Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Someone Must Be On Top

In one episode on Grey’s Anatomy, Izzie was saying to George that they both were followers or something like that, unlike Meredith and Yang who were do-ers. Meredith and Yang do things…they just don’t watch or follow, they lead others, they go forth…they do the things that Izzie watch and wished she could do. They make things happen.

So long as seed time and harvest time remains humans will always fall into these two categories, doers and followers….or should I say, doers and watchers.

We want to be the ones making things happen,everyone wants that... in high school we want to be that girl or boy that everyone wants to identify with, the one people notice when they dont show up for class, the one we feel grateful when he/she includes us in his/her circle of friends…the one whom we admire for their doings...and charm. The one whom the teachers cant do with and still cant do without.

In the office we want to be the one people listen to...the one whose vote is asked to break the tie. The one who they wait for before a concrete decision is made concerning staff welfare. the one everybody hates but cant help loving at the same time

My question is, what stops us? Why don’t we do…why do we sit and watch others do and get the recognition…where does our voice go when it needs to be heard. What are we searching for on the floor at the moment were eye contact is needed. How come we allow others do the talking while we do the echoing? How come the ugly girl gets the Tall Dark and Handsome guy while you get the average comfortable insecure guy…how come he goes home with the prom queen and you get the chick with self esteem issues?

The fear of failure, the fear of criticism and the fear of rejection can take the fall for this.

what if I’m wrong?’

what if I’m laughed at?’’

‘’what if it doesn’t make sense and I fail…it’s my life’s savings you know’

‘nah…I'd rather not over step my boundaries, let me maintain my level’

And so we sit and watch and see him/her go places and do things we assure ourselves that we would do one day…we see him/her start something we are only glad to follow in. And we say to ourselves ‘soon…very soon that would be me

Well hello???? You better start looking at your time…Soon is now!!! Now!! I’m not saying take careless risks, nope…start with what is around you…get up and start a conversation in your office, be the one to think up an idea for the end of year office party…pick up your phone and get in touch with all your old buddies, BE THE ONE to host the next alumni get together, write an article for the church bulletin, join the drama or dance group…walk up to a stranger and compliment his/her style of dressing…start up a conversation with that man or woman you admire from afar. (Shame on meI couldnt do that with one McDreamy in the gym last night).

Rejection or criticism or failure happens only to the best people…so join the best, get your own dose of rejection/criticism/failure because without all these once in a while in your live, you are nothing but ‘just there’…these are the ingredients that actually prepare you and teaches you how to pass the tests on the road to being an achiever.

We all have dreams of 'someday' is that are not getting any younger

The man whose dreams come true is the one who wakes up from those dreams…and starts acting.

Someone must be on top....why not you?

Quote of the day: It isn't sufficient just to want - you've got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want.

Franklin D. Roosevelt


  1. But it's not that easy is it hun?
    Not everybody wants or deserves to be on top.
    Sometimes people just want to leave small, comfy happy lives.
    No ambition to be the greatest etc..

  2. It so happens honey that when you're cast in to the 'watchers' group it takes a lot to get out from..
    Sometimes for most 'doers' it happens naturally, it's either it grows on them or it's in their charisma; so there it is..

  3. As someone who's been on top more often than not, it's over-rated but i wouldnt trade it for anything

  4. Very well said. I have lived my life that way but mind you being a 'doer' or a 'leader' can attract all sorts of hating :))

  5. Very inspiring and motivating. I've been on top and also followed and nothing feels better than being on top! That's for sure. You have to have courage to go for it and not care about what others think. Someone once said to me, "Don't think or care about what others think about you. It's none of your business." Word to live by!

  6. true. Nice blog BTW..very nice!

  7. true. Nice blog BTW..very nice!

  8. Mehn,i love this.I've actually been guilty of being a 'watcher',but that was a long time ago.Now,i be proper 'sharp guy',i make things happen.Nice one Nutty J,very nice!


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