Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Today I am sleepy, I have been sleepy since I woke up, I am not working at normal capacity today because my body, mind and spirit has done nothing else except think of sleep of day. I'm practically fighting to stay awake.  On days like this I thank God I am a super woman with super powers.

Now why is my body screaming for sleep? Its because I tend to forget that even superwoman is first and foremost a woman, she's human and she  is made up of flesh and blood. So I joyfully wake up 4am, leave the house 5:30am drive to work in an hours traffic, leave the office 8pm drive back in 2 hours traffic; get home 10pm, chat chat chat and chat on BBM with different people and skype when I can with Australia, then sleep like 11:30pm or 12midnight...to wake again by 4am

Is this wise? NO

Is this profitable? Dunno

Do I do this everyday? Mostly

Do I think I can do it all? YES

Who do I think I am? Superwoman

You know that thing that makes you feel you can do everything and anything and you have the strength to also take on other people's worries for them, add it to yours and help them worry and fix their issues, and still go about doing all your own stuff? I don't know the name for it, but I know that's the thing that makes you a mother of all but a friend of none. The burden bearer, the sabi sabi that people only remember when they have issues and after you have sorted it out for them they go about their merry lives and forget you while you get sucked in to the next problem to fix...thus you are always busy, never have the time to just chill with normal people, people without issues avoid you because guess what? you can't even talk normal and this is due to the fact that you always have a superior or better opinion about everything even in a playful conversation. You try to fix everyone and anyone you meet... We know people like this right? Irritating and very annoying people!!! For heaven's sake your opinion is not always needed....arggggghhhhhh shut up 

NUTTY JAY will you allow yourself become like this? Heck NO 

You sure? I'm sure

There really is nothing wrong in being a damsel in distress once in a while you know?  You are so right

Why didn't I think of that 

Merci Beaucoup


  1. Ok, this is a conversation between you and yourself. It seems like you are living a dynamic where it seems you are always there for people and that is not really the case for you when you want people to do the same. There is a whole psychological story behind this behavior.

    1. Lol @ your scientific study of this behavior. .. you may be right Okeoghene

  2. Sigh. Story of my life until very recently

    1. Tell me how you managed to change ooo

  3. Over the years,i have come to notice that people who are the
    'spot' where people unload don't really have a 'spot' where they unload.I have thesame issue.However,i have been blessed with a solution and it is simple: I no longer worry about anybody's issue or even mine.Don't get me wrong,i crack my big head a whole lot of times for people's issues and profer solutions most of the times,but i no longer let them weigh me down the way they do.And as for unloading,i mostly don't have what to unload these days,i'm taking life easy now,good or bad.If you need to unload,there are people who would happily be there for you to unload on,you just need to locate them.TAKE IT EASY THOUGH! Even super people explode!

  4. I'm exhausted just reading about your schedule :) I like to stop and smell the roses. And so, I have learned to focus on things/people that adds value to my life. At a conference recently, the presenter advises, "Say no to almost everything,"

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