Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Award Thinz...

I read a blog and after the post, I followed a link (beneath the post) which led me to the Nigerian Blog Awards page... I didn't know that was on already.

Browsing through the categories, I began to wonder which one of them my blog falls into... I've never really thought about it until now. After much thought... I decided 'Nutty Jay's World' could safely be called a personal blog. Abi watin una think?

If you agree with me... Please visit the site and if you like my blog, nominate me for Best Personal Blog. To do that, copy this address and paste it in the box in front of 'Best Personal Blog' then submit.

You never can tell. I just might win. Thank you in advance for your nomination... I love you regardless.

Nutty Jay


  1. Lady.. Its been a while.. Award tinz.. Wish you the best!

  2. Babes!!! Its been ages... I'm going straight to ur blog now to see what you have to say about your absence

    Good to have you back

  3. I will go and nominate you oh, we go vote for you to win also.

  4. lol...i'm wondering if this applies to me since its my first time here!

  5. 'Lara: thank you thank you thank you... I appreciate

    Afronut: most certainly applies to you. You are part of this blog now...your nomination will be highly appreciated. Thank you :*

  6. Hey baybay, I love ur blog soo much, so I nominated your blog for two categories.I hope you win.

  7. So na Award draw you out from your hiding place abi? Oh well,we still love you so we'll vote for you.

  8. Thanks thanks thanks Diketronics...I appreciate

    A-9ja-great thank you.


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