Monday, July 26, 2010

A Man In One Word

So someone asked me to describe what a man means to me….in one word.

This is a huge feat...for me at least…whatchu talking about describe what a man means to me in one word when u know I like getting into long talk and details… anyways I tried and tried…and tried and guess what? I couldn’t come up with one thing a man means to me in less than 5mins. Isn't that strange? I mean we talk about wanting a good man and we talk about our present/past men and majority of my friends are men gaddamit!! But what exactly does a man mean to me in one word??? I found it hard to say something at the spur of the moment.

Maybe I was speechless because he said ‘in one word’ or maybe after thinking it thru a man just didn’t mean much to me ….I don’t know, but nothing came readily to mind. After careful deliberation I came up with ‘Gateway’. Yeah I did it…. I could describe what man meant to me in one word. Yippee!!!

Gateway!?!?!?! From all the things a man could mean…what he means to me ‘gateway?’

Afterwards… I thought to check for the dictionary meaning:

- 1. an entrance that can be closed by a gate

Now notice that he isn’t the ‘gate’…he is an entrance to either somewhere good or bad and the good thing is that, that entrance can always be closed by the gate.

- 2. Something that serves as an entrance or a means of access: a gateway to success; the gateway to the West.

In my head, this is like going thru a place that u know leads to maybe peace…probably lesser burden…maybe a place to release…or a place I know I can be secure…or somewhere where I get a listening ear… or somewhere with financial security. You know and maybe that is just how I see it. A gateway…an entry way…an access, an opening, an opportunity, a break, a first step…someone to say the things I cannot say…someone to tell me not to bother doing everything because he can do them for me. Someone that I can safely exhale with and let down my guard. A gateway to ease or freedom or peace.

The thing with gateways…is that you don’t know what u are getting into. Could be bad at the other end, or worse it may lead to nowhere…if u are lucky, it could be good at the other end. But first you need to go thru the entrance…

But that is just me…some guy said what a woman means to him in one word is ‘entertainment’. What about you? In one word can u describe what a man…or woman means to you? I tried…lemme see u try.



  1. one word?Thats, here goes, .....blank blank, cant come up with anything!!!! I'll go with gateway, and if i find something else, ill be back!

  2. hahahaha..... I told u its dificult...

    Yippee!!! Gateway wins again.

  3. I never thought of it that way..besides why describe a man or a woman in one word?

    But Gateway is a perfect choice!

  4. "Gateway"? Nutty, it sounds like u just want someone who'll make your problems go away.

    As for me, its easy. FRIEND.

  5. One word? Partner.

    I agree with kay9 as regards your word. You wrote "leads to maybe peace…probably lesser burden…maybe a place to release…or a place I know I can be secure…or somewhere where I get a listening ear… or somewhere with financial security."

  6. Orgasms

    that's all i can think of atm


  7. Hmmm..

    Mena: You too going for 'gateway'?

    Kay9: shey you see its not only me.... but I know...even when it came to my head (gateway) I was a tad horrified..but till this minute I still cant find a better word.

    Myne: so I see am nah... I like ur definition though 'Partner'. But what if he isnt supposed to be ur partner... maybe someone u just meet nd roll with?

    Vanity: bruhahahahha....see where ur mind go. Update ur blog pls lemme go read ur new thought provoking and body warming things.... Vanity in the house y'all. View her blog

  8. Partner like Myne said...hope you are good?

  9. LMAO @ 2cute4u

    Okay, that's definitely a tough one. I can't even come up with a one word meaning.

  10. My nutty professor, and you profess to be a lover. *smile*

    But you have to give some to get some. I mean, I'm riding with Zel. Love is the optimum word.

    And, I can't believe Not2cute4me. Did she say ASSHOLE! *lol*

    But if I had a second choice, I'd also have tt go with kay9. You know, friends before lovers.

    But gateway!? That sounds like something a pimp would say *smile*

  11. Carey Carey: Seriously? Okay I'll go with you saying 'Friend'...not love though. I just dont think that is the first thing that wud come to ur mind.

    lol@ PIMP

    Zel: Okay since I dont know you plenty....I believe you when u say 'Love' comes to mind. You are welcome....nice having you here.

    Neefemi: Good then....'Partner' seems to be popular here

    2cute2: LMAO....unbelievable.

    Original Mgbeke: Thank God I'm not the only one who couldnt think of something immediately


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