Monday, March 15, 2010

Introducing Myself

…okay, so I’ve been here for a while talking about some stuff and reading plenty stuffs and I really didn’t do any proper introduction. Actually I was kind of avoiding that part, trying to dodge it…but someone called my attention to it and was like ‘’…you just dey talk long thing, don’t u know you have to introduce yourself?’ And I was like ‘’…oh oooo…witch how did you even know I was the one, and Introduce myself as how now?’ anyways long story short…lemme do that now real quick. Here we go:

1. My name is Jennifer…some friends call me Jay…others call me Naughty Jennifer…which later changed to Nutty Jennifer cos they can’t figure out if some nuts actually are loose in my head. I’m a correct Delta chick…Uhrobo babe from Warri, as in nothing do us. We don’t need black belts like some of them karate kids…all we need is a black bottle. Be warned…lol

2. I can talk about my age now ya? After all its blogsville and here we say as we like, no be so? I was born June 4th 1985…ish babe don de old oooo

3. I can’t really say much about myself because I came here at a time where I no longer know myself…if it were some months back I'd have said I’m a good person, strong willed, no-nonsense etc, but my dears If u know the amount of nonsense I’m eating nowadays eh…u will shake your head, so I guess I’m going thru a phase, and when I’m done, I’ll be able to say I’m still this girl I used to know…or not

4. I’m the only girl in between two I can conveniently say I like attention

5. I like chocolates, I like cake, I’m not a fan of all that 8 glasses of water a day, but now momzilla and dokitor are on my case to drink drink drink…I don tire. Favorite food is Rice…

6. I can conveniently call myself a working class girl…I have been working since 2008, which was my service yr. And now the pay is paying all my payables and leaving me with enuff to throw here and there

7. I like being alone..I don’t know it’s kinda weird, almost demonic…but I like myself, I sometimes go out there and buy myself presents to make myself know I love myself…I stand in front of the mirror sometimes looking at myself and re-affirming my love for myself and call myself from work sometimes to just check up on myself to see how myself is doing….LMAO…don’t mind me, I’m no sicko, just tryna say I love myself and believe in flying alone…solo…I think better that way.

8. I like guys…I grew up being a guy’s girl…so I’m not very used to girls, I’m learning how to go out of my way to make girl friends, but how do u teach an old dog new tricks…so the few I have who love me with all my wackiness, I tend to hold the friendship dearly. But my friends are mostly made up of guys

9. *clears throat* I’ve done some crazy things in the past…(some things that I’m sure as time goes on, I’ll talk about cos this place has that effect on me)… that I’m not very proud of, but if asked to change them, I wont because those things/experiences have made me the lady I love today….wouldnt change it for anything.

10. I am a freak about honesty…its almost a curse. I'd rather have honesty, truthfulness, trustworthiness and everything that is not a lie in my life…I speak the truth and I appreciate it when people do so in return….guess that is why I have few friends.

11. I Like Money and Power.

12. Why I joined blogsville? Huh lemme see…facebook became too crowded….I write a ‘note’ and next thing I’m being inboxed on how respectable ladies don’t talk like that…how I’m ‘showing’ myself…I then get calls sometimes saying ‘That is too much info, you don’t know if your future husband is there’…or ‘’stop all tis your *I don’t send attitude* it doesn’t pay’…so I chanced upon bloggsville and I saw how babes were open about their thoughts and feelings…and everyone was a stranger to everyone until u decide to open up…and I was like ‘Halle-lu-ya….ha-lle-lu-ya’…. And I joined, foolishy I used some of my fb write-ups here but later deleted it, and I hope..oh I pray no one from FB, xcept that witch noticed.

I love it here, and I’m hoping I get to re-discover myself all over again…my journals at home must hate me now, thinking I have abandoned them, cos this place is just so addictive. Okay that is the basic on me…

So please forgive me for just doing this now...and I hope you all can help me in the whole 're-discovery of self' journey that I have embarked on



  1. Hey Jay!!! I love Money and Power too! lol may God deliver us... and to what ever nonsense u dey chop.. Life goes on :)

  2. Nice to meet you...and i'm with you on honesty...its the sexiest trait to me

  3. Hmm, its not every day a babe comes to blogsville and tells us her age. Carry on mamacita, luv ya all da way!

  4. LovePaprika: Thank you...glad to know that if loving money and power is a sin, den I wouldnt be alone in ehm...hell. lol

    neefemi: sexiest trait huh? way to go...and really in my opinion oh, honesty is still the best least most of the time

    Kay9: Thank you...thank you..thank you


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