Monday, November 5, 2012

Postinor2 and I

Aunty: '...but what does the federal government hope to achieve by banning one of the cheap and easy to get contraceptives?' She thought out loud... raising my head from my IPad where coincidentally I was already reading Linda Ikeji's blog post on the ban of postinor and silently laughing at the comments about tu-face, I responded thus:

Me: huh? Aunty it's Okada they banned oooo. Which rumor are you starting again

Aunty: taaa...haven't you heard that they have banned postinor2?

Me: how many things are they banning na? It's Okada I know they in the space of 2mins you've said they ban all of a sudden they ban Postinor2. Which is which?

Aunty: the contraceptive is Postinor2

Me: *insert dumb look* really? Why did they ban it? Is it painful?

Aunty: are you mad?  She was probably wondering what my problem was this afternoon, she had an exasperated look on her face

Me: wait I'm just asking na... Why are they banning it? Is the injection painful or what is their reason?

Aunty: which injection na? It's a tablet...postinor2 is a tablet... Two tablets

Me: for real? You don't say!!! Contraceptive now comes in tablets?  Wow!! I'm impressed. So what's the problem with this drug? Did it just come out? Is that why they are just discovering it has a problem?

   I asked innocently waiting for answers to my question... My aunt got up from her chair, looked at me like I was a character in cowboys & aliens and said:

'My dear make use of google...spending all your time on Facebook is doing nothing for your intelligence. Google 'Postinor2' so you have something intelligent to say when others are talking about it...mscheeeew'.

With that smart retort she went back to her giving her laptop her full attention...

Postinor ke! Postinor2 ni!  Federal government...small girls like us don't know such things ooo. LMAO

Nutty J


  1. lol! but fo' real? why ban it tho? lol

  2. looool yeah right! small girls like you uhum!

    but there's no sense in banning it o, none at all.

  3. I think they are banning it because of side effects.... And I'm wondering, did they just discover the side effects?

    Hmmm...what do I know about such things...

  4. Nutty J,you're hilarious! I can imagine the exasperation suffered by your aunty.

  5. Lol...I can actually picture the look on your Aunt's face.

  6. *Rushing off to google postinor2*

  7. *Rushing off to google postinor2*

  8. I hear you! You try well well!


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