Sunday, January 16, 2011


I just wanna ask, what is the right way for it to be done in Nigeria. Some one tells me, that your husband to be shouldn't propose to you (with ring) before the introduction ceremony, where his people are formerly introduced to yours. And after he has been accepted by your family, can he then give you an engagement ring. But if this is so...then you already know its there can be nothing as thrilling as seeing him kneel down in rain water and bring out a ring from his inner pocket and asking you 'will you marry me'....or nothing as romantic as been proposed to in a romantic environment without you expecting it to happen that day. I mean If you have already done the introduction..then he can as well say one day 'eh en...see the ring I bought today....try it on so we know if it fits'

I used to think he should propose first...and after you accept his proposal can you invite his family for the introduction ceremony...but again, what if you are already wearing the engagement ring and your family, especially your father rejects your suitor. What would be done you return his ring? or you wait and hope your old man changes his mind?

Another person said...he shoudd propose but the babe shouldn't accept the ring till daddy approves.

These are things I need to know...what is the acceptable way its done in our naija culture. Guys which of the two ways will you or did you do... lemme know sharply. Put it down to curiosity.

Nevertheless there is one text message I got...that leaves me wanting to laugh hard and pray seriously at the same time

''Nutty J* well my problm is to see u. and I have see u. my coming to you is a boys and gril. will you marry me. I have been hear about you for long time througt Isreal*, well if the resgust is greste, give me a flash. I love you.' Samuel*

I don really suffer sha. The curious thing is this is a person who has mobile police escorting him around. I dont know which gods I offended to warrant this. Azzin what is bringing rubbish to the barracks?


  1. Awww how cute! are you gorra say yes? *bats eyelids*

  2. Nice Anon: bruhaahha...O'gbadun. If them tell you say I say yes, you no go go mountain go pray for me?

  3. I think say na me suffer pass, but after Ur phone proposal?.... Kai! kpele! LOL.
    I dont want to say the guy should propose b'4 d introduction, becuz I dont want to minimize d importance of traditions, so I think that the guy should def propose first, then he AND the lady can organize the introduction n bringing him home to d fam. becuz trad or not, its just going to be the both of them in the marriage, so he needs to start off with the ABSOLUTE BEST foot forward n a romantic proposal sets that stage.

  4. Awittyfool: thanks for the so I been think too ooo

  5. LOL@ your toasters. Typical 9ja!

    Back to topic, I dont think Naijas are that romantic. I think the guy just says 'make we marry' and then they both olan everything from then on. And this is after the lady is pregnant or has aborted a number oftimes.

  6. You berra say yes o..
    Husbands are scarce oh lol..
    Na so dem be..
    It depends on the scenario my dear..

  7. "I don't know which gods I offended to warrant this." Definitely amadioha! lol

    I am of the opinion that 2 people are the only ones who need to be involved but that's just me I divorced tradition a while ago. Now we're just acquaintances who I sometimes invite over for a soiree

  8. i think its not a nigerian thing to propose. usually the guy and the girl just talk about marriage and then involve the parents.

  9. Mena: haba...sorry for them small be all case be like that

    2cute2: Say Yes ke? I'd rather be 9o and single living with cats first b4 I say yes..hehehe

    Vanity: Which I could be like you and divorce tradition sha...I'm working on it though

    Anonymous: So no romantic get getting on the knees and begging ''Pls I beg u with heaven...marry me''?

    Not fair ooo

  10. ''Nutty J* well my problm is to see u. and I have see u. my coming to you is a boys and gril. will you marry me. I have been hear about you for long time througt Isreal*, well if the resgust is greste, give me a flash. I love you.' Samuel*

    WHAT?! In fact i join u in serious prayers.I no go come that kain wedding o!

  11. A-9ja-great: if them tell you say I go even stand the same room more than 6mins with that guy u no go cast and bind juju commot my head?


    PS: Nice name change

  12. lmao, thats all i can say... pele

  13. LOLZZZ!!!

  14. It's so interesting reading into a different culture. I think your culture might have it right, with the family getting in on it and then the proposal.

    The ring and the surprise...that's all tradition too. It's just western tradition. According to our divorce rate, our way is not exactly working.

  15. haha!! Abegi! Let the guy propose (romantically let me note), give me the ring. I'll just say mummy, daddy, this is the guy i'm marrying. My parents shouldn't chose my husband jo, so whether they agree or not, they should suck it up hehe


  16. its simple, u are the one who will marry the man so u shld b d one to agree.
    I think for a relationship to be serious enough for marriage, then he must have met some if not all members of ur family, though not necessarily in formal way after which he can propose


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