree my own, he had sex on his mind...but i was a lady on a mission. sex is cheap and can be gotten anywhere, but a lady who can do simple 2+2 is hard to I decided to engage with him mentally. I got him loving the fact that he can have good intelligent conversations with me, whenever he needed it,taught him some one or two things about life, encouraged him in his rship...showed him how to make his girl secure in his love etc etc etc such that whenever he needed a good head to talk to, guess who is was calling....ME!! when he had probs in his rship and needed solutions, instead of working it out with his babe, he was calling ME!! for advise...he had family issues and he needed a friend to talk to...he was calling ME!! for advise.

Soon enough, his girl starts nagging, cant understand why they dont talk bout stuff no more etc and I knew the amount of pain he was causing her because of me...HONEY started pressuring me to love him in return etc etc...then I decided it was time enough to have sex with him and my oh my...did I forget to mention that the dude was Uhrobo...u know how they be in bed. I knew I had him and the last thing to do was make her dump him...i asked nicely, he gave me stories '...I have to do it gently, we have been dating for 3yrs'...I withdrew a bit from him and did all them manipulative things, and then finally he & her broke up. I don win! I don win!!...surprisingly victory tasted sour...I liked this dude, along the line sef I had fallen for him, but I knew that she was one girl he genuinely loved and my evil manipulations had driven two people apart. Deep down I knew he wud always love her, and as carefree as I was, I had never been able to share anything with anyone, especially not love. Besides I no trust am, if he could allow a chick break up his rship then what kinda man does that make him...apart from that I come de see some kin character when I no de see before when I was the other I did the next best thing...found a good excuse and broke it off. He couldnt go back to his ex, cos she had moved on to another man and that one was serious with her...but the bottomline is that, that was one game I regretted playing, becos I knew how much love she had for him, what right did I have to have spoilt what they had? Becos I was vexed by a comment she made? At the end of the day what did I achieve? Nothing. I couldnt even go and gloat like I intended cos she is three times my size oh...and by that time, the reason for the game no longer seemed important.

Anyways I had since repented, the law of karma caught up with me and I paid all the price and penance and everything that was came because of that episode and I took it all in stride and kept saying 'i know I'm going thru this cos of that'...I've paid it all and my slate is clean again.

Ladies please...leave another woman's man alone.Thou shall not covet thine neighbours At the end of the day it isnt worth it. Its only sweet when you are the other woman...just the way forbidden fruit is sweet. But by the time, its no longer forbidden, chances are...the thrill u felt before would no longer be there.

How did this post get this long? I forget myself sometimes

Nutty J.


  1. Hmmmm, my sentiments exactly!I didn't feel bad when I did it to someone else but when it was done to me, i died and woke up!
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  2. i agree with u wholeheartedly cos as you said, karma is a bitch....

  3. Nawa for waffi girls. Babe, u is weekid!! So u seduced a guy, iced him up nicely, and then dumped him - just to prove a point? And you're repented now? Lol... babes, una no go kill me

  4. 2cute4u: lol @ you dying and waking up...its just the law of Karma.

    neefemi: I agree with you jare...

    Kay9: ah ha..that was when ladies were girls na..and yes ooo, I have repented. lol


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