Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Na wa... Na wa

Hello...I'm glad you stopped by and you are here reading this, i'm sure you can help me figure this out. So I sent an email to my company on the 27th of September. And it goes thus:

'Dear Sir,

I'll be leaving Delta State for Lagos first week of October and I plan to resume on Monday the 10th of October...I'm much better now, I'll use a walking aid but only for a few months as continual physiotherapy will correct my movement 100% .

I want to thank you very much for your patience and understanding during this period. I really appreciate it and God bless you.

See you soon

Nutty J.'
I sent it to the Operations manager, the financial controller (because they have been paying me since I left in May and courtsey demands, and my head of department)
The next day (28th September 2011) my HOD responded with:
'Hi Nutty,
Glad to hear you are getting better and would be coming back soon.
While looking forward to having you back, may I say …may the Lord keep you.
All the best!
Kind regards'

I arrived Lagos yesterday and today I went through my emails as usual before bed and found another email from my HOD sent today the 5th of October 2011 and it goes:

'Dear Nutty J,
The decision has been taken by management to terminate your employment with immediate effect.
Attached is a scan copy of the formal letter to that effect. Original/acknowledgement copy will be delivered to you at your present address by courier.
Please acknowledge receipt of this email and provide your current address by return email.
Wishing you the very best in your future endeavor.'

 I just read it 5mins ago ie 10: 50pm... I haven't replied or acknowledged the email... probably cos I dont know how to reply or maybe I'm just pissed off. I could have stayed in Delta State and finished my physiotherapy where it is cheap instead of rushing down here back to Lagos, and making arrangements with a private Physiotherapist, or maybe I'm just too chicken to acknowledge receipt of the email tonight.

Anyways I wont think about it tonight... I'll think about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.

Nutty J


  1. Oh no!!! What happened? I didn't know you were in physiotherapy.

    Them firing you is such a sucky move.

    Feel better okay and don't let it get you down.

    Door closed, window about to open.

  2. What a way to terminate an employment. Unprofessional, especially after the first email. Don't worry though, count it all joy, look forward to a better and bigger opportunity.

    ps: Get stronger soon.

  3. Only in naija! I'm so sorry this happened. I hope u find something even better soon.

  4. Nigeria!!! Very soon, they will start terminating employments via text. So sad! It is well with you Sis. God is working something out for you that is better :)

    Stay strong.

    - LDP

  5. It is well with you. You will get something even better by God's grace. The way your employers handled things is a microcosm of the malaise that ails Nigeria as a country. Chin up, and carry on with your physio. The Lord strengthen and keep you IJN.

  6. Aw dear,i'm so sorry about that.But please if you can,don't even think about it,just acknowledge the letter and let it slide.This obviously is a new phase for you,think about it as an elevation and nothing else.This happened for a reason,you need strength to know the reason.God bless you dear.Stay strong!

  7. @ All: Thank you very much... your words of encouragement means alot. I appreciate

  8. I am sorry this happened and in such a crude manner. Sending hugs and positivity your way. Hope you get something better soon

  9. wow! this is just wrong...only in Naija!!!!

    Did you have an accident or something, guess I need to read up on previous post.

    The Lord will provide a better job for you. Please stay positive.


  10. your last sentence reminds me of the movie 'gone with the wind'

    I'm so sorry about you been literally 'thrown out' of your job. I'm sure something better is coming your way. We say every disappointment is a blessing. God will send something better your way.

    and i get you on physiotherapy in lagos, I found a relatively cheap one around me in lekki... i was paying about 7500 per session. It was soo annoying. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. AH AH But this is too much now. .Sweety I am literally gobsmacked and at a loss for appropriate words...So I declare psalm 23 upon your life.Why? Because I believe God is in control

  12. Saw this yesterday but couldnt comment. Put you in my prayers today and will continue to as long as it is put to my mind. Hope you get better.

  13. Kitten: Thank you dear... I hope so too

    Aloted: Its a long story... and i'm sure you have read it all by now... hugs back at you

    Fantasy Queen: N7,500 per session??? Jesus!!! Thats much ooo. For how many hours? How long did you have to go b4 you became fully recovered?

    Mena: Na so ooooo...thank you. I believe God is in control too

    Honey Dame: Thank you... I appreciate you praying for me. Hugs

  14. its so unfair but am positive you will get something better just believe

  15. Fuck ur HOD.
    Fuck ur operations manager.
    Fuck ur inhuman company.
    And while @ it, fuck this fcukd-up country where labour laws aren't worth jack.

  16. seriously, am curious did they sack you cos of your absence which I assume is due to your ill-health since you're needing physio n all? isn't it possible to sue or something?? this cant be right!!

    I do physio 8k per session at some indian hospital in abuja so I feel you totally :(

    Just gave you an award...check it out here:

  17. Chizy K: I believe!!

    Kay9: Thanks for the support man

    Duchess: Sue?? hmmm... i'm not sure anything would come out from that ooo. 8k per session??? thats much oooo... na wa na wa. Thank you for the award...I appreciate it.

  18. So sorry love..
    Hope you're getting better..
    I should give you a call..
    No worry,hear?
    God dey.


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