Thursday, October 2, 2014

The pursuit of money!!!!

Ah ha! Money. Let's talk about money. So I was sitting still the other day, on monday I think, viewing my account statement for September and it struck me like lightening that the only inflow I had for the entire month was the salary inflow. The same happened in August.... no daddy deposit, no mummy deposit, no sugar/honey deposit, no friend or family deposit, no enemy deposits sef...and I literarily felt like crying. I used to have people just credit my account for no reason sometimes...they tell me to just take for fine-girl-up-keep. Now for two months no 'dash'. I couldn't risk checking July statement for fear that it's the same. 

I began to think of other avenues to make money. This waking up 4pm because of work thingy isn't something I want to still be doing when I'm in my 40s nah...and I got thinking, and was thinking hard (yea I try to make sure I squeeze at least 30mins everyday to shut every noise and just think, one hour at most) and it hit me that I am not very business inclined. I am more of a structured environment/office kinda work girl. This is a worrisome thing to know because shouldn't we all aspire to have businesses on the side? The irritating question I get asked often when I wonder aloud about this is: 'JAY What do you like doing'?

Seriously? What sort of question is that... okay I like:

1. Eating
2. I like writing
3. I like the guy of the moment
4. I like fixing people's work issues
5. I like teaching/mentoring  (What I know though about work related stuff)
6. I like cake
7. I like driving
8. I like fast cars
9. I like gazing at fine men
10. I like gazing at fine ladies
11. I like organizing other people's life
12. I like helping people find solution to their issues

Mind you that list is in no particular order

But the question is how the heck am I supposed to start a business with any of these likes???  And then I get confused, and I stop thinking, and then I allow my mind wander away from my confused thoughts and turn them towards the 8am- 6pm job...that I get to the office at 6:15am for and get home by 9pm sometimes 10pm if the road is experiencing major traffic , and I thank God that I have a better job than the last job where they enjoy owing staff salary, and refuse to pay vendors too (May God forgive my ex employers) 

But I don't know mehnnnnn.... I really need another source of income. I'm at that age where I need multiple streams of income. 

Happy Belated Independence Day

Nutty Jay


  1. LOL! I get this feeling too...
    I like businesses tho. but sometimes, I just put too much energy into my full time job, that every other thing suffers. Hence no extra income :(
    You can make businesses out of the things you like tho... THINK Hard!
    You can write commercially,
    you can give advise commercially, including having seminars
    You can take up a weekend/online teaching job....
    and so many more

    1. A weekend online teaching Job... hmmmm

      I've never thought of that possibility

  2. Haha fine girl upkeep!!!
    Funny been thinking along the same lines lately. So if you come to a practical solution sooner than I do, copy cats allowed. ;)

  3. Tbh. Being an entrepreneur is just the way forward.

  4. Phew let me know when you finally come up with something. I've been thinking and thinking....sigh

  5. haba na guys!!!! seriously you should be giving me ideas nahhhhh... T.Notes and Beautiful talk na


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