Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Hours in a Day...

All I want to be is successful...I want to have an all round success. Life, Work, Ministry, Career, Health, Relationship etc. But I have noticed that one or two aspects suffer to allow the other aspects of one's life thrive.

Now I don't know how successful people manage to do it. You see a person with good health and sound mind, doing fantastic in his job, going successfully  higher spiritually, whose family is in tact and thriving with a sound career path and he still has time to attend his charity functions.

How do they manage it???

Really right now I feel like I'm swamped...its a good kind of swamped so don't get me wrong. But its a bit chaotic right now, and I'm not feeling like I'm on top of my game at all

Maybe...just maybe if the days were 27 hours in each day, I might have at least enough time to exhale.

How do you guys do it?

Nutty Jay


  1. Yea, i'll be back for comments too because i feel like i need at least 72hours on most days #sigh

  2. Trust me dear it is like that everyone sometimes. I have been having crazy months. Lol. You just find a day to exhale. Or some hours to clear your head.

  3. It's so crazy. I forget EVERYTHING! It's no joke man. Just 3 more hrs and I'll be fine.


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