Wednesday, February 20, 2013


'Jay...what does the policy say' is the usual response I get from my boss when I go and mediate on behalf of a colleague on any matter. He refers me back to the policy. The company's policy. This was formulated to avoid any form of 'na we we for me'. It guides our decisions in the company so that every one operates in an expected manner and makes sure all dealings are fair. You agreed to work for the company, so you must work according to the laid down rules and regulations of the company and be rewarded according to what the policy says about that particular reward you are gunning for. No 'I'm a friend of the boss'  arguments.

Now, whilst it is rare to cram the Company's policy, there are people who know where to find and get everything they want from it. Those people cannot be cheated in the company, because they come prepared and say '...Madam, according to the policy, I'm entitled to so so and so...' in such scenarios, I plead their case favorably to the MD and if for instance another colleague is there grunting and murmuring and trying to give reasons why that other person shouldn't have it (bad belle people) I hold on firmly and say 'This is what the company promises in so so and so event, if you don't do it Sir, then this document is invalid'. And it is done. Case closed

So also it is with life. If you have agreed to serve God with all you have and made him the Lord of your have to live by the Kingdom's policy. The Kingdom has a manual that guides our interactions and day to day life here on earth. On every issue.  So if you are a child of the Kingdom, and you still don't know what you should be doing or not doing in that kingdom, then you are missing a lot, being cheated out of a lot by the devil and you will continue to make mistakes like a non-citizen of the Kingdom of God.

Enough is enough...its time to take back all the Devil has stolen from us... Its not okay for you to be a christian and still be cheated and led astray by the Devil. Consult your manual so you can boldly enter the throne of grace and make petitions...claim all the promises and most importantly know how to walk tall and uprightly like a Child of God. For instance what does the bible say about mouth ulcers? You check and you see that the word says 'By His stripes, Ye have been healed'. You hold on to that and say it and give thanks. Case closed. Are people tormenting you in your place of work or in your family? Check your manual, 'No weapon formed against me shall prosper'... oh so it is there, pray it. Case closed. Or are you struggling with fornication? You prayerfully consult your manual and you see 'Do you not know that your body is the temple of The Spirit of Holiness who dwells within you, whom you have received from God, and you are not your own?' You see that and you say that to the devil and you shake off the feeling...feel free to sing in addition: 'satan comot for road ooo..I carry holy ghost, I no get break ooo, I go jam you, you go die'  Case closed.

If you do not know what the bible says about the situations of life...then its not too late, prayerfully study your bible, your manual...its is the Kingdom's Policy. You are a child of the kingdom.  The devil leaves you alone when you say 'It is written...'

Read your can never go wrong with that.

Nutty Jay

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