Monday, February 14, 2011

Single In The City

There is a reason its termed Singles Awareness Day (even though I now hear that is now celebrated on the 15th). Valentines day have an uncanny ability to make singles feel depressed and lonely and sour. Today 14th of February is that day of the year were most of you single chicks will look longingly as your girlfriends rush out the door clad in red with stars in her eyes clinging to her date, and wish that were you as you echo the words ''have fun ooo''... or you sit down listening to your girlfriend moan and whine about how confused she is...she doesnt know if she should spend the day with "Man A' or 'Man B' and is wondering why 'Man C' is still calling her....and you secretly wish that you had at least one are not asking for too much oooo...just one person to spend the day with.

Well my dear, leave that thing o, you can choose to be happily single or sadly single on this day. One very simple and popular thing you can do today is THROW YOURSELF A PARTY!! Better yet Host a Single's Party. I mean what exactly is the big deal? If you dont have a partner, pining and wishful thinking wont bring you a partner the next day. Yes everyone is hooked up...but so bladdy what? TODAY you have been given a good reason for a party and you wanna waste it carrying a long face around? The thing is...happiness, doesnt rest in the bossom of the opposite sex, neither does it exist only on valentines day. You can choose to be sad and lonely and listen to songs like 'everybody hates me no body likes me, i'm gonna eat cockroach' or you can show yourself some love, I mean I love myself so much that I can actually mail myself a valentine's gift and still act surprised when it in 'wow Nutty just sent Jay a gift'

I look back with fond and not-too-fond memories of my past valentines' days...

2005: I had an awesome time with 'Angel' who had come visiting from his school bearing gifts.

2006: Spent it in Abuja with same boyfriend

2007: Spent it alone bcos 'Angel' and I had broken up and the relationship between 'PB' and I was'nt strong yet. So it was me...brandy...and some weed...with other single chicks. School life was fun/terrible. No gifts except from toasters

2008: I had travelled to ABJ to spend 13th-20th with 'Honey'... and I ended up spending most of that time in the bathroom with a cigarette between my lips and tears flowing like River Benue. Twas a terrible experience. I was the only one who gave gifts on this occassion...none from him.

2009: Spent it in fact it was one of the best i've had so far. I will choice that period.Was taking a break.

2010: Spent it with my current ex boyfriend who showed up by 6pm after we had agreed I should make Valentine's lunch that sunday (which we didnt eat again cos he was ina rush)...who came empty handed cos he said he didnt know what to get me...and who acted like a complete jerk....

2011: hmmmm...well for the first time in a while I actually wish I could just throw a party for myself and by myself. No such luck. Had a dinner date last night at Jades Palace and got a Black Berry and Italian sandals as gifts from A friend who I still dont know if I should I'm having another date after work and gym with another friendI'll talk about later....

Bottom line... having a partner for Valentine's Day isnt a guarantee for happiness. If you are not hooked up this season...then make today a day you can remember with fond memories. Make it count... you dont have to be in love before you show yourself some love.

''If you mistakenly buy into the myth that you need a partner to be happy, being single can be lonely at times. However, if you view this time as an opportunity to work on yourself, appreciate what you already have, and make a plan to be an even better you, just imagine the kind of partner you will be attracting into your life—thanks, in part, to being single on Valentine's day.'' Rhonda Rabow M.A.

Happy Vals Day y' happy today.

o le ku....tell me something when I no fit do...


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  2. Nutty J,na true u talk jare.Being single doesn't mean sitting down curled in a corner or wearing a long face (many singles will still do these today).Well,as for me,i've got a good treat for me self.Polo Black perfume,a cute casual shirt and a very cool tiger skin bed spread.I've got red wine in the refrigerator and my day is gonna be awesome whether with a date or not.Tell dem wey need to hear jare.

  3. Makes sense. Although I got flowers that put a smile on my face sha o!

  4. So true. One shouldn't feel too terrible about being single on Val's day or any day sef. Appreciate yourself and hope for the best. It beats worrying.

  5. Nice one, quite apt and lovely too.

  6. its hard to feel happy when every one around u is having fun.. yesterday was terrible!,lol
    every one has hooked up!..xcept me :(
    i hate valentines dayyyy!

  7. Totally make sense my sister. It's the craze that affects people. They've lost the real meaning... Thanks for this, although I have a partner. haha

    - LDP

  8. @ All: Thank you for stopping by...glad it makes sense to you

    Kitkat: lol...I feel ur pain jare...hopefully/certainly you will be happily screaming 'YAaaay' next year

  9. Abeg give us more gist on this 'friend' that bought you gifts ojare.

    Single awareness my **&!

  10. Totally agree with you about valentines day. If you're not hooked up don't cry go try to hook up! Not everyone is coupled off. And many who are in a couple are miserable. I take being happy any day....

  11. Amen to Self Love! Hope you had a good valentine sha. I've never let valentine's day depress me. i like the idea of a singles party though hehe

    And lmao at your blog header!


    P.S. More updates please :p


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