Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nutty Jay and Tongue Taming

My exercise of taming my tongue began on Thursday the 14th of February 2013...yeah, on valentine's day to be precise (How una celebrate una own). The process began on Monday last wee though .From then till now I can proudly say I haven't spoken up to 100 sentences...or maybe 150 sentences.

This is no lean feat as this can be very frustrating...a naturally opinionated person who has to hold her tongue at work, at home and in church is the hardest thing to do, okay second hardest thing to do...cos I still believe getting a camel to pass through the eyes of a needle is the hardest thing of all time. Right now typing away in the office this morning, I have greeted three (3) people with grunts and with the nod of the head. No words. And I know a whole lot of people yesterday wondered in church why I smiled sheepishly throughout their conversations with me, or why the chatterbox Nutty was nodding profusely like an Agama Lizard...only on rare occasions did I volunteer a word here and there. I feel totally sorry for everyone who has called me over the phone and all I did was grunt in response. Well some might notice the change that I have gone from the talking type to the listening type. yaaaay!! I haff changed

At this junction I must reveal that this change was brought upon me, not by choice but by force. I'll explain... I noticed I had mouth sores and upon further clinical investigation it was revealed that it is MOUTH ULCERS. I rebuked and bind(ed) the diagnosis until I was told not to worry that in 3-5 days, it would heal. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that as one part  (eg gum) heal, another part (eg. tongue) of the mouth gets affected. Talking, eating and drinking is the most painful experience right now. The doctor told me Lack of vitamins must have caused it, since that is the popular cause...and since then I have been diluting vitamin c and licking it raw on the tongues and taking antibiotics and Vit B2 much so that my blood count by Thursday had gone from 31% to 28%....this is expected since I have been taking antibiotics (which break blood) without eating properly... fear no let me check again because my period started two (2) ago now and I know the PCV must have dropped again..

But something troubles me though... I did a research on 'Mouth Sores in Sickle Cell Anemia' and I stumbled upon a medical journal that say Hydroxyurea a cancer drug used for the treatment of sickle cell anemia causes mouth sores. Prolonged mouth sores. Not only did I see that, I saw some other disturbing side effects. Its a drug I have been on since May 2012, after the terrible life threatening crises I had then. I also read some other people's blog yesterday and they complained about the same issue

To cut a long story short, because this post is beginning to get boring... this is informing the general public, that Nutty Jay has gone quiet for the meantime... no talking, no eating solids and no kissing...almost 7days now and counting.

My people pray for me ooo...this is a month of waiting on the Lord in my church and I was just crying yesterday when I thought about how I couldn't pray with my mouth. And I'm hungry... I miss food. I'm sad...this is too harsh a way to learn how to bridle my tongue

Nutty Jay


  1. Twill be well....

  2. You'll be fine. Wishing the nutty sores speedy disappearance. I love your sense of humour though lol @I still believe getting a camel to pass through the eyes of a needle is the hardest thing of all time :D

  3. Sorry dear,the mouth ulcer will go in no time.Asper taming your tongue,i think it's a good thing and you should continue.

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  5. Awww get well soon hon. I think you meant May 2012.

    1. Thank you Oke... I have gone and edited it.

  6. I am sure this must be hard for you, I can't imagine having to zip my mouth oh, get well soon...sending you e-hugs.

  7. sorry dear,get well soon.


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