Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh Lord...I want you to help me

I have a lovely mother...she is the best, I promise you if you know her, you'll want her to be your step mom....its that serious. And she is a nurse, a chief nursing officer, Central Hospital. Warri....She became a Nurse those days when nurses where recruited based on qualification, good looks, lovely smile and a good and tender heart. Why am I talking about her, i'll tell you now. In regards to her inlaws...sister inlaws and future daughter inlaws to be, she is good to them...she no de tight you, your joining her in the kitchen to cook or waking up by 6am to sweep is not the criteria in which she uses in judging you for good or bad...she no send, all she is interested in is that you are a positive influence in the life of her brother or son...and makes him happy, and if you are accomodating, in terms of flowing well with the family members. She loves you for you, not for what you can do around the house. Or becos of your family or tribe. Okay that is my mother.

So growing up with this mentality, I was taken aback the day my boyfriend let it slip that his mom, when she heard of me said:

'ah son, you are my first son oh, I dont want to lose you, cos I hear Delta girls are very possesive and have a way of controlling their did not see any girl from around our tribe to get serious with?'

Say what!!!! I no really understand that kin word oh...cos me I love the woman in advance, I havent seen her yet, cos the only time I visited the family house she had gone to work and didnt get back on time the next day. But I love her in advance. so she must love me back...its important.

On sunday I was in church, it was thanks giving, in the heat of the dancing and clapping and celebrating with Christ...I heard a still small voice say ''My daughter My Daughter...go forth and visit your patners mother''....ah han!! if u believe that then you will believe anything (forgive me lord for I lieth) wasnt anything that dramatic...the choir was singing one calaber song and I thought of my boyfriend. He called me when I got home and I go:

" hey baby...I'm missing you and I want to visit your family house this weekend"

oops!! how did that come out? Slap me sombody...Was I drunk in the spirit....of dancing or what. watin concern missing the individual concern his family house? But I had said it... on monday it was fine, tuesday I wasnt thinking much about it, yesterday it tugged at my heart...but today is thursday!!! I don de panick...weekend is friday/saturday! I'm I really going to face mama boyfriend that already has a bias for where i'm from?

You may think I'm worrying over nothing...the thing is, this is the first time, I'm taking any human being serious...secondly this is the first time I'm taking dating seriously...this is the first time I really want it to work out fine.

But I know myself...and I no fit pretend for loves sake...meaning I wud do all I do in my mother's house, which is NOT wake up and start sweeping...which is NOT stay in the kitchen if I dont want to....just so that I can pass as 'wife material'...I know I wont fake...but will she love me for me? For my pretty face and easy+going+flowing+and+putting+everyone+at ease behaviour? Or will I be going thru a test I dont know I'm on?

I just tire for the matter...but I've made up my mind to go and find out. So na so this weekend go be, if nothing inevitable comes up. Saturday-Sunday-Monday i'll go from there to work...see love in Tokyo sha...I no believe say na me de do all this sha.

Pls oh...give me tips, all you who have succeeded in winning the family members over

Oh i forgot to say...he's sisters love me...and I love them too. My Oh My...i'm really into loving this season sha

PS: Will it make a difference that she too is a nurse...central Hospital, Lagos...Yelz na...wont knowing that our family have that in common make her soft towards me...

//Oh lord I want you to help me!!!
I say Oh lord I want you to help me....
Help me on my me on my way
Oh Lord, I want you to help me

And God's people say....Amen!!!



  1. My dear, be is well. The Lord sees your heart and he will grant you your desire. Be yourself and the family will love you. Goodluck and let us know wedding plans. :)

  2. Mamuje thank you...its encouraging hearing that. wedding plans eh?...hmmm...I pray we get there

    *keeping fingers crossed*

  3. Lol@ "already love her in advance..." How does one even do that?

    Just relax. And try not to be so "i-ain't-changing-for-nobody", u get? A little flexibility could be you need.


  4. awwww it will be ok, a lot of parents say that and they see the love the person has for their kids and they melt...pray about it, but i'm sure u will be is well...kisses and good luck

  5. looool! Good luck o!
    Sorry I dont have any tips.
    She make sure both ur knees taouch the ground and stay they until she tells u to get up...oh wait, u r not yoruba?

    lol oh well I

  6. Lol you;re totally on your own oh..
    Survived that trip by just being myself and prayers.Just relax jare! If it is , the it is..
    Hugs and brace up for the masacre!
    LOL.. I kid.

  7. Kay 9: lol...u know love is by choice na..I've chosen to love the family in advance...flexibility huh?

    Neefemi: Let her melt oooo? the way the son take make me melt, make she melt for me too o. thanks girl

    Fabulo-la: ha ha I'm not yoruba, but I dont mind doing that sha...cos me wud want the dude to lie flat when he eventually sees my I dont mind that...give and it shall b given abi?

    2cute4u: let heart cut me o...did urs turn out well? *keeping my fingers crossed*

  8. LOL at loving her in advance...
    U r d interloper coming in to try and snag her 'precious, sweet,handsome,loving,perfect,son who was probably sinless until he met U. Truth is U have to love her, but she may come to love U, but she will always resent U 4 becoming d most important role in her son's life... a role she used to hold. funny post.


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