Saturday, July 28, 2012

God Forgive My Office oooo...

I prayed that prayer some days back. You know I lost my job late last year after the surgery I went for and the three months I spent recovering.

I got another one end of March this year (Thank God)... more responsibilities and better Job description

Now EFCC has listed us as top 20 companies to be arraigned in court for this fuel subsidy scam ...:(

So since last month we have been working at home for half pay... I don tire oooo

I get on my knees 

I've asked God to forgive the office for the 1.3billion Naira thiefry (covers face in shame) they are being accused of...for my sake na. I dont know how to function outside a structured work environment.

Which kine local trouble be this???

Do you think God will forgive them for my sake? or is it asking too much?

Worried Nutty Jay


  1. Hmn, oro pesi je. I'd rather pray for God to treat you right, irrespective of whatever company you are or you end up in. God will rise for you *hugs*

  2. May God always stand firm for you as your ultimate provider.

  3. Why can't you forfeit the salary, tell 'em you are not interested in it because the way they got it...if I hear?

  4. Thank you Miss Pepeye...

    @adebsrk: thank you. I worked for the money being paid...stilll working from home for :p

  5. Yeah,that's asking for too much.God should make them pay for being evil to us as a nation.As for you,God will yet rise for you and place you in a better place.

  6. Sister, I don't know if I should say Amen (because of you) or say may God's judgement prevail (because of the love for Nigeria)...

    - LDP

  7. Whatever happens in your office, however it may affect you, always remember that God is orchestrating it all for your ultimate good.


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