Thursday, April 1, 2010

Its wasn't my Fault!!!


Its a new month and its April fools day. It reminds me of two years ago, on the 31st of March 2008, I'd sent an sms to the guy I talked about in a post I did earlier "Another woman's man" breaking off the relationship and at the end I'd said '...I'm sending you this today, 31st of March, cant wait till tomorrow so you dont think its April fool'. Anyways I smsed him last night telling him it is two years today (ie 31st March) that we broke up...(*sighs*) Life sha is one uncertain ride.

Anyways I've been going around blogsville,most of the time just reading blogs I stumble on,interesting write-ups and its getting addictive oh, Gawd help me!! But I've noticed a trend...80% of the time, the gist is about love, sex and relationships...more often than not, its always how a girl played the blogger and broke his heart despite his best efforts, or how some schmuck cheated on the blogger and broke her heart despite all she has done for him and how her heart is now cold or now stone etc...and I wonder why its never the other way around, how come its always the other person that left us or never could understand you or never loved you body de talk of how they purposely played a mugu or a naive chick...or are you all innocent all the time? you never caused the break up by hmmm maybe cheating on the person and then it was discovered, you never did anything wrong to cause the break up. Blogsville people una good oh...una no de do bad for relationship abi? Your halos are shining so bright that some times I wonder if it isn't too bright to be true.

Well, all I can say is that we all one way or the other have had a hand in the mess up of our past relationship, whether you admit it to yourself or not, most times its either because the foundation ie how we started was faulty, or we took some things for granted, we probably became too comfortable or complacant forgetting that its hardwork to keep a relationship fire burning,we stopped trying or we played games or we allowed our emotions cloud our better judgement in some fraigle moments. Yes the other person may have been a jerk or jerkette but if we dont take responsibility for our own part of the mess up, chances are we would repeat the same mistake again and go over the whole process again. Another thing worth remembering is that quote that says ''in life God doesn't give you the people you want, instead He gives you the people you need. To teach you, to hurt you, to love you,to leave you and make you exactly the way you should be.''

All you have to do is seat tight, be the best you can be for whomever you are with at that time, use ur head sometimes before your heart gets involved because sometimes He/she might be the love of your life, but will he/she be your love for life? Having a 'love of my life' doesnt neccessarily mean that they will be your love for life...but then happy is he/she whose 'love of my life' will be to be his/her love for life.

Happy New Month...enough break ups, enjoy the April fools day. Happy Easter in Advance



  1. Hmm, that was pretty deep. Me, i know i've done some reeeeel dirty deeds... :)

  2. me into deep thots

    have a great month ahead!

  3. Em, I dunno if u've read other ppls posts sha, but there's been certain posts questioning the authenticity of these type of gist u say ppl r not writing i.e bloggers being the heartbreakers/players. Ppl find it hard to believe tha gist tho. And I've found the best way to lose followers is to always put up gist like that.

    I swear u sent me a text on my bday? I lost my fone on the very day is why I haven't replied. pls leave me ur number at I have to thank you personally!! (if u did that is) really appreciated that.

  4. One's gotta start somewhere, right?
    Hope say you know say na when heart break na im person dey sabi write well well?
    Sorry I didn't get here on time..

  5. Sosexy: true talk... 1st to do, no de pain...but when dem do us, we put pen to paper...

    ha I should have remembered


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