Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear God...

I'm sorry I'm writing to complain, especially since it’s been ages I wrote you a letter. Please don’t see this as me complaining, I'm just confused right now and I no not who would understand why but you.

Yesterday started all sunny and rosy and good. Our instructor in church taught us the importance of prayers stressing the fact that we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Even in the evening when I went back to church with Bobo for the praise session that marked the end of the ongoing youth program, I was still walking on the end of the program my joy knew no bounds...I had peace. You know this Lord. 

Then I came home...late...or rather by 9:30 pm and you saw how my uncle greeted me with 'You...this your church when you go, you sure it wasn't something else you went for?'. That almost put a damp on my joyful state, but I remembered that the devil is always around trying to steal people's joy... him and his cohorts are the principalities we wrestle against... not flesh and blood (my uncle) I shrugged it off and laughed, even though I wasn't sure if he meant it as a joke. I went to the sitting room..made small talk with Bobo, talked about one of his fine married friend and how I admire him...made more small talk and hugged him good bye...noticed he didn't hug back, but what the heck, we have had a long day. 

You see Lord when I texted Bobo before bed asking him why he didn't hug me back, and why he didn't call to say he got home safe, and why he didn't pick my call when I called to check on him, I didn't expect to wake up to his reply which said 'Since you were fantasizing about Gbenga, my feelings went cold'... Father this is the part I don't understand and I told him so in my response. How could he not understand that I was joking? If I had romantic feelings for his friend would I have talked to him about his friend? Why is it easy for me to completely be myself with my friends but I have to think and rethink every word of every joke before I say it to him, then pray he gets it? Was that enough for him to go to bed without even calling to say something even if it was 'I didn't appreciate that joke'? Any ways thank you for reminding me again that its the devil trying to steal my joy...and Father I'm really sorry that I talked about his friend to him...cos it means my words kinda sorta somehow robbed him of his own joy. Teach me to remember that we are from different backgrounds. Please make him call or text me...its been 6 hours since I replied his text na. (5am this morning). I have apologized, and I don't want to be the one to break the silence.  
But Lord what is this new issue with my father now? Ever since I told him I would like to come to warri and show him whom I'm dating and planning to marry...its been one thing or the other. You saw when my aunt called me now saying my dad was asking her: why does she want to marry all of a sudden, and what plans is he making to get chartered in his accounting practice, and why is she going all the way from the south to the west to get a husband, and she is supposed to travel down first and talk to me about the guy first before bringing him to the house, and just a lot of long long list of what this, and what that and is my aunt sure the boy can take care of me, is he ambitious enough bla bla bla and that he isn't comfortable with the whole idea... see God I'm just confused...YOU know I have been telling Bobo to wait concerning this his quest to meet my father, cos I know he wont be ready for these questions with good know how difficult my dad is, now what will I tell Bobo that is seriously preparing to travel with me in two weeks time to meet my dad?  I don't know what to even pray about concerning this... should I pray against principalities and powers? Or should I ask the holy spirit to witness to my dad and convince him, or should I listen and heed carefully everything that popsi mi  is saying? 

I just tire...and right now, I don't feel much joy again, along the line from 4:45am till now, I think I lost it somewhere. Thou knoweth everything Lord... talk to me. I need direction and in the meantime,  I want my joy back, while we ponder over the other issues.

Thank you Sir.


Your Daughter
Princess Jay. 


  1. I hope today is a great day for u, Jay and u get your joy back. I need to go read that bobo post, I missed it. My amebo antenna is up.

  2. aww, pray away dear. God is ready to listen.

    i pray and hope it goes well with dad and bobo. you know how our parents can be sometimes...The devil cant steal your joy,not on this issue not on evry other.

  3. Ok, i think i'll just pray along with you on this one. I read the bobo post and yea, kinda confused too.

  4. God listens dear.However,i can't stay with someone i cannot be myself with o.I joke alot and if you don't get my joke,then it'd mean constant quarrels.

  5. @all thank you... I appreciate

    A-9ja-great... That's the thing...I joke a lot...I hug people a lot, male and female. I no know sure say this bros go ever dey comfortable with my loudness o

  6. hmmm...this is dicey o, parents being "one kind one kind" about their child(ren)'s partners is a hard one to advise on as different parents have different personalities.

    But wait, I might be wrong but I'm not getting a comfortable vibe about this line: "YOU know I have been telling Bobo to wait concerning this his quest to meet my father, cos I know he wont be ready for these questions with good answers"

    You didn't say he won't be ready for the questions but you said WITH GOOD ANSWERS. perhaps you need to take some more time to "discover him"?

    Also, should you settle down with someone who can't tell the difference between your jokes and reality yet? Who wouldn't voice out when he is upset but rather keep mute and not call you and withhold affection (not hugging you). Overall in my opinion (which I might be 100 percent wrong about, its just an opinion), you need to court bobo some more.

  7. Beautiful: that's my sentiments exactly... I actually want to wait. He doesn't. And I know he isn't ready for my father yet...but he thinks he is. Unprepared Bobo plus my dad might equal end of relationship

    ...and I'm tired of stressing on that matter

  8. aww..sweetie..i am sure everything will work out fine...i can be like that ..joking and "misyarning" innocently but i am trying to keep my "funny" comments to myself even though i forget sometimes.

    God hears even the ones u haven't said...he will work it all out.

    being a minute i was here...hang in there

  9. aww princess jay, come let me hug you. you'll be alright love.

    pray for peace. not principalities and powers but peace.

    take bobo home with you. you dad will get over it, he is just scared that you've grown so fast but he'll get use to it.

  10. Awww... I hope you've found your joy oh. Guys are just a different breed, yaknow? But my philosophy is just keep being yourself and say things how you would to your friend so that over time, he'll start understanding you and how you think better. Cause if you keep censoring yourself how will you ever be comfortable with him?


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