Friday, October 24, 2014

Scandal- What the hell?

I don't understand what Shonda RHIMES hopes to achieve by the twists and turns in Scandal and what exactly is her opinion of us the viewers.

Today I watched Episode 5 Season 4... yeah I know, stealing company's time, watching a movie while acting like I'm working.  It happens sometimes

But I'm so upset. Who the hell does Commander think he is to mess people's life like he does? Infact I'm tired of these sick characters in the movie:

Olivia POPE: Stupid black girl in love with a man she will never have, the cause of every single thing that has gone wrong in the life of every single person in that movie. Deceived time and time again by her father, and yet will not learn that he is a monster. Endangering the life of those she cares about because she can't see past her stupid love for Fitz. Serious Daddy issues she has...

President FITZ:  The biggest fool of all

Jake BALLARD: In love with a woman that cannot seem to stop loving a man she can never be with. Endangering his life trying to 'save' her from herself... Aproko that won't just leave things alone. Happy to be second in Olivia's heart. He gets an opportunity to tell the president everything during the interrogation but instead of just talking and spilling everything whether the president wan hear or not, he dey taunt the man about him having sex with Olivia on the Island. The fool deserves to die for even daring to threaten Commander.

Commander:  Ha... Commander who also happens to be Olivia's father is the only one who seems to know what he is doing!!! Wicked as ever, winning the election for the president because it's what Olivia wants, but killing the President's son to achieve it... then blaming Jake for it. After he had blamed Olivia's mother for it. Old evil calculating son o a... arghhhh

Millie:  Madam First Lady, nothing more. Jealous of Olivia...still

Shonda RHIMES, come on... I'm beginning to feel foolish watching Scandal, it's becoming more annonying than intriguing. It started out being it's getting too obvious and annoying. Your characters have too much sense to be doing the things you are making them do in Season 4. BALLARD isn't a fool, you are making him seem like one. Olivia isn't a fool, she fixes problems and so she knows always when things don't add up...but apparently she's believing her father's lies. You are distorting the Olivia we all know and love and turning her into a senseless woman too blinded by love to fix things.

Stop insulting our intelligence... or kuku round up the movie if you don tire to think. And why the hell is Cyrus sleeping with a prostitute, and Abby the Abby who was Olivia's right hand, who knew how to get things done when she was a gladiator, why have you made Abby seem like a fish swimming in the sea of the White House, starry eyed, grateful  if the president passes her a compliment and running around like a chicken wanting to be like Olivia. Abby??? Oh come on *groans in pain* 




  1. Haha, thank you o. Scandal is becoming more and more annoying by the day. Just like u said, the story has stopped adding up and with the way Shonda is going about it, its gonna be worse than Grey's anatomy

    1. She should wrap the thing up I beg, its not by force to keep producing. Leave the stage whilst the applause is loudest. Shuooooo.

  2. Ah God bless you so much. It's getting so annoying I'm almost tempted not to download anymore but i keep oping Shonda will give me something...anything to make me hang on. In fact, i started downloading her new series "How to get away with murder" Maybe she's tried of spinning Scandal and Greys and will give me something in HTGAWM

    Bydway, #TeamLivJake all day, everyday. Stipid Fitz


    1. ha...she has a new Series? Let me go see it o

      I'm team Livjake too... Stupid Fitz, the guy should just grow up

  3. *Sigh* I thought it was just me. Shonda needs to take a break. Haba!

    @Toin I'm with you on #TeamLivJake all day :d

  4. Scandal sure has become annoying! I thought I was the only one who felt so after watching the most recent update. I don dey tire abeg. Liv isn't stupid enough to believe her dad after all she knows he has done and is capable of doing/


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