Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Re: Tell God

I was going through some of my favourite blogs when I came across Neefemi throwing punches at God.

She ended by saying:

- Dont Preach
- Dont Advise
- Dont Email
- Dont Comment
- Its Pointless

But she didnt say ''Dont criticize''

So i'm going to criticize... not about what she's questioning about God, or questioning God, thats between her and God.

Instead I'm gonna use her as a point of contact to reach all those who put up blogs when they feel bad, then purposely dis-allow the option to comment. Making us (me) who read it to scan everywhere for the comment box to no avail. Making me feel useless when I want to throw a silent hug?

Imma gonna say it to all of you that I follow that do this sometimes, ITS NOT shouldnt decide which of your posts is 'fit' for us to comment on... good or bad or angry or sad we have the right, I have the right to comment...leave the comment box there...its now left for us to heed to ur plead of 'please dont comment, dont advise, dont email''

Ah han...for what if we dont matter when your world is cold? Infact as if I, Nutty J, dont matter when you are feeling low?

Its not nice...kpatakpata block every post lets know you dont want feed back.


I had to talk about this...sorry y'all, a saner post is coming up can reach Neefemi on this site

If you dont know her yet, you are on a long thing.


  1. lol.. first time on your blog. love it.

  2. Then you are welcome Phury

    Hope you like it here....

  3. lol, this actually made me smile/laugh....i'm sorry i really am, i just know everybody's going to say the same God is good and things and i really can't take any more of that at least right now...promise not to do so ever again....

    love u...muaaah


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