Monday, August 13, 2012

Settling for Less

Yes... I heard a sermon in the Redemption Camp that was titled 'DONT settle for less' that was on Friday last week... it was a sermon preached by Pastor Joe Olaya.

Immediately I heard the title, I dropped my blackberry back in my handbag, not bothering to keep an eye on it again in hopes that network would miraculously appear so I can send a quick message to a friend in Canada, my full attention was on this preacher whose voice seem to grab the attention of all including those dosing off on their seats with their mouths open two mins ago, on a subconscious level I was already expecting to hear this sermon linked to how we singles should be careful not to settle for a spouse that isn't what we deserve all because of Peer Pressure  (you see how my mind works these days?)... because a good hunter is one who is willing to grab good information and use it if it would sharpen her hunting be so?

Well sorry to disappoint you, the topic was not about that at all... but come on, I wouldn't be much of a friend if I dont share it with you because the preaching touched me... chei! hope I haven't scared the desperado singles away

He gave an example with Esau and Joseph. In the mind of Nutty Jay (but based on the examples the preacher gave) this is how it is

Esua came in from work (I like a man that works hard) hungry, I'm sure he wasn't married then because if he had someone like me, my hot self and a hot meal will be waiting for him, he wouldn't have had cause to be tempted my brother Jacob's meal (Guys see one good reason why you need to marry me?)  and because he knew Jacob who was always at home (I don't like a man that stays at home joor) must have made lunch, he went over to see if brotherly love would make Jacob offer him food... after exchanging pleasantries and waiting to no avail for  brother J to say 'Hey bro, please join me' Esau the hard working dude took the initiative and asked: 'Bros that food looks good, I hope it tastes as good as it looks'. So long story short Esua was hungry and almost fainting and Jacob who probably spends all his time in the kitchen reasoning out things, made him an offer he couldnt resist. And Esua who wasn't thinking (remember he was hungry and almost fainting na) sold his birth right for Chicken stew with assorted meat. All he wanted to do at that time was satisfy his hunger, didn't want to develop ulcer, didn't want to die of hunger...he wasn't seeing beyond that hunger, he didn't remember the significance of his birthright that wasn't bringing food to his stomach. So he settled for less (food)...and lost his heritage and blessing and everything to Jacob. What was Esua thinking? Nothing else apart from food


Then there was Joseph… good boy, daddy’s favourite…the envy of his brothers…the bright one, the promising child. He is one of those annoying people that things always seem to work for every time. He had a dream (like Martin Luther King), that one day this nation will raise up and bow before him and call him Igweeeeee. He had a vision for greater things God had in store for him, then his brothers contemplated killing him just for dreaming (na wa ooo) then he was sold into slavery…I’m sure there were times he went dayz without food (somebody should tell Esua that), then through diligence he became the general manager of Pothipher’s house (I hope u know the story). And then on one faithful day, Oga Madam came and said:

Darling…there’s just something about you that turns me on, I look at you and u remind me of my dad…you are not like all these boyz your age who do nothing but drink and smoke and don’t seem to have any ambition… come o, what drives you, whats ur secret for success

Ah..Madam, its God ooo…we thank God, thank you for the compliments’…he must have replied blushing and grinning from ear to ear…

awww you are so cute when u talk like that, kiss me please…ah han why are you drawing away, its nothing na,  I promise not to tell anyone…wait Joseph listen, just this one time, help me out na my husband is never around, I’m horny, just once and your life will never remain the same, I’ll make sure you get anything and everything you ever ask me and my husband for etc etc

… but Joseph was thinking about his dream, his vision, the plan of good he knows God has for him and he ran, he refused to settle for less…even though he knew he might suffer dearly for it (which he did)… but you see the good thing about this is that whatever trouble Integrity, Uprightness, discipline or the Fear of God puts you in, those same quality would bring you out of that trouble and even to a better place. Check out Joseph na…did he not become prime Minister over Mr. and Mrs. Pothipher?


You know those times when you say 'Yes' instead of 'No'...just because it is easier? and its less hassle... at those times, you are settling for less. Sometimes its the hunger for quick profit, or the uncertainty of 'What if'... or the temptation of 'Social acceptance' that make us do things that brings us instant gratification and satisfaction, making us lose sight of what and where we are meant to be. For example, if Joseph had said 'Yes' to the Mrs., he would have remained in that exalted and envious position of General Manager...all in the name of 'Keeping my job in this bad economy' after all no one would know . But the thing is He would never have become a Prime Minister, which was his destiny. He would have settled for less. So while Esua wasn't thinking... Joseph was. He knew that trading his destiny for the pleasure and satisfaction for today, wasn't the kind of life he was made for. 

May we not truncate our God ordained destiny for the satisfaction and comfort of the moment. May we not settle for less.

Meanwhile what do you think? Do you think that no matter what we do, our destiny cannot be altered? please let me hear your opinions on this, also...what do you think would have happened if Joseph's Uncle, Esua had said 'No' to Jacob's offer? 

Nutty Jay. 


  1. This babe, is som1 giving u snoops about my life ni? *looks around suspiciously* I'm feeling this post sha. Now Gerroutta my head plix!

  2. i missed the convention this year, didn't even watch it. Heard it was great. And between i love rev Joe.

    I think God is a God of grace... when we mess it up, settle for less etc, our destiny may be altered, but because of His grace, if we come to repentance, He finds a way to use where we are to get us back on track.

    Like when a gps system tells you to turn right, and you ignore it and go left, it immediately 'recalculates' and finds a way to take you from the wrong turn you made back to your destination as imputed from the start of your journey. i think that's how God works, He recalculates the route when we mess up and it's up to us to grab at His grace and take the next chance He gives us.

    I really can't imagine what would have happened if these men didn't do what they did...

  3. I think, and I may be wrong, that you can, in fact, change the course of your destiny.

    They're called "chances", I'm led to believe by my left mind, which is truncated of course. so, I may be wrong.

    I'm not usually like this, Jay.


  4. Hmmmm,that was a very deep message,makes one pause and think.However,i believe destiny can be altered and put on a wrong/different course,but God can always set it right back on track.

    Meanwhile,will you marry me? *grin* *looks around for Toinlicious*

  5. Toinlicious: Lol... its the spirit that gives me snoops about ur life...LMAO

    Inyamu: I feel ya... he also talked about David sha...who settled for less by what he did to Bathseba and her husband, but he had a repentant heart and so he was forgiven

    Aeedeee: hmmmm... I seriously believe you are not always like this, cos you don confuse me now ooo

    A-Naija- Great: Me or Toinlicious? who are u proposing to, you gats make it clear ooo

  6. No cough there ooo... we gats to know who

  7. ooh i liked the way you translated it. food for thought.

  8. Thank you Taynement.... Long time no see

  9. Deep post. I'll be back to this post for motivations.


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