Monday, August 6, 2012

Peer Pressure

Its funny how I never ever gave much thought to this peer pressure thing until I started seeing my friends getting married one by one... today its a display picture to show a platinum ring with the accompanying display message that reads 'Oh my gosh! baby yes! yes!! yes!!!'

Tomorrow its another person sending an invitation to for her wedding... and next tomorrow its yet another person inviting me for hen night.... and yet one more for baby shower. When it became a tad annoying was when the guys my age began to send me wedding invitation too... Chei!! I understand girls marrying young, but guys you too??????? abi is 27 too old to be single?

And then the question starts rolling in...

Friend one: 'Yes ooo, thank you for your compliments, na God do am, so shey you are coming with your bobo?'

Friend 2: 'Babes make we do come chop rice ooo, which of the guys would be the lucky one'

Aunty: 'You no go do make you marry ooo, all these my lovely baby things you want me to dash them out to another person abi?'

Friend 3: 'Its best you settle down in your twenties o, e hard to find man in your thirties'

Mummy: 'Are you still praying? ask God for guidance, you are not getting any younger'

Pastor: 'Beauty sisters stop all this choosy character of yours and be prayerful about your partner to be...when I met my wife....etc etc'

Friend 4: Babes... na wa you open eye reach you no dey talk of marriage at all?

Recently, this is how I think on Saturdays

You see when such comments come in, with the advise that is quick to follow after any response I give (Negative or positive) , I act indifferent and laugh it off and tactfully switch the conversation back to them... but the mind is a silly thing, a seed has been planted in my mind and at night, it tries to fix its roots firmly there, such seeds are like broken records that plays the most annoying parts of the conversation over and over and over again. those annoying parts, unfortunately are thought provoking leaving one question ringing in my head over and over:

'Nutty Jay... you no wan marry?'....

Its funny... when Oyibo man talked about 'peer pressure' one takes it seriously, until the pressure actually comes.

Any ways if you are a man or woman of marriageable age reading this and you are not yet married, please be reminded that you are not getting younger, your looks wont last forever, don't be so choosy that you miss out of your God given partner..shine your eyes, etc etc... eh en, no be only me go dey pressured for marriage

And if  you are married and you are reading this...please advise us the single ones how to deal wiht all these pressure na....

Nutty Jay.


  1. Shoo, i offend you before? *now looking for how to hook the next available man*

    Thanks for the pressure *rme*

  2. mscheeewwww....Toin help me ask her o. I said I should follow new blog o, see the welcome. Thanks for the pressure *sideeye* new here....following regardless of your attempt to make me kill the next person that puts ring as their dp.

  3. My friends are beginning to get married too so it's beginning to feel uncomfortable.

  4. hahahahaha@ Toinlicious and Cherrywine's comment... no be my fault ooo, I have been taught to 'pass it on' no be only me go bear this peer pressure

    Sugar Belly: My dear I can imagine how uncomfortable you are feeling. Its like all of a sudden everyone grew up into wives and mothers. Hain!!

    Abi Tobi: I pray oooo

  5. This is so hilarious. (I especially like your mom's commentary). But, it's comforting. It's nice to see that we're not alone:)

  6. I'm a guy and i must say i've been affected somehow.This year alone my elder brother (senior with 3yrs) got married,at least 4 of my friends got married,i was the best man of one.I understand the pressure but i still don't wanna be too pressured to rushing things.I have,now more than ever,realized the importance of not rushing into marriage.

  7. Lord have mercy!!! I would have been quick to say 'Say wah?' But you just succeeded in knocking me off my seat. The pressure! [tears] Hahahahaha!
    We will all get married noni. It aint how far but how well. We woulda sent the pressure to God but HE just keeps saying HIS time is the best. And it is really.

  8. hahahahahahaha see Tough Nutty J getting all emotional loool! this post made my day, very funny and so true! I remember when my dad's primary assignment on weekends was to find out which of my friends are getting married and then inform me duly like I didnt already know....... well lets just say its the way our society is wired so we must learn to deal with the pressure as it comes. One thing I can tell u is that there are no rules to it, the right man will come when he will and you'll look back at this phase of your life and laugh.

  9. Tough Nutty Jay ke? I soft for this one oooo

  10. Looool!
    The pressure never ends o so na to learn how to cope. I got engaged in April and i won't rest with the "are you gonna be engaged forever?", "u no go choose wedding colours?" etc...the pressure NEVER Imagine all the numerous questions even though i've only been engaged for 4 months. my friend who just got engaged this august has fixed wedding date for december. our fellow friends have pinged me to re-ask that abi my engagement has been called off? see devil in human to just LOL and ignore comments.

  11. hahahaaaa... thats funny o... you no dey engaged, wahala... you finally engage, wahala

    Na God go help person


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