Friday, July 23, 2010

There is More to Life

That was what I told my girlfriend yesterday...we were having a normal conversation and it wasnt long before the whole boy/girl drama thing came up again. And at that point I just got upset. I dont know why but at that moment I was fed up...everywhere I turn I see and hear the same old thing. Even In blogsville. Men are bad...women are bad....relationships are hard...relationship sucks, love is wicked. We know....and so bladdy what? I know I'm also guilty of always talking about relationships and the drama that comes with it but then come on...lets call ourselves to order please.

There is life after love... if you are in love, congratulations!!! It doesnt make you better or lesser than the next person. If you are out of love...congratulations, it doesnt make you better or lesser than the next person. But then so? Why is that what we talk about often? is it becos we have nothing else important going on in our lifes? And if that is the case why? get a hobby...get a religion...have casual friends...get a job..go to your books.

I've come to discover that our obsession with this love matter sef, is one reason why we dont have lasting relationships...we become so engrossed in it that we sometimes choke our partners or our partners choke us with it it. Do something else...rescue yourself sometimes...give him or her small space. Stop waiting by the phone waiting for a return call...stop expecting everyone you go out on a date with to be the 'one'. Get a life. Stop being insecure...and move ahead.

The energy we spend trying to make our relationships work...if we spend same energy, put in same dedication and prayers into our jobs and life, we will be richer, wiser, more learned, etc and guess what? we will have much more to offer a man or woman compared to the constant 'I love you' talk we offer...we will have more to offer than sex... we will be more appealing to be with. No body wants an insecure broad with no real conversational skills order than 'I love you'...''have you eaten''...''where are you''...''I'm just checking on you''...''when will we see''...''who's that girl''

There is more to life. If there isnt more to your life...then get more. Get a life.

Thank God its friday.



  1. I AM FIRST TO COMMENT TODAY..WOOHOO *you see say i don dey change*

    Babe very well said, I cant add anything jare, life is too dang short for regrets! We all should stop dulling ourselves!!

    Happy Friday and do exactly what I WILL do ;)

  2. LOL are on a commenting spree today. Thank you.

    Do exactly as you will do? huh...that one risky oooooo...u know say u dey into plenty things. I cant keep up with u....hahaha.

    Thanks girl. For every

  3. Nutty, u anywhere near P.H right now? My friends and i plan to paint tonight red...

    So yes, there SURE IS more to life. Friday nite parties, for one.

  4. YAY TGIF too.
    I absolutely am with you on this point. The thing is because we are wired for love, we absolutely take it the wrong direction and make it an obsession... we make it 'lust' instead and the real meaning of love is lost.
    Thanks for sharing :D

  5. Kay 9: Nah...I'm in Lagos...but now that you mentioned it....I think I'm gonna do something tonight in Lag

    Mwajim: Yeah!!! you got that right. Thanks for ur opinion

  6. lmao....angry much. i agree though, totally. Have a great weekend ma

  7. Haha someone pissed you off but I totally agree!! LOOL!! I shall be first on your next post!!



  9. lol @ Neefemi and Vanity... dont mind me. Mayb I sud tag this as my first rant.

  10. If only people would listen..
    But hey we never do and would make same mistakes, repeatedly.. Never learning..


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