Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Advantages of an Okada-less Lagos

1. Car owners can now drive in peace without having two extra sets of eyes at the side if each ear watching for reckless Okada riders

2. A lot of babies will be born into Lagos State next year, as pregnant women will no longer endanger the lives of their unborn babies by bouncing up and down on Okadas

3. Everyone can now safely arrive late to work at the same time due to traffic caused by a fallen tanker blocking the road. No need to panic that that over zealous colleague has abandoned his car on the road and taken a bike (to avoid the traffic) to the office while you are still stuck in traffic

4. As for those who have been praying that their boyfriend would step up, start rejoicing... Gone are the days of: 'honey...I'm missing you o, please come quick...take a bike naw so you won't be stuck in traffic'...psft! Now before he misses you unnecessarily he will think of providing your cab fare to and from Festac.

5. Lets not forget the health benefits of walking. Walking to and from work will help prevent obesity, arthritis, stiffness of joints...helps in bowel movements and helps you expel toxic waste through sweat thus reducing the risks of cancer.

6. Your chances of making heaven increases because no more bitter words and abuses on Okada riders will proceed out of thine mouth in the mornings and evening on your way to and from work.

7. Finally gossiping and unnecessary aproko will stop... I haven't figured out yet how the non-Okada issue will stop this...but I am convinced deep within that it will

Now I don't know about you...but Fashola is Working, Lagos is working...and I will renew my resident permit every time for Lagos State under his tenure.

Nutty J


  1. Lmaooo @ gossiping and unnecessary aproko stopping. Madam, you're hilarious. I hope these okada riders won't turn to thieves though

  2. You got me laughing hard.Wetin concern okada and gossip?! But you made nice points tho.

  3. That's my prayer too o, that they don't turn to thieves

  4. Yeah, I love your points, especially the health advantages of walking. But, walking under the sun has a lot of disadvantages, especially Naija's hot sun, due to over-exposure to dangerous UV rays as a result of depletion of the ozone layer, thus it can lead to skin cancers, gene mutation, etc. Its best to walk with a hat over your head during the sunny afternoons,and better to walk in the evenings or under the early morning sun. Walking could also be stressful if you are carrying luggages e.g If you r just coming back from the market,shop etc. Its possible gossiping will reduce, because people will have to conserve time, especially since you know you have to walk back home, so people will try to be more swift in whatever they r doing, and thus reducing the time available for gossiping. Above all, banning okada riders has more advantages than disadvantages, so I support it.

  5. Abi nau...no more" if I can abandon my car to jump on okada so I can be in work early so can u "individuals

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  7. Funny post. I hope the ban works out, it seems they're still protesting?

  8. Yes ooo...they are still protesting

  9. I am so glad they are off the road. Yeah no more swearing at motorbike riders anymore...yipee.

  10. Na wa to you!
    You still never change!
    How bodi?
    It's been a century!
    Hilarious post there...
    I totally had fun..
    Be back!
    Chacha- www.chachacorner.com

  11. Funny post Nutty J. #2 and 6 especially...lol

    You forgot reduction in robberies/muggings. Fashola is the man jare!


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