Thursday, August 23, 2012

On your marks... Get Set.... Job hunt

Like I told my cousin some days ago, a bored Jay is not a very normal Jay...  So I've decided to seriously begin hunting for job... Men can wait for now. The half pay I am currently receiving since EFCC closed my office, isn't doing much for me and all my plans I've made for this year and that my dear, is deflating my Morale seriously. I like making money... more than a lot of things. So my eye dey *shook* seriously

So I've decided to go full throttle and begin guerilla job hunting. To help me achieve this, I decided to go off Blackberry... I had planned on taking a break from Blackberry for sometime now, but there always seemed to be a reason to hang on and stay back... long story short on Tuesday after my BIS expired, I decided not to renew it...and subconsciously tagged my going back on BB on getting a job. That is, the day I get back into an office (new job or current job) is the day I get back on blackberry. That means I need to intensify my job search and prayers because I miss my groups and gossips and friends on Blackberry already that it breaks my heart... I sometimes don't know why I punish myself by deprivation most times. Is it normal?

In between hunting for jobs... I discovered some blogs that You all should check out... I promise you, you would enjoy chilling with these blogs:

1. : these guys are just the best.... They talk about everything and anything and get as much as 700 comments per post.

2.  : this baby is just so funny in her almost confused state... She's new on blogger so show some love, remember when you just started blogging and needed morale support too, so go and support her...oh and  her posts are debate worthy too

3. :  So I hardly go on wordpress right? But this blogger has got me stalking   this blog every Monday morning. I had to read from the very first post till date...  Most of you already know of 'Oyin Cleg' right? Eh en...this is the blog.

So now that I have most graciously given you very good reading materials (remember to thank me in your comments)... would you in turn be gracious enough to point me to the vacancies you know of in your offices and your father's offices, and your mother's office, or Fiancées' offices... or even your children's offices?

Send all the links for job vacancies related to Administration/HR and even Document Control to me at

...its a serious matter, I pray I dont have to go on AIT and NTA and announce that I'm looking for work... like I said, a bored Jay, isn't a very normal one.

Thanks for stopping by... lots of love from me to you....


Nutty Jay


  1. Nice blog. What type of job are you looking for?

  2. Preferably something in the oil ang gas sector... It's the only industry I've worked so far

    But hey... I'm the adventurous type so I wouldn't mind branching off if the offer from another sector makes sense.

    This is your first time on my blog right? You are welcome....feel at home and if you like it here, hit on the 'follow' button

  3. All the best with job-hunt ma'am. I'll keep my eyes open for you.

    I should really try getting off bb too.

  4. There is peace off BB...@ Toinlicious

  5. Goodluck on the job hunt.There really is peace off bb,it's easy for me to get off cos i never liked it.

  6. All the best with ur hunt. May you find a fab one. But do you have up to 5 years experience? If yes, please send me your CV, someone was asking me the other day for a HR bla bla bbla...

    I understand the bb thingy. Very distracting and all, but I am still on it shaaaa.

  7. Thank you A-9ja-Great... I wonder though why you dont like BB... ah han

    Ema Leecious: Thanks for stoping by... hope you like it here. BTW...your email link aint working... or maybe its my network

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  9. mehn... my cousin just discovered my blog. I Foolishly left it open on my laptop.

    Please ignore any comment that came in the last 15mins (12:10am Nigeria time now) here and in any of your blogs with my blog name.

    Darn!!! I might have to move my blog now. Cant have anyone in my family following this blog

  10. All the best with the job hunt...keep your option open to other industries.

  11. Yeah I'm keeping my options open

  12. Yep, I get it now. Job hunt successful! Congrats!


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