Monday, August 27, 2012


Often times, we have been in situations where we do not know what to do. We don't know if we should go Left, where nothing seem right...or if we should go Right, where nothing is left. We rationalize... we ponder on what to do, we read books, we talk to friends and some times put up a brave front and act as if it doesn't matter. But we know what we feel in those quiet moments when we are alone, when no one is watching, when we are left with out thoughts and fears and uncertainties...when we know time is running out and we need to make a decision fast...and we fear that the decision we make might not be the right one.

At times like this, you need to go to Nineveh

Nineveh  a small town in Indiana that has a 4-way stop, a laundry mart, a fruit stand, a feed & seed.....and a few crappy, I kid I kid but that's besides the point. Nineveh in my mind, is a place where you really do not want to go,   Nineveh is that option you don't want to pick... your head tells you that its a waste of time, your body tells you that's not where the answers to your questions are... your friends cant imagine what the heck you are packing up to go do in Nineveh...the people there are not your class, they are not of your social strata... you need to be anywhere else but there. I mean you are just too cool to agree to Nineveh

But then...Nineveh is the place where you find your peace, not necessarily because its a peaceful place, but because its where God says you should go. Often times, our spirits (hearts) already shows us the path we should take...but we allow our soul (mind) talk us out of it, by giving us solid ground breaking iron tight reasons why it shouldn't be so... Like Jonah, we'd rather go elsewhere because we just don't know how going down that lane would benefit us, and so we keep searching for answers, answers that we have already gotten but are too intelligent/wise to see.

Nineveh may not be the final destination... but it could just be the lane that leads you  to the right path.  It may not be lined up with roses...but it would bring you peace. It may not be what you want, but it is what you need. God doesn't send you anywhere without a reason... The question is: do you trust HIM enough to obey?

Most people would have been millionaires by now if only they hadn't scorned that job offer letter they received then to work in that company (Nineveh) that looked too lowly for their degree and status... 

Most ladies wouldn't be weeping and living in regrets today because they married the wealthy, tall, dark and handsome man of their dreams who turned out to be nothing but a wife beating cheat...If only they hadn't run from the man their spirits felt at peace with, all because he is short, chubby and just 'comfortable' (Nineveh). Right?

What, who or where are you running from?

Nutty J


  1. This is deep Nutty,and i totally agree with you.If we're sensitive enough,we already have answers to the questions we're asking.But sometimes the answers sound too ridiculous or scary.Nice one.

  2. You know, you're so right. Sometimes i ask/pray for clarity and i'm hit in the face with it, and i get too stubborn to see or acknowledge it. It's as if i'm waiting on God to see what i want in my heart and grant it, conveniently forgetting that He knows and understands way better.

    I guess i need to let 'Me" go and trust Him to take the wheels. Niniveh, here i come :)

  3. Nineveh.... Hmmmm..... So tough but good call in the end.

    Glad to be back dear


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