Sunday, November 18, 2012

Work and other news

So I had an interview with a Chinese Phamaceutical company last week Wednesday. The role was for HR Manager. That's a step up in career path for me. And the pay is similar to what I earn in my company that has still refused to re-open till now. 

After the interview when the manager i'm to replace asked if I wanted the job, hinting that I have to start by the end of this month... I humbly declined because  somewhere during the course of the interview she had mentioned that Saturday was also a work day...that was the deal breaker for me.

Two weeks ago working on Saturday wouldn't have been a problem, but that was before Unilag contacted me last week offering me admission for my masters program!!! Yaaaaaaay!! I'm going to have my Saturdays busy with schoolwork for the next 18 months that I ain't gonna be working on those days for anybody...thank you very much.  So thank God for me my people. 

So for now I'm still working at home for half pay (what a drag) ...meanwhile did I mention my boyfriend owns a primary school? No? He bought it over from his father two years ago...and has been asking me for sometime now to run it for him as the School Adminstrator and build it academically to standard. It sounds like a good idea being paid and getting a percentage from the profits like he offered, having my own time, pursuing the education alongside and making a difference in that school. But I don't know mehnnn... I feel like doing this might be somehow ooo...him being in charge of my paycheck and knowing my whereabouts most times... I don't know if that's a good idea ooo. What do you guys think? Besides now that I'm trying to focus completely on HR, won't doing this be taking me back to Administration? 

Meanwhile for all the food lovers here...let me show you a blog my friend Joxy showed me some days ago.  It's so cool... It's focused on Delta State's mouth watering dishes... Follow this link 

That's all for now folks. I need your feedback on the work thingy... 

Nutty Jay. 


  1. Congratulations on the masters gig!

  2. Congrats on your masters admission. You are on fire work-wise too so yay you! The gig with the BF, it depends on your relationship, can you merge business with pleasure and retain your sanity? And then your career plans come in too. All the best in your decisions.

  3. Congratulations on the masters admission.

    As for the work situation, like Myne already said it depends on your relationship with the bf. Can you deal with mixing career with love life. If you can then go ahead.

  4. This depends on the kind of relationship you have with him.If you analyze your relationship critically and also the career path you want to follow,you'd know whether you want to be involved in the administration of the school or not.However,i think being involved in the administration of the school would be great,new challenges and all.Plus,you'd have time for your masters and also time for yourself.So if i may be so bold,i'd suggest you take the job at least for the duration of your masters program them you can now consider your HR path,i'm sure he won't mind.Congrats on the masters!

  5. Won't there be quarrel if I want to leave when I get a better offer?

  6. You should have taken the job, by the way lectures in Unilag will start January and it wont really be that serious till like February or March. I just feel its still possible to combine it, maybe some Saturdays you would close early from work, in order to meet up with lectures.And if you cant combine it, then you resign with some months experience as a HR Manager, or better still be searching for another job while still being HR Manager.
    Becoming an administrator in your boyfriends primary school is a challenging and interesting job,I feel you can try it out, and try and make a difference in the school, in the area of possibly expansion and improved standard. Just follow ur heart.

  7. The Job is in Oniru, the school in Yaba

    Closing early by when twelve? How many days will I get away with that? Cos class starts by 9am... Then driving from Oniru by 12noon...and encountering Lagos owambe traffic. Then getting to school say 1:30pm. E no go pure like that o

    Then I no go fit start work early december then quit in January na,... It won't count for the purpose you talked about, cos I dare not put it on my cv as prospective employers will be afraid to do business with me

    Lastly, I know how tempting the offer for the school is. My fears are, when its time for me to leave...won't there be problem? Is it advisable to mix your job (source of income and career path) with love?

  8. I agree with you.

  9. Yay u Nutty! Good for you.

    Take it jor, while you are waiting. And let him know that's your plan.

  10. Congrats on your Master's admission.

    I don't think the Primary School job is bad idea. You both just have to lay the ground rules.

  11. Running a school doesn't sound like a bad idea but you need to think about it well!

  12. Congratulations on the job offer/s :)

    I like Myne and Isha's comments. Make sure your employment is properly done. Make sure you can draw the line btw business and relationship..
    And lastly, don't let convenience rule.
    On the other hand, HR and Admin are closely linked. maybe your functions can reflect that?


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