Monday, April 12, 2010

...last weekend

Ha!! I want to talk about my weekend. Don’t be bored…

My weekend was good…it was an eye opener actually

Let me explain, the weekend started with me looking forward to Saturday, I had been selected to attend a workshop that was being done by professionals in my field of work, 120 of us applied but only 20 something of us were selected, so u can see, by that Friday when I heard I'd been selected, I was feeling on top of the world like ‘men, I try…as in I gats the brains’’ (tell me some of u feel that way sometimes, please)

Saturday dawned bright and clear, I was so excited. I arrived the place, with my swag intact 30mins b4 the thing (seminar/workshop) was to start. So I spent the time reviewing my notes and kept an eye on the door to see who and who made it to this place…

You must understand that prior to this time one of the reasons I was feeling cool with myself was that I felt (underline ‘Felt’ twice) like I was amongst the youngest to be partaking in this once in a while thingy, so imagine my shock when I started seeing people who were like 21, 22 walking in with steps that were almost not touching the ground, 2nd thing I noticed was the bored look on their faces as if to say ‘’…what darn thing are they gonna tell me now that I don’t already know’’

Na so class start o…it was an interactive section, and it was done in such a way that when the lecturer/ speaker asked you a question, u were made to introduce yourself and talk about your work so far and what and what you have done. In my mind…I had done well with my life, as in, in my own world (company) and with the circle of peeps I interact with…I de try..I de kampe, as in nothing do me….aint+no swag+like+mine when it comes to my work….or so I thought, until I started hearing what the other’s were saying. Come oh…when I was 21 I was still in my 300/400 level in school, so where did these young smart assed guys and babes come from…their portfolio gan was like to die for.


‘’I’m chinyere, I got retained after my NYSC this year with Mobil, further to the question posed, I do not agree with your opinion on this matter, Sir (pronounced ‘ser’)…I have carried out surveys on the rationale behind the bla bla bla’’

Na so on and so forth…sometimes the speaker had to agree that true true, them know watin dem de talk

Long story short…it got me thinking that most of the time…we get lost in being so ‘comfortable’ that we forget that there are also people out there working hard at what we are doing…working harder and becoming better. It goes to show just how easily one could become irrelevant in any given area. How easily one can be replaced. You think you’ve got it all figured out? you think you know all the answers….you think you are so damn good, they can’t do without you….well dear, turn around and look again. Maybe in that your office or neighborhood or church or amongst your friends, you are the champion….but what u don’t know is that out there…in the big wild world, you are probably a local champion…make I no lie oh, your girl was feeling like a local champ that day…all the swag I came in with was still showing on the outside, but my inside had been so humbled that I went back to my drawing board and began to re-evaluate.

This is the same thing we find ourselves doing in relationships…we know for sure that they love us like mad, hence complacency creeps in and we feel ‘norin de happen…I have him/her where I want’. Sorry oh…there are sharper and cuter and ‘betterer’ and sexier people out there….and they have an advantage over some of us, because they also go and their knees and pray ‘’Gad…by fire by force, let there be divine separation btw those two and let me be the one with that wo/man’’ a ha…the effectual fervent prayer sha avails much, you know…

Guess what I’m saying is that whenever you start swelling and thinking you have given 100%, pause and remember that your 100% is another person’s 65%... strive to do better than your best.Being at ease is very dangerous. Always

Sorry for the long post jare...that’s how my weekend went.



  1. Yess oooo I have def. been in ur shoes... gone around thinking am the best there is, forgetting that other people are blessed as well. You can def. only do your best and leave the rest to God. Have a blessed week ahead of you xoxo.

  2. Lol.. I get what you mean..
    See me feeling cause of our my office hypes me and then I get overshadowed by "smallies"
    Tip?Your confidence and upgrading..

  3. True story best friend likes to say o i'm a fine girl and i always tell her its hard for me to say that cos God forbid and acid pours on me or sumn the next u said, my point being we should never take anything for granted, no matter how minute....have a good week ma

    p.s what do you do?

  4. Chai, I know how u mean jare, I myself am continuously pushing my own boundaries to become the best at this my music thing. Great post!!!

  5. i cn relate to dis. bt lol @the prayer.

  6. I get u, babe. But u knw, i've got a new fav saying: Those who'll mind dont matter, n those who matter wont mind - so just go ahead n do yo thang!

  7. @ All; Thanks for the comments...glad you could relate to it

    Neefemi: I'm an Information and Document controller...sounds boring I

    PS; Man there's so much drama going on on made me forget this post for a while...

  8. sORRY i'VE been M.I.A for a while..
    Sorry you had to been rudely awoken,lol..
    I'm sure you'd play catch up..hehehehehehe,No mind them jare, do your own but your best.
    Vote for me o madam.

  9. ha ha ha...yes oo, i'm playing catch up

    I've voted oh...the day sosexy (or was it omotee) brought it to my attention, i voted that same day...I checked the box where ur poem was..that's it na, abi? then it opens to give the option to change ur votes or not...shey?

    I voted..

  10. I so feel you on this post, what you gotta do,and let everyone else just wow behind you :-))


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