Friday, June 6, 2014

Why You Must Marry Before You Begin to Age Like Milk

...hahahaha...okay those are not my words, some guy I used to know actually put some ish up on his blackberry PM that said '...I'm tired of all these lagos girls that age like milk'. That was the day I began to unlike him

The reason for this post is to highlight the advantages of marrying early. All my female readers, especially those  below the age of 26, kindly take note

1. No heeediot will indirectly tell you that you are aging like milk

2. No family member will abuse you saying 'your shakara too much, you never really ready to settle yet' all because you refused to date a man without a job one aunt is trying to match make  you with

3. Your single status will not be the prayer point in every family function

4. You will not be at the office from 6:30am till 8:30pm because there is no one to go home to

5. You will not be doing character check every time you have a smart retort for some nonsense some man has spewed from his mouth all in the name of 'be polite, you never know if he is the one'

6. You will not be abused for uploading pictures of yourself  by friends and family who point it out to you that your married friends upload pictures of their family members while you are busy posing on your dp alone

7. You will not go home after a hard day's work to a cold and empty house with no one to share the experience of your day with

8. You will not mentally count your remaining eggs after every monthly flow... *coughs*

9. You will not be the one in the family they tell 'my daughter will soon be too big to be your little bride ooo

10. You will not be the one people greet every time they see you with a hand shake and words of  'this year is your year, we will come and eat your rice'

The list is endless, but ladies... let me share one more thing with you. If you start dating a guy hoping it will melt into marriage all well and good, if you are 25 and under.  But for those above this age and are facing serious pressure from friends and family and from movies gan, and you really are ready to enter into the beautiful world of marriage, you don't have time for such 'either or' games where you are testing waters. Simple question to ask after the fifth date is this: ARE YOU THE ONE WE ARE WAITING FOR OR SHOULD WE EXPECT ANOTHER?

You know more advantages of marrying early in Nigeria? Please share with us

Happy Weekend :)

Nutty Jay 


  1. Very funny reasons. Did you hear that 40 is the new 20? That makes a 26 year old a first grade child! On a serious note though, why do we always like to give a number to things or milestones? It is far better to stay till 8.30pm at work because you are single than to do the same because you are miserable with the one you are married to. No body should be pressured, it is not how soon but how well * what is that saying again?*

  2. Hilarious!
    Now I feel ancient.
    But seriously, if I was a guy and a girl asked me that question after the 5th date, depending on the interval between each date, I'll either run or ruuuuuuuuuun...

    1. Lol @ruuuuuun. ... questions like that is what makes you know if you are his 'girlfriend' or his girl-friend. The earlier the better

  3. Ok,this post is hilarious.However,it's a serious one too.If a lady is close to or over 30,she really doesn't have time to "test the waters",she better know where the date is headed.I don't subscribe to asking him after one or to dates tho,but i expect/hope she makes her intention clear.Again,if she's the type that doesn't get or want to be pressured,then she should by all means take it cool (it's hard to take it cool in Nigeria tho when u're 30 or above,the society won't let u).

    1. You cant play cool at 30 and over in Nigeria even if you personally don't see what the need to rush is. Nigeria society is just flawed when it comes to single ladies in their 30s

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