Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hey...look here...i'm still here

Men it feels like I've been away for ages... so many things to say but I dont feel comfortable blogging when I havent done blog rounds in ages... Its like I'm growing old, because I have the words in my head but my hands just refused to put it down.

Anyways my consolation is that I'm not the only one abandoning their blog these days...I mean where is 2cute4u and all her motivational posts.... Nice Anon with posts guaranteed to make you genuinely say 'LWKMD"... or Truth Don Die... one would think that with the amount of people on that blog we will be getting regular updates...SMH. As for leggy lemme not even go can make anyone do strange things...and many more. I would have added Vanity to the list but she's one person with real she's here, tomorrow she's not (SMH)...even though I see she has updated last week.

Anyways since I'm part of the serious people up in here...I promise to be back with something worth reading as soon as I do my blog rounds to catch up on all I've missed.

Meanwhile did any of you go to the "Fela in Lagos' show??? If you didnt go, then you missed alot...I was there on Thursday last week and saw a Facebook friend there (story for another time) in if a Nigerian had played the role of Fela, trust me it wouldnt have been that energetic...the beats, the dance, 'Fela' shirtless sometimes, the be here oooo. E make sense die. Then not to talk of the female dancers...makes me wonder why I cannot rotate my waist like that (#lazymuch). Anyways if you didnt watch it live, its not too late...I'm sure Ibo guys would soon release CD.

AY Show is coming up on the 1st of May Expo centre...dont be a your tickets at any TFC centre around your area. 5k only... By God's grace I will be there. Sometimes I think someone has placed a curse on me that makes it impossible to resist these shows....hmmmm.

I'll keep you posted.

#Take a minute to pray for the innocent people up North.


  1. lol.... d Fela Show was awesome indeed, not even 1 complaint yet

  2. Welcome ooo. You were missed dear and i hope you post something real soon. Take care.

  3. Ha haaaaa! See knocking me down. Add me to the list of retired bloggers sha.

  4. wow.. i bet the fela show was dope!! lucky you :)
    hope u'll start bloggin more often..pweety please?

  5. Chizy K & KitKat: The show make sense...I doubt if anyone is gonna complain

    Lily Johnson: Thank you...I hope so too

    Nice Anon: Come on gerrout there....who gave you permission to retire? The council hasnt approved ur retirement letter yet..

  6. I look forward to AY's show and am glad I wasnt at Fela's show! ....I said it! LOL

  7. Welcome back Nutty and we await the Facebook friend gist abeg!

  8. Don't be a weist! It's still hilarious lol. Welcome back. Wish they could have a Fela production in Abuja- i'd be there ASAP!


  9. Nonye: you missed out joor...u go buy the CD I know. And yaaaaayyy...I got my AY tickets yesterday

    A-9ja-Great: No shaking, I will bring it to your door step

    The cornershop: got the 'dont be a weist' joke....I'm sure they are afraid to come up north...the Actor called 'Buhari' in the song International thief Thief...go figure. lol. North dey hot

  10. Where did you watch it?

    I missed the show while it was here.

    LOL@laughing at your friends when you sef no be saint for the

    I went to their blogs to leave comments...well except the one arguing religion sha,i no fittu shaat.

    You sound so happy and excited here,glad for that!:)))

    Take it one day at a time my dear

    p.s: is my pc slow abi you don remove that blasted 'heal the world'tune that starts playing as soon asone gets here? Meeeen ope o! cus the tune makes me wanna keeel the world:P ;)

  11. lol @ Mena...I sure its either your PC is slow or blogger wan address the issue...

    i have changed it sha to 'flying without wings'...

    My dear I'm happy ooo...I no get choice but to choose happiness jooor...trying to pursue something, i'll give you details as they unfold... that your blog about UK don discourage me from the town no be

    Kisses & Hugs...


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