Monday, October 1, 2012

I Love my Country... I no go lie

Yeah yeah I know you might have some *thangs to say about my great nation Nigeria, some good...some not so good, but as for me oooo.... I love Naija, I no go lie... I love my country na true word be this.

A question was posed online recently, asking people to give reasons why they were proud to be Nigerians... some of the responses cracked me up:

1. Nigerians are good people: friendly, warm and helpful (the helpful part is actually not a plus because it encourages laziness)
2. Nigeria is dynamic
3. Nigeria is rich in lovely culture and traditions
4. Nigeria will always give you a reason to laugh even if it gives you 10 reasons to cry
5. Its only in Nigeria people are suffering and smiling
6. In Nigeria anything can happen, you can be a Millionaire overnite without any trace of pre-success.
7. The people are patient
8. We are intelligent, sharp, and smart.
9. Nigerians like to *get sense instead of Wisdom. We like make our eye open than civilisation (bruhahahaha)
10. Its a place where I can walk around without fearing that one gun-slinging retard might come out from nowhere and start spraying bullets. (That's true)
11. Culture and priceless values.

Mennnnh... I had a swell time today celebrating the Independence day at the Eleko beach. I had fun o jare... Nigeria good or e no good, one thing is certain, her citizens are Independent people...we practically do everything for ourselves, supply our own light, water, we survive without good roads, without proper health care, without good jobs yes, I love my country ooo, cos I am one of those hard-working citizens. So Happy Independence Day to me and all the hard working citizens of this great country.... one day one day Nigeria as a country will be truly Independent... In Jesus Name!!!

So tell me three (3) things you love about being Nigerian.

Nutty Jay


  1. This got be laughing----> Nigerians like to *get sense instead of Wisdom. We like make our eye open than civilisation.

    As in over sense dey worry us.

    I love the hope in the lives of us Nigerians, no matter how bad we still hope.

  2. Me I just can't get over those butts mehn. Naija's got ass!

  3. lol habi nau...happy patrotism.

  4. The 9ja spirit mehn. How we can turn virtually everything into jokes. It's amazing

  5. Nice post.Nigerians are indeed smart and yes,we like sense pass wisdom.LOL

  6. Post made me remember lyrics to an old radio jingle.

    Me i like my country,
    I love the land and people
    Everything e dey for Nigeria,
    Make we join hands, to make Nigeria greater.

  7. Honestly, I dont love my country Nigeria. Lives have been lost unjustly, majority are suffering for no reasonable reason, maybe the few lucky ones might sing the praises of naija, but we all know that Naija is a time bomb waiting to explode, except God intervenes.We r not united, we dont trust each other, we are basically pretentious enemies of ourselves. But I hope one day things will get better.

  8. I hope to visit Naija one day. Through my blog I've had the pleasure to meet great Naija minds, talent, and people with amazing spirit.

    I hope for the end of so much struggle and suffering.


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