Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At your own pace

I have to apologize for the break in transmission.... I'll do my blog round soon and catch up with all the juicy gossip. I've just had alot of distractions lately...some good, some bad, some frightening.

Anyways I was at the Redemption Camp last week and any one of you who have been there or heard about the place would know that the people there, especially during the convention or holy ghost congress are usually in millions. There is constant human traffic. On this particular night service, I'd gotten from my seat when offering was called for, to go ease my self. On my way back I ws in a rush to get back to my seat so as to partake in the choruses going on, and also to make sure no one takes my seat by mistaking my long absence for exit. On my way I was a bit annoyed at some people just strolling leisurely like they had nothing to do, the worse set where those just standing and looking around like tourist, some with a confused look on their face

''excuse me ooooo, you are in my way' I said countless times, not bothering to hide the irritation in my voice. All the while thinking, some people just dont know why they are here.

I continued at my pace which by the way was imagine my surprise when I got a tap and heard:

''pls you are in my way...move aside so I can pass'' in a rude way.

I was fast.... I was moving fast enough, but then it hit me that I was as fast as my destination demanded. Meaning the people I'd past on my way may not necessarily be slow or clueless, they were just as fast or as slow as their destination demanded...or were probably at their destination.

So many times we go through life trying to keep up with the joneses...forget that everyone has his/her own destination. We see people and we say to ourselves ''damn, that man lazy sha'' he may not be lazy he probably has no where he's in a haste to get to. He probably is as rich as his situation demands...or has no reason to get richer...or your idea of average is his idea of rich

Running at my pace may make you miss ur own finish line, and when you get to my destination you will find out that you have bitten more or less than you can chew. Maintain your own lane...slowing down to another persons pace may make you reach ur destination too late.

Maintain your pace...flying at another's pace or crawling at another's pace may make you miss your own victory line or get there too late. The life is per head...

On your marks....set....oya Go!!!!



  1. I totally love this. Makes so much sense. Everyone has a different journey and when you start living your life to please someone else or start copying someone else's then ur missing the point.

    "flying at another's pace or crawling at another's pace may make you miss your own victory line or get there too late". True Talk

  2. :)
    I'm not gonna say anything; i'll just go back and read this again. And may be again.

  3. Nice message. We need that constant reminder.

    I justs topped by cuz I hadn't seen your brake lights in a minute. glad you are okay.

  4. I missed you nutty

    and this is a great, totally correct post and anytime anyone calls me lazy I shall quote you.


  5. Yep like our folks say.. whenever persin wake up na dia morning o!

  6. I loved this! You made too much sense. Such a good point.

  7. Good to see you here Mz.T

    Glad it made sense to you too


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