Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So I got home friday evening and just pushed everything out of my mind. I decided I wasnt gonna think about it on friday, I'll think about it tommorow.

Saturday came and momsi called, I told her what the doc said and she felt very bad....she told my dad who felt bad-er. I finally got in touch with my friend R* and we talked and he told me I would be fine... gave me alot of strength thru his words and I began to feel good. I mean everyone should have friends...I mean one or two persons you can be real with and who keeps it real with you.

I have made up my mind to trust God on this. He will heal me.

Sunday came...Monday came and so did my dad. Not physically, he just kept calling me and by monday evening he said had surfed the net and discovered that the ailment was serious and that pain killers would only suppress the pain but doesnt heal it and he wants me to make arrangement to fly to the US for comphrensive treatment.

No be small thing....this man is just something else.

Daddy I know you are worried but calm down...think about my job, think about the expenses, I mean the docs here are quite good....lets not kill fly with hammer I beg you

He said he'd think about it... but that was Monday.

Tuesday he called and asked for the surgeons number.

Today he called the surgeon who filled him in.

...and I've been mandated to go get the crutches. According to him, its for my own good and if it makes me feel bad, I should come home, he'll pay me the salary i'm receiving now till I'm better and he's sorry this has to happen yada yada yada.

I know he means well and really using the crutches for like 3 months or so is better than letting the bone deteriorate.

But how do I do this... I never imagined I would ever have to go around with crutches. To work. To meeting. To church. To the the places I go.

And I know I cant say No to my father on this...especially since he is being rational. So tomorrow I'll go get it/them.

But I have a FATHER that has never ever failed me. His name is Emmanuel. His name is Jesus.

And ya...I saw the comments asking that I get another medical opinion. Its alright. They would tell me the same thing. I may find the courage to explain all these soon in one of the upcoming posts....

But right now....I just want to go to bed. Its 12:22am.

*blowing kisses your way*


PS: The spell check just uncovered some spelling errors. But its not so bad that you wouldnt understand. Sleep dey catch me....

PPS: Okay it sucks right now that I dont have a boyfriend...I dont know why but It just sucks duck this minute....


  1. :( I pray you get well soonest... this situation is kind of scary, and yet, God dey :D so never lose faith!
    And yah, I know you feel like it sucks... and yet, with time, you'll be fine :) Take Care.

  2. Thank you...its one more fight to win

  3. Finally read this one. Sending big hugs your way.

  4. Maybe you should listen to your dad, our health is the priority. And Lagos stress coupled with learning how to work, might takes its toll.

    Either way God is in control and we are here for you too.

    Sending big hugs your way

  5. Thanks Mena... love you plenty


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